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Time to Travel!

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: February 19, 2019

By: Christina Keasler, Youth Department Assistant Director and Youth Technology Librarian

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s cabin fever, but around this time of year I start getting antsy and wishing to go on vacation. I begin planning my camping trips and other excursions. It appears I’m not the only one—the library processed nearly 200 passport applications in January. (Yes, GEPL can accept passport applications! Click here to learn more).

I love camping, and this year I’m planning my youngest’s first camping trip. I think it’s good to get kids camping before they’re old enough to fear the dark or the great outdoors. When we took our oldest son camping for the first time, he was so excited that he played “pretend night.” And any grownup knows that kids sleep great after some fresh air!

This year will have other firsts, including our kids’ first international trip, and my first time being the only grownup in the car on a road trip. I know I’ll use The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book before that one.

In the meantime, I’ll be wistfully browsing through these titles:

The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World

Travel Origami by Cindy Ng

Last-Minute Travel Secrets by Joey Green

Do you have any travel plans this year? We’d love to hear about them! Stop by the Youth Desk or 2nd Floor Information Desk and we’ll recommend the perfect book to guide or entertain you on a long journey. Happy Traveling!

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