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Technology and Kids

Posted: December 1, 2016
By: Christina Keasler, Middle School Librarian

By:  Technology is taking over the world! But that’s not a bad thing. Technology is supposed to enhance our lives, making them better and easier. Why not embrace it? Some may think kids these days are born with a mouse in one hand, and a touchscreen in another, but just because middle schoolers were born

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Homework Help Available @ GEPL!

Posted: October 13, 2016
By: Renee Grassi, Youth Department Director

Research, projects, and papers….oh, my! We in the Youth Department can tell this new school year is officially in high gear. We are fielding all sorts of homework questions from kids and caregivers alike—and we love it! This is the time of year when your friendly librarians can help you and your child find the

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The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age By Catherine Steiner-Adair

Toddlers and Technology

Posted: October 6, 2016
By: Megan Stepniewski, Youth Programming Associate

30% of children are obese. 30% developmentally delayed. 14.3% diagnosed with mental health disorders. 20-30% of children experience learning difficulties. And 1 in 11 now have technology addictions. All aforementioned problems are associated with overuse of technology. After reading these statistics and seeing parenting and psychology articles spouting all over the place about the dangers

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Wattpad Readers. Wattpad Readers Everywhere.


Posted: September 21, 2016
By: Ally K., Teen Blogger

Every day I open up my phone to see a little orange circle staring back at me in the upper left corner of my phone screen. It sits there right next to Netflix, which means that it is one of my top priority apps. By this point you have probably guessed that the name of

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What Counts as Reading

Posted: August 11, 2016
By: Emily Richardson, Youth Programming Associate

We’re coming to the end of our summer reading program. It’s been a wonderful reading-filled summer, and we’re on schedule to meet our reading goal. In the Youth Department, we’ve stamped and entered hours and hours of reading time. But what really “counts” as reading? What filled up all those hours? In an oversimplified definition,

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Christina standing next to a Pokémon character.


Posted: July 26, 2016
By: Christina Keasler, Middle School Librarian

Pokémon Go or Pokémon No? Are you playing? Why or why not? I was introduced to Pokémon in 6th grade. I loved Team Rocket. I thought they were hilarious. Pokémon was my gateway anime. After that, I watched Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Fuli Culi, and a few more. But I never forgot my Pokémon

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Pokémon Go

Posted: July 21, 2016
By: Melissa Hilt, Youth Department Assistant Director

If you have gone outside at all in the past week or been on social media you have probably seen and heard a lot of people playing Pokémon GO. Groups of people of all ages can be found all over the place glued to their devices, trying to catch these elusive Pokémon. Has your child

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Roku 3 with Remote

GEPL Tweens: Technology

Posted: March 1, 2016
By: Christina Keasler, Middle School Librarian

March 6-12 is Teen Tech Week. Even if your age doesn’t end in “teen,” this is a perfect time to discover and embrace new technologies that can affect your world. Technology is all around us. For starters, you’re using tech to read this blog post right now! If you’re looking to learn about a new

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