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Glen Ellyn Hosts Series of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Talks

Posted: January 8, 2021

By: GEPL Staff

This month, the Glen Ellyn Public Library, along with six other tax-funded organizations and seven nonprofits in Glen Ellyn, will host a series of community conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), formally known as the 2021 Glen Ellyn Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Project.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a format for the residents of Glen Ellyn to learn more about the diversity, equity and inclusion activities taking place in their community and then to participate in open, facilitated conversations regarding their thoughts and ideas about diversity, equity and inclusion in Glen Ellyn.

Representatives from the Village of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn Public Library, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn Park District, Glenbard District 87, Glen Ellyn School District 41 and Community Consolidated District 89 will speak during the first public session on Jan. 23, an informational panel to introduce the series and share what each organization has done, is doing and plans to do regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. The project will also support each organization’s increased capacity for DEI work in 2021.

All meetings will be held virtually via Zoom and facilitated by Reesheda Graham Washington, founder of RGW Consulting, LLC, “a boutique consulting firm that curates opportunities for its clients to reimagine and generate wonder in a way that leads to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for all.”

Nonprofit partners include the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center, One Community, the B.R. Ryall YMCA, Glen Ellyn Youth and Family Counseling Service, Glenbard Early Childhood Collaborative, DuPage United and Glen Ellyn Allies for Racial Justice.

“By expanding our reach beyond library users to those of the other participating organizations, it is my hope we will reach a greater number of people, increasing the depth and breadth of our conversations,” said Dawn Bussey, library director. “I want to see what themes arise in these discussions and use this information to provide library programs, materials and services that relate to DEI and resonate with our community.”

Dr. Brian Caputo, president of College of DuPage, said COD is pleased to participate in this project as a continuation of its own Chaps Unite Against Racism effort that began last year.

“Chaps Unite Against Racism was designed to expand our work related to diversity, equity and inclusion and promote a larger conversation about the issues we face as a society,” Caputo noted. “Sharing insights and solutions through the Glen Ellyn DEI Project can help us identify potential action items for the betterment of our community and students.”

Anyone who would like to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion in Glen Ellyn or share their personal experiences is encouraged to attend.

“We are all at different stages of this DEI journey,” said Bussey. “It is important that we talk with one another about our thoughts, feelings, and plans as we travel down this path together.”

Interested community members can watch the complete recordings on YouTube:

Please contact Dawn Bussey at director followed by or 630-790-6760 with questions.