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Category: GEPL News
Posted: April 9, 2018

By: GEPL Staff

“We love our library. It’s an incredible resource. So very grateful for the time, thought, and intentionality that goes into the programming and resources that are available there. Thank you for your hard work!”
– Survey Respondent

Members participate in a discussion of the book Frankenstein and its continued cultural influence.The Glen Ellyn Public Library — our librarians and staff — strive to listen to the community and incorporate the needs of our members and the community into future programs and services. Libraries today do so much more than providing access to typical library services and resources such as a wide-ranging collection of books, music, and movies. The Glen Ellyn Public Library acts as a community center: a place to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in business and technology, learn a new hobby, and interact socially with others who share similar interests.

Our value is measured by the impact we have on residents: helping residents learn a new skill, gain knowledge about a subject that interests them, or find information that helps them get a new job, finish a project, or accomplish a goal. We serve as a safe, inclusive place for members of all abilities to meet, socialize, study, and, for our youngest community members, play.

In a recent survey conducted by the Village of Glen Ellyn, the library was one of the top-rated government entities, with 90 percent of residents rating the library and its services positively.

  • Seventy-eight percent of residents reported using the library within the past 12 months, with 53 percent using it once a month or more.
  • Among children, usage of the library is even higher, with 82 percent of grade schoolers and 67 percent of Kindergarten and younger children using the library at least once a month.
  • More than three-fourths (78 percent) of survey respondents said the library reading and reference materials meet the needs of their family.

The Glen Ellyn Public Library’s ratings are higher than the national benchmark, demonstrating higher usage of our public library compared to the national average. We are proud to offer programs and services that our community values and continue to work hard to support the Glen Ellyn community.

Kids and their grown-up listen to songs and stories about Miss Jamie's Farm.If you’ve joined any of our programs at the library, chances are you’ve also received a survey from us. Our surveys help us evaluate and improve our programming, so we can continue to provide quality programs and services for our members. Looking at 2017 survey data, 91 percent of survey respondents rated our programs positively, with 56 percent rating them excellent. The majority of respondents also planned to attend more programs and share information learned with friends and family. See what our survey respondents have to say about the library:

  • “I think the Glen Ellyn Library does a fabulous job of offering many different programs appealing to all ages and various interests.”
  • “I can’t imagine not having my library. It is truly an important part of the community.”
  • “Excellent job making the library stay relevant in today’s world.”
  • “I can’t stress enough how important the library staff is in the helpful, friendly, and engaging manner they interact with the community.”
  • “I love the partnership between the library and Glen Ellyn Schools. I feel the staff is so supportive of classroom initiatives and teachers.”

But we don’t just consider the good (though we admit we love to hear it)! Your opinion matters, and your survey responses provide valuable input on ways we can improve our programming and services. We read and evaluate all survey responses and work to incorporate changes that will enhance our future offerings.

If you haven’t visited the library recently or attended one of our programs yet, you should! We are grateful for all the feedback — both positive and constructive — that helps us create programming and services that truly benefit our community. You are what helps the Glen Ellyn Library be “so much more than books!”