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Check out what books our staff recently enjoyed by reading our Staff & Board Picks list, subscribing to BookLetters (emails of book recommendations), or by visiting our YouTube channel to watch our staff briefly talk about their latest reads.

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One of a librarian’s favorite jobs is to recommend books to patrons. We can’t simply name a book because we liked it; we need to know the patron’s preferences. The Glen Ellyn library is offering an exciting new service for avid readers of every stripe. BookMatch gives cardholders the opportunity to receive a customized list of titles prepared by our expert readers’ advisory team. Click this link, fill out the short questionnaire, and within a week to ten days your list will be ready for you. Glen Ellyn patrons only, and those 18 years or older, please.

Book It!

Book It enables you to be placed on a reserve list automatically the next time your favorite author’s latest book is published. Registration forms are available at the second floor Information Desk, or you can fill one out online at our Book It! page. You will receive a phone call when your book(s) are ready for you to check out. If you have questions please call the Adult Department at (630)790-6630.


In the past, we’ve called BookLetters Good Reads in Your Inbox. BookLetters are emails our staff put together each month highlighting books based on genre or interest area. Much like our Staff Picks Lists, BookLetters emails cover a range of topics. We offer a BookLetters Daily email, reviewing a new book a day for avid readers. We also offer monthly emails of new fiction, new nonfiction, staff & Board favorites, most talked about books in the media, and more. Visit the BookLetters page for a full menu of available BookLetters emails. It takes just a couple clicks and an email address to sign up for this free service.

GEPL also produces a monthly email newsletter highlighting library services and upcoming programs. Visit our eNews page to sign up or learn more.

Staff Picks Lists

Our staff members have compiled dozens of great book lists to help you find a new book to enjoy. These cover everything from lists of the latest eBooks and audiobooks added to the library’s collection to read alikes for some of the most popular TV shows and books.