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The Rise of the Quaran-teen

Posted: December 8, 2020

By: Alexa Moffat, Youth Associate

I took my son to get his flu booster this morning. Almost nine months after we began our quarantine and lockdown, I noticed a suspicious number of newborns during our short time in the waiting room. Was it just a coincidence, or have the first batch of lockdown babies arrived? (Sidenote: Can we please call them “Quaran-teens” in 13 years?)

If you’re a new parent, you might wonder what the library can do for your new little one. Here are some ideas:

Books: We’ve got a variety of books for our littlest members. Black and white high-contrast board books are great for newborns who aren’t yet able to see all colors. Indestructibles and board books are fantastic for older babies who might be rough on books.

1K Club: Intended for kiddos from birth to pre-k, the goal of 1K Club is to read 1,000 books to your child before they begin kindergarten. Doing so helps your child gain important literacy skills. Kids earn a cool sticker each time they read 100 more books and get special prizes when they reach 500 and then 1,000 books.

Storytime: Our storytimes have gone virtual. While screen time isn’t advisable for newborns, grownups can face them away from the screen as we share rhymes, songs, and stories together. Caretakers can also visit our YouTube page to get ideas to use on their own.

Drive-Up Window: The Glen Ellyn Public Library is one of the few libraries in our area with a drive-up window. If you aren’t comfortable coming into the library, place your holds online and pickup via drive-thru. Pro-tip: Even in non-pandemic times, this is a great option when it is cold, and you don’t feel like taking your kid out of their car seat.

Parent/Teacher Collection: Need ideas for sleep training or how to make your own baby food? Visit our parent/teacher collection! Or, if you’d rather not come to the library in person right now, ask us about it via email at reference followed by