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Suggestions and Comments

The library welcomes member suggestions, comments, and ideas for improvements and, where possible and practical, makes adjustments.

Please email additional remarks to reference followed by A library staff member will respond to all comments that include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted in the lobby of the library.

January 2021

911. I would appreciate the Library having – and displaying conservative newspapers – e.g. “the Epoch Times” in equal numbers to those already on display – the “New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Chicago Tribune”, “Daily Herald”, “U.S.A. Today”, “Chicago Suntimes”. Please research and consider.

Thank you for your suggestion. We continuously monitor media bias and work to have a variety of resources available. You might like to take a look at this interactive media bias chart to see where the various titles we have are categorized. Interactive Media Bias Chart – 2 – Ad Fontes Media The editorial boards of the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Herald are commonly thought to offer a conservative viewpoint, and frequently endorse conservative candidates for office. We also offer an electronic database, called Proquest Global Newsstream, which offers current and back issues of more than 3,100 state, regional, national, and international newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and more. We have investigated subscribing to The Epoch Times and have determined that it does not meet our standards for titles of broad, general appeal over highly specialized publications, as noted in our collection development policy.

912. Just wanted to say ___ and ___ from the café ROCK! Thank you for all the amazing drinks and treats. Everything is amazing!

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with the staff and their supervisor!

December 2020

907. The prerecorded “commercials” re: wearing a mask in multiple languages is annoying. We come to the library to enjoy being in a quiet place and now we have to hear overly loud messages as if we all don’t know after almost 9 months that we have to wear a mask and that there is a virus.

Unfortunately, we do still have people visit the library without a mask or not wearing their mask properly. The recorded message is set to run once an hour, so during a 60-minute Grab and Go visit you should only hear the recording one time. If you notice it is playing more frequently than once an hour, please notify a staff person.

908. I love the American Girl dolls!!

That’s great!! Thank you for letting us know.

909. Just a little thank you for your support of the LWVGE February 100th Anniversary Display. Also, supporting us ALL year in the community!!

Thank you for assisting us to spread the word about the importance of completing the 2020 census.

910. The bias against Trump is exceedingly tiring. To come to the library and see it on display here is absolutely intolerable. Keep your politics out of the library. All those “non-fiction” displays are never Trumper placements.

Our collections include books, magazines, newspapers and movies for everyone. Our monthly non-fiction displays for November and December were Cooking for the Holidays and Travel narratives. And January “non-fiction displays” include Comfort Foods, New Year’s Resolutions and the Best of 2020. Perhaps you are referencing the Hot Picks titles at the top of the stairs. Those are all titles from the New York Times Bestseller list. Or maybe it is the In the News display where we put out books about people, places and things that are in the news to which you are referring. If there is a particular title or titles you are unable to find in our collection, please let us know. It is our job to provide access to all thoughts and ideas.

November 2020

  1. I like your library! I like books.

Thank you very much for your kind words. We like books too!!

  1. Why don’t you have the TV series The West Wing?!

We will investigate this.

October 2020

903. _____ is amazing! They scheduled a wonderful book giveaway for our D41 schools on a Saturday. We greatly appreciate GEPL and _____!

Thank you for the lovely compliment! We are so happy you enjoyed the book giveaway. Your comment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

904. I just checked out a bunch of baby board books in a bag. It would be really helpful if there was a small table next to each self-check out machine for those items when patrons have a lot of materials.

Thank you for your feedback. The plexiglass area to the left of the self-check scanner bed is meant to serve the purpose of a table or surface on which to place the multiple items you are checking out.

September 2020

900. The morning Saturday hours are missed.

Starting Saturday, November 7, Saturday hours will be 10 am – 2 pm and Sunday hours will be 1-5pm.

901. Many cars don’t stop for people at the crosswalk. Perhaps a sign would help.

Illinois Vehicle Code clearly states Pedestrians’ right-of-way at crosswalks.

(a) When traffic control signals are not in place or not in operation the driver of a vehicle shall stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger.

902. My family and I are very excited to see the library open for drive-thru services and to “grab and go.” We would like to say sincerely thank you! Also, staff at the café are amazing! We’re excited to see the new offerings every week. We’re happy to see so many innovative menu items, as well.

We also would like to thank Library Services and the adult librarians for sitting at their service areas and assisting patrons. When the library opened, we received a very pleasant and bubbly welcome back. The Glen Ellyn Library is certainly a pillar in our community that we would like to see flourish and grow through these troubling and hard times.

We would also like to make a few suggestions:

Add morning and early afternoon hours to Saturday and Sunday (perhaps close earlier?) There were no cars in lot as we drove by from dinner Saturday at 5pm. It’s hard waiting around until 2pm. Seems like an odd time to open.

Starting Saturday, November 7, Saturday hours will be 10 am – 2 pm and Sunday hours will be 1-5pm.

With the removed seating, can we use the empty spaces for something? Display of some kind? Just a thought. I know you do not want people to congregate.

We will not be placing displays in the open area of the 2nd floor. We are using that space to hold Library Board meetings and the Friends of the Library will use it for their annual letter stuffing project. We will put all library furniture back in place once it is safe to do so.

There is a strong chemical smell from all the cleaning. Smells like burnt rubber. Can something else be used? When I leave the library, I smell it in my skin.

