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Let’s Get CRAFTY!

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: November 30, 2017

By: Cristina Bueno, Youth Associate

Arts and crafts remnants on a table.

“Creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone.”
— Paul Arden

As the days get colder, we’re constantly looking for things to do indoors. Why not get crafty? Crafting is a great and easy way to entertain children of all ages.

Most projects can be adjusted for different ability levels and access to supplies. The best thing about crafting is that there are no rules! It’s all about using your imagination and getting creative with what you have.
Some benefits of crafting include:

  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Allowing kids to use their imagination
  • Introducing a non-verbal way of self-expression
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Providing a bonding opportunity

And, of course, having FUN!

Crafting is a great boredom buster that can help your child develop new skills while expanding their imagination and flexing their creative spirit. Working together to complete a project will allow you and your child to bond while working on developing teamwork and cooperation skills. Older children may enjoy the challenge of more advanced projects that showcase their artistic skills and creativity.

Need some cool craft ideas? Check out our craft books in the nonfiction section under call number J745. We have books on general and mixed media crafts, as well as books on specific crafts such as beading, knitting, and paper crafts. These types of books are great resources for new project ideas or for kids looking to start a new hobby. They often provide information on recommended supplies, techniques, and projects for various experience levels.

Some of my favorite craft books are those focused on different holidays or seasons. These types of crafts can help your child get in the spirit of the season, provide decorations for your home, and make great gifts. Your child is sure to feel proud and accomplished when their creations are displayed around the home and admired by family and friends. When I was younger, I loved making decorations for Halloween and holiday gifts for my family. Some fifteen years later, I still see some of the gifts I made decorating my grandparents’ home.

Check out Organic Crafts: 75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities by Kimberly MonaghanAre you looking to make more sustainable crafts? Check out our books on recycled and nature crafts that focus on using materials found outside (like leaves and acorns) and around the house (like toilet paper tubes and newspapers). Are you interested in crafts from different cultures around the world or craft books for animal lovers? We have those, too!

Remember to have fun with your crafting projects and be open to substituting supplies when needed. Sometimes you might begin a project and realize that you don’t have all the necessary materials, and that’s okay! You can decide to take a break until you have those supplies, or you can use your imagination to think of other ways to complete your project. It’s important for kids to be open to changes and not worry about following a craft’s directions exactly. When it comes to crafting, it’s more about having fun and letting your imagination run wild.

Need some help getting your kids interested in crafting? Want to get your crafty kids reading more? Check out these fun books on characters who absolutely love to craft!

Another great series is Rainbow Magic — The Magical Crafts Fairies by Daisy Meadows. There are seven books in the series, each featuring a fairy focused on a specific craft such as pottery, drawing, sewing, jewelry, painting, writing, and baking.

As always, your friends in the Youth Department are happy to find books to serve your crafting needs!

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