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Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Posted: November 26, 2019

By: Elise

I did not like the book Ghost. Our whole school had to read it, but it didn’t really connect with me. The topic was sports, and that does not intrigue or interest me.

The book begins with a really dark note. Castle Cranshaw, aka Ghost, had an alcoholic father who tried to shoot him and his mother. Ghost was a really fast runner, so he easily escaped his father’s grasp. Because of this talent, he gets interested in track, and when he observes a track team meeting at his school, the coach puts him on the team.

Not everyone likes sports, and the plot never intensifies in my opinion. The whole storyline seemed flat, mundane, and humdrum. I am not trying to disparage the book, it could really connect to other readers, and many of my classmates enjoyed the book. But if you are not into running or sports in general, if you are not thoroughly enthusiastic about sports books, and if this genre doesn’t necessarily fill you with mirth, then this might not be the best book for you. Someone who likes sports and/or is really athletic would enjoy this book. I give this book one star.

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