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All the Right Tools

Posted: July 30, 2019

By: Tom Malinowski, Middle School Librarian

School is starting up soon! Are you ready? Being prepared with the right tools can help you ease into a new academic year. Planners, sharpened pencils, and an awesome attitude are a must. But did you know that GEPL also has amazing (and free!) digital resources available at your fingertips?

NoveList K-8

Chapter books that are assigned for school can be a great way to discover even more appealing books. One of my favorite questions is “What should I read next?” At times, I know what to suggest off the top of my head, but I also love to use Novelist for helping students find something new. You can, too! By entering an author, title, or subject into the site, it will present you with a list of curated recommendations based on your interests. You can even pick a mood, such as ‘fast-paced and suspenseful’ or ‘amusing and quirky.’

The option for title read-alikes and author read-alikes is perfect if you want to stick with the same writing style or theme of a certain book.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in NoveList K-8, try searching NoveList Plus for high school and adult choices!

Science in Context

Science is an exciting topic at school – there is so much diversity, from learning about chemistry to the solar system to how plants grow in a variety of environments. And there’s always more to learn outside of the classroom with the library! Nowadays computers are fast. But can you think of something even faster? Quantum computing uses quantum physics to process information. One of our digital resources is Science in Context, which happens to delve into quantum computing as well as other fascinating phenomena!

Mango Languages

Curious about other cultures and want to learn a new language? Or maybe you just need some extra practice before that big test. Mango Languages will teach you to count to 10 in Italian (Unit 2, Chapter 2, Lesson 3), French (Unit 1, Chapter 4, Lesson 2), Mandarin (Unit 1, Chapter 4, Lesson 3), or any of over 50 other languages! For more in-depth study, try some of these resources to boost your confidence, deepen your connection to the world, and improve your memory!

Audio Book Cloud – Select Spanish Audio Books to listen to audiobooks in Spanish.

Teen Book Cloud – Select Fiction and scroll to the bottom of the page for French.

BookFlix – Select a Category and choose books with the red ES corner to watch and listen to books read in Spanish.

Don’t forget that Game On! Summer Challenge ends next Friday, August 9. Be sure to visit the library to collect your prizes!