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Fort Fun

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: August 9, 2018

By: Deanna Siegel, Youth Librarian

An indoor fort made of furniture and blankets.With factors such as rainy weather and the school year just around the corner, you may be looking for more activities to do inside. There is one activity that can be done all year round, with as many people as you want and with any kind of supplies you want. That activity is fort building!

Building a fort can transport you to another time and increase your imagination. You can imagine your fort is in the middle of the woods surrounded by fireflies, or that you have fairies living next to you as neighbors. While inside your fort, you can read a book and imagine you are in that world. Forts can be a great space for quiet time or snuggling in front of the television. The sky is the limit when you make your own fort! If you are interested in building a fort, follow these steps below to get started.

Steps to build a fort:

  1. Include as many people as you want. Ask family and friends to help build and play in your fort. Or, experiment fort building yourself!
  2. Decide where you want your fort to be. This can be in your family room, bedroom, or favorite part of your house. The key to a good fort location is to have enough room to spread out and bring a stack of snacks and books inside.
  3. Choose your materials. (Suggestions: chairs, pillows, blankets, string lights, and cardboard boxes. Don’t forget a flashlight just in case you want to do some spotlight reading.)
  4. Construct your fort so the foundation is sturdy and your sheets or blankets do not fall through.
  5. Decorate the inside with lots of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.
  6. Invite others to check out your fort and read or watch T.V. together.
  7. Enjoy your fort!

Although these are just basic steps to building a fort, we have plenty of books in our Youth Department that can provide you with more information to help you build an ultimate fort!

Check out Build Your Own Fort, Igloo, and Other Hangouts by Tammy EnzNonfiction:
I Can Build a Fort by Ruth Owen. Call number: J693 OWE.
Curious Constructions: A Peculiar Portfolio of Fifty Fascinating Structures by Michael Hearst. Call number: J624 HEA.
Build Your Own Fort, Igloo, and Other Hangouts by Tammy Enz. Call number: J624.1 ENZ.

Check out Fort-Building Time by Megan Wagner LloydFiction:
Fort-Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd. Location: JP–ACTIVITIES—PLAY—LLOYD.

If you want to practice making a fort, sign up for our Go Forth and Fort family program on Tuesday, August 14th. You can bring your pillows, blankets, and favorite books to read. Or, grab some books from the shelf to bring in. Chairs and snacks will be provided.

Happy forting everyone!