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A Gift from the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation

Posted: May 22, 2019

By: GEPL Staff

The Glen Ellyn Public Library received a special shipment this spring: a device that will dispense one, three, and five-minute stories and poems on long scrolls resembling receipt paper. A gift from the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation, the short story kiosk is the first of its kind to show up in an Illinois library.

The modest machine from French company Short Édition is sleek, simple, and intuitive but draws attention with its colorful design and compelling “Press, Read, Enjoy” motto. Readers can choose from three categories, designated by large buttons on the device: Children (stories and classics), General Public (collection and “feel-good”), or Spanish (PG-13 rated “feel-good” and children’s). Prints are free of charge.

“As always, we hope our members find solace at the library,” says Library Director Dawn Bussey. “But we also hope that this generous donation from the Foundation provides a unique alternative to scrolling on a smartphone while waiting for friends or standing in line at the 3/7 Pathway Café. We hope members will take an opportunity to slow down, sit back, and relax.”

Though the short story kiosk currently resides in the library lobby, its lightweight structure is easily transportable. After introducing it to library visitors, the Foundation plans to share the friendly device with nearby partners so the entire community can “Press, Read, Enjoy.”

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