We are using and will continue to use the recommended diluted bleach solution, disinfectant wipes and Lysol to clean surfaces. The “burnt rubber” smell you have experienced is likely coming from outdoors. We are running at 100% outside air with no recirculation of air as recommended by COVID-19 guidelines.

August 2020

899. You all are doing a wonderful job, thanks for keeping the library open.

You are very welcome – thank you for taking the time to let us know!

March/April 2020

897. I’ve never met a librarian as amazing as _____, in the children’s section. I’ve worked in libraries in high school and college – I love the general atmosphere of learning and fun reading. Tom takes that to a new level. Always positive, helpful, offering great ideas and going the extra mile. Good energy is contagious – this library and community are lucky to have this individual!
Thank you for the wonderful compliment. It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

898. McDonald’s has innovative ways of facilitating the opening of bathroom doors. Some offer ways to open them with your arms some with your feet.
This is interesting information. We will investigate these types of opening systems.

February 2020

890. I really enjoyed the Book Club Event! Really well done!
Thank you for the lovely compliment!

891. ______ spent close to a half hour helping me print some forms and fliers. They would not print for me, so they sent them to their computer and printer. I really appreciate their help, patience, and persistence. _____ is awesome!! Thank you!
So happy to hear we were able to help. Your comment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

892. Thank you for being the place where a homeless person told me today- “The Glen Ellyn Library is my favorite place to go – people there are so nice!
Thank you for sharing. We strive to provide friendly, helpful service to everyone who visits the Glen Ellyn Public Library.

893. Really enjoy having a full-service lunch counter here, and ______ is a gem.
Thank you for the compliment. Your comment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

894. It seems a better way could be developed to handle this situation: I received an email within a few days of due date that I could not renew because someone else has requested the book. I had intended to renew in order to finish the book.
Yes, if someone places a hold on an item the person who has it cannot renew it. This process helps assure popular material is returned and available for others to borrow.

895. _____ made me smile!
Thank you for letting us know. Your comment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

896. I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know what an awesome job _______ is doing! I teach the 4-year-old Preschool class at Rainbow Place and they have supported me each week all year long. ____ always goes above and beyond to help make our classroom a neat place to learn and grow.
Thank you so much for the lovely compliment!! It will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

January 2020

877. I want Frozen II books!!
The Frozen II books are very popular. If you cannot find any on the shelf, please ask a staff member to help you place a hold on these titles.

878. The story times are a bit chaotic. There should be some organization and class room management by the librarian, reading leading story time. For example, have carpet squares so each child/parent know where to sit. And a set order so parents know when kids need to be quiet. The main noise issue was parents/grownups talking during reading time and they should be respectful during this time.
Your comments will be shared with the Youth Department Staff.

879. We LOVE the library and your awesome programs!! Especially Pizza and Plots. Any chance you’ll bring back Pint Sized Pizza and Plots? We miss it. Mondays were too hard. And the cafe rocks!!
We are so happy you enjoy both our programming and the cafe. We will take your suggestion to bring back Pint-Sized Plots ‘n Pizza under consideration.

880. It would be helpful if the library would simply alphabetize the movie DVDs instead of putting them in categories. I just saw the movie Tully a drama about an overwhelmed mother filed under musicals. Also a drama, The Frost, filed under comedy.
We did have all the movies in alphabetical order and every day members would ask that we put them in categories instead. We will check the classification of the titles you mentioned.

881. Next year, can the MLK display of items be bigger and more prominent. It was small this year! Thank you very much!
Thank you for the suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

882. The person working behind the counter around 6:30 on January 8th is extremely nice and above the bar while working, I did not purchase anything but the positivity and kind hearted personality inspired me enough to write this.
Thank you for sharing!!

883. The view into the library from the parking lot Crescent windows is really ugly. All those boxes packed against the windows make it look cheesy. If the boxes can’t be placed elsewhere could you consider some sort of opaque screen on the bottom part of the Crescent. Screening would hide the debris which is otherwise quite unwelcoming and gives the sense of a messy library – which is truly an untrue image. (I guess we are stuck with the ugly rug?)
I believe what you are seeing through the windows are the book carts full of books waiting to be shelved. We will investigate screening.

884. Please install bike racks on the south side of the library. It is not safe for children to be biking through the parking lot to get to the bike racks and we have been told that we can’t lock bikes to the bench.
The bike racks are located by the prairie path which is the direction from which the majority of bike traffic arrives at the library. We will investigate installing a bike rack on the south side.

885. _________ did an amazing job with the STEM Empathy awareness project development and exhibit. As an administrator with CASE and supervisor of teachers for the visually impaired I was impressed with the knowledge base. I appreciated the reflective process and sensitivity to the needs of the visually impaired.
Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

886. Please allow checkout of items online to other local libraries.
This restriction is made by the companies with whom we hold contracts to provide these online resources, not by the individual libraries. The RAILS Library system is working with the State Library to secure funding so that there could be certain online resources made available to all the residents of IL. This will take at least two years. Currently, anyone in IL can use an online resource called Biblioboard. The other option that is available to you right now is that you can purchase a Glen Ellyn Library card in addition to having your local library card.

887. Would it be possible to have books out with information on Alzheimer and dementia? Any books that are light hearted would be nice.
Thank you for the idea. We will add this to our list of ideas for book displays.

888. I love this library so much!!
Thank you!!

889. ______ thank you for fixing frontline for me so I can sign up for sub jobs.
Happy we could help! Your comment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.