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GEPL’s Teen Scene Art Contest Returns!

Category: The Teen Scene
Posted: January 5, 2018

By: Josh O'Shea, Young Adult Librarian

Teen Art ContestFebruary freezes the soul. January gets away with being the first month, and we expect to have frozen toes in January. February gets deeper into our bones, and March reaches for our emotions. If April is cold, we know Mother Nature is being mean for a reason. To melt our frozen spirits, we have the Teen Scene Art Contest. You should enter, right now. Seriously, right now. If you have work of art that you did with your own hands, and you’re high school age, this is for you.  

The library is constantly looking for ways to make the space we have more vibrant. Art lights up not just a blank wall, but the imagination. When we see something from another location or another perspective, it brings us to that place. It gives us a glimpse of the world we may not know. We may have a similar perspective to the artist, but the artist tells us something new. We’re transported from where we’re standing in reality to wherever the imagination calls through the portal. It could be a photograph of a mountain flower; now we’re standing in the Rockies. It could be a hawk in flight made of welded spoons; now we’re seeing birds of prey soar over clouds and thinking about blow torches and steel. It could be a collage of a Latina, waving a fan in her hand, her cascading red skirts twirling; now we’re in a dance hall, smelling the food and hearing the music. Art transports us. 

Two other things warm us up nicely: celebration and showing off. The library will make both happen on February 25, 2018. We’ll showcase every single art item that is entered into the contest on tables on the library’s second floor (to be eligible, the item must be dropped off at the library by February 11). Under the east wing bay window, the whole community will be able to see and admire the work of local imaginations. Sharing with other people is how artwork takes on new life. The library will post the winners of the contest (three places in three genres) in the High School room for the year.  

Now, someone may love February. He or she may love how deep the freeze is, how it transforms the world into something alien from the rest of the year. That’s all well and good. That person should write a blog post, and I’ll put it on this website. I’ll probably still think that person is crazy. What we will all agree on, however, is that showing off artwork, building an imagination portal to a new world, and showing it off so everyone can see it, makes whatever month it is much more exciting. 

For more about the art contest, visit the Teen Scene Art Contest web page.