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3D Design Competition Winners


Thank you to all who participated in our 3D Design Competition. Judges from the Glen Ellyn community chose one winner for complexity of design and one winner for creativity of design within the following groups: Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8.

Grades 3-5 Winners

3D Design Winner Beau Bixler and Christina Keasler with winning "Cadillac of the Future" design.
Beau Bixler: Complexity of Design Winner
Supposed to be a “Cadillac of the Future,” Beau attributed his win to “last year’s 5th graders going to a different school,” even though he won last year, too.
3D Design Winner Arcier Funez and Christina Keasler with winning "Yo Kai Watch" character design.
Arcier Funez: Creativity of Design Winner
Arcier’s design is based off the character Buchinyan from “Yo Kai Watch,” but made completely of shapes generated in Tinkercad. First time winner, Arcier was really excited to win and to continue to create designs for our 3D printer.

Grades 6-8 Winners

3D Design Winner Beckham Ytterdahl and Christina Keasler with winning Glen Ellyn Public Library design.
Beckham Ytterdahl: Complexity of Design
Last year’s winner with the Glen Art Theater, this year Beckham tackled the Glen Ellyn Public Library. Made completely using Tinkercad, he started working on it shortly after the contest last year. He’s already looking at buildings in the area for ideas for next year.
3D Design Winner Collin Davidenko and Christina Keasler with winning racecar design
Collin Davidenko: Creativity of Design
Collin modeled his design off a formula one racing car. In real life he races Yamaha bikes and enjoys trailriding.

Winning Design Gallery

Buchinyan from “Yo Kai Watch”
Buchinyan from “Yo Kai Watch”
2016 Creativity of Design Winner in Grade 3-5
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