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Discover the Digital

Posted: December 23, 2019

By: Joshua O'Shea, Young Adult Librarian

Ok, here’s a list of free stuff you didn’t know you wanted. It’s all available to you with your GEPL library card. Yes, this sounds like a pitch, and it is—but it’s free, educational, helpful, interesting, and so on.

Like many, I watch a lot of Netflix, and a stitch of Hulu. Kanopy, another online streaming service, gives you a taste of something new. “First Reformed”, “Lady Bird”, “Moonlight”, and “The Florida Project” are dramatically different films that are surprisingly gratifying.

Ancestry is a roadmap to the past that enlightens the present. If you have family lore, Ancestry will help you discover the handwritten notes, certificates, and even photographs that fill out those stories. Ancestry puts your experience in the middle of thousands of others.

Can the wire for power locks be replaced in a late-90s sedan? Which spark plugs work in a vintage Ford? Alldata’s automotive guides provide the “original manufacturers’ repair information–complete, unchanged, and unabridged.” Yes, please.

Don’t forget that video games, another of the library’s digital options, provide great opportunities to explore a virtual world. They help you maintain your sense of freedom and adventure and provide a nearly infinite number of choices. In a virtual world, you can see up close the Louvre and its artwork, you can climb mountains, and you can play zero-gravity Frisbee with people from around the globe!

All of these digital discoveries reinforce the fact that the library is more than books. Digital may be invisible unless you’re in-the-know, but these resources (and more) are actually right at your fingertips.

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