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Ohh, Origami!

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: June 7, 2018

By: Deanna Siegel, Youth Librarian

Three Origami cats.Have you ever seen paper cranes and wondered how they were made? Have you ever wanted to create a paper crane? A dog? A hat? Some kind of shape? Well you can through origami!

Origami is the Japanese art of folding squares of paper into different shapes, symbols, and animals. There are various levels of origami, so if you do not feel confident enough to make a paper crane (paper cranes are pretty advanced!) there are still plenty of origami animals and shapes you can create.

Origami is a great way to keep busy while also creating new gifts you can give to others. Mastering origami can take a while, but the different types of origami you can create along the way makes it fun. Origami is also a great individual or group activity that you can do during all seasons. Grab your friends and start creating cats, dogs, boats, hats, and cups. The sky is the limit.

Some other benefits associated with origami are relieving stress, increasing hand-eye coordination, and practicing spatial skills. When you are making origami, you are engaging both hands and using problem solving skills to create a fun end product. An activity such as origami requires mental energy but can be a great way to combat feeling bored or overwhelmed. Take some time out of your day to create something that can make you feel accomplished while you’re having fun.

Origami LadybugSome good beginner origami shapes and animals are:

  • Dog: Creating an origami dog requires some simple folds. You can even decorate the final product with a nose, eyes, and colorful ears.
  • Cat: Not a dog lover? Try creating a cat instead. You’ll end up with pointy ears and can still make eyes, nose, and whiskers.
  • Fan: Have you ever seen a pretty accordion folded fan? Now you can make your own. Fold one side and then the other for a beautiful final product.
  • Ladybug: Maybe you prefer insects? Choose some red origami paper and create a ladybug complete with as many spots as you want.

Want to practice your origami skills? Come to our program on Friday, June 8 from 4-5 pm. Intended for grades 1-3 but handouts will be given out by request. No need to sign up, just drop in and stay as long as you like. Bring your friends and your creativity!

No matter how you want to practice your origami, make sure you show it off!