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What a Year!

Posted: December 15, 2020

By: Kate Easley, Homeschool Librarian

2020 – what a year!  This will definitely be one for the history books.  There have been some incredibly difficult and stressful challenges this year.  However, as I look forward to a (hopefully) sunnier 2021, it’s also good to reflect on what we can appreciate about 2020.  Wait, is there anything?  Well, for me, these are the things I will appreciate about this year: 

  • So much time with my immediate family. While at times it may have been TOO much, it was really wonderful to have so much quality time with my husband and kids. Normally, we’re so busy that spending long days crafting or baking just don’t happen at all. So, I will always be grateful for this chance to reconnect. 
  • No dealing with “the rush.” In normal times, I feel like I am constantly rushing somewhere – to school, to work, to practices, games, playdates. Personally, I hate that, I prefer a more peaceful, slow pace. Obviously, quarantine is sort of the epitome of a peaceful, slow pace, so that has been great!
  • Baking. All. The. Baking. My kids and I have baked cookies, brownies, banana bread, more cookies, cakes, oatmeal squares, cake pops and anything else I could Google. I spent about half of quarantine covered in flour and loved it.   
  • Reading. This year has been stressful and intense, no question. In the spring, I couldn’t read. I was too anxious, constantly checking the news, and overwhelmed. Over the summer, however, I was able to start reading again. It helps that I’m on a reading committee that requires me to do so, but regardless, I started reading again and I remembered how relaxing it can be. Now I steal away to my room to read and recharge nightly. 
  • Gratitude. 2020 made me grateful for my family’s health every single day.   
  • Snail Crossing. This is my favorite picture book of 2020, and it’s just a very timely story about friendship and helping others.

What are some things you might appreciate about 2020? Here’s to a happier, sunnier 2021!