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Hello, Homeschoolers!

Posted: August 13, 2019

By: Kate Easley, Youth Librarian

Hello, homeschoolers! It’s almost back to school time!

For some students, that means boarding a bus and heading to a traditional school building. But for others, it means clearing off tables at home and checking the supplies in the closet to prepare for another year of homeschooling. If this is the case in your family, I hope you know about our homeschool programs that we offer twice a quarter. These programs are a great time to meet other homeschooling families, make new friends, and squeeze in some extra curriculum support.

Here’s what’s coming up this fall:

September 18 – The West Suburban Home School Band will be here doing an instrument fitting. If your child is interested in playing an instrument, or if they already play an instrument and are looking for a band to join, this is a great time to meet Director Karen Borow. Karen will discuss the different levels of the band, the variety of instruments available, and other details you need to know. This band has played at the library before, and they are a fantastic group!

November 6 – We’ll be designing covers for our favorite books. You know the book you love but that has a terrible cover? Let’s remake it!

You can find additional information about homeschool events on our calendar and in The Guide. There will be more coming in January and February, so stay tuned!