Meet our Staff


Christina was first discovered in the rainforest at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro by a pack of ravenous wolves. Instead of eating her, the wolves, clearly impressed by Christina’s toughness, decided to raise her as their own. After growing up in the wolf pack, Christina decided to explore the world. During her travels, she wrestled an alligator, juggled chainsaws and tamed two bald eagles that she named Terrence and Patricia. She was trained in martial arts by Chuck Norris. After circling the globe twice, Christina decided that being a librarian was the only thrilling thing left to do. On her days off, she rides a tiger into the sunset with her eagles flying by her side.

Disclaimer: This entire biography is false. Christina has not done any of these things – except become a librarian. For real facts, visit Christina at the Glen Ellyn Public Library.