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Parents in the Classroom

Posted: February 25, 2020

By: Christina Keasler, Assistant Youth Department Director and Youth Technology Librarian

“I’m reading to my kid’s class. What book should I pick?”

This is a common question we get at the Youth Desk, and a fun one! It’s an invitation for us to gush about our favorite books. We understand the pressure you’re under. Your child may think you’re an awesome bedtime storyteller, but there’s more pressure when you’re reading to an entire class! You must be cool (no dud books!), while making sure it’s not a repeat from an earlier mystery reader.

Before picking your book, consider the type of reading you want to do. What are your strengths and preferences? Do you normally read sweet, endearing books? Hilarious knee-slappers? Age-appropriate suspense stories? Do you want to share a classic book from your youth? Whatever the genre, choose something that’s good even when repeated.

Once you’ve chosen and you present your book choice (or several, if you have a lot of time) to the eager students, prepare yourself for the dreaded, “I read that already!” comment by practicing the evasive, “Great! Let’s read it together now!” maneuver.

Congratulations! You’ve psyched yourself up to wow some students! Bring on the book search! Here are some of my favorites:

Make sure to tote along some spares. Maybe you’ll second-guess your original pick, or maybe you’ll have extra time that you didn’t anticipate. There’s also no shame in quitting a book midway and agreeing with the kids that it isn’t working.

The most important thing to remember is that you will be great!