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Library Resources for Spring Break

Posted: March 9, 2021

By: Christina Keasler, Youth Department Director

Spring break is fast approaching! While this may be something that kids count down to, parents have a variety of feelings about it. Personally, I am excited to get some extra time with my school-aged child, as well as a break from Zoom tutoring and homework. I’m also already wondering, “What am I going to have this kid do all day?!” We’re normally a busy, active family with plenty of activities and adventures to occupy our spare time. But this year is different. Spring break 2020 was still during COVID-19, but it was in the beginning of it all – a mix of assurance that “This can’t last for too long” and “The world is ending.” Now, everyone’s kind of gotten into the swing of things, and vaccines bring a potential light at the end of the tunnel. We may be cautiously optimistic but still playing it safe when it comes to social distancing.

This brings us back to “What are we going to do all day?” Well, I’m happy to say that the Glen Ellyn Public Library can help kids take a break from cabin fever and release some of that pent-up energy.

Our library has many types of nontraditional items that give your kid the “new” factor while eliminating the need for a parent to buy a new “thing.” We have American Girl dolls (don’t forget to check out an accompanying book!), and PlayPacks that feature themed toys curated for specific interests. Our nature-themed PlayPacks are will encourage you and your child to get some fresh air and some wiggles out in the process.

Kanopy Kids
This electronic resource is accessible anywhere through the Kanopy app (and even on some smart TVs!) It features kid-friendly content without a borrowing limit. Our family loves the extensive collection of movie shorts adapted from some of our favorite picture books.

I don’t know about you, but my kids are craft ADDICTS. This is great for exploring their creative side, but they do have a problem with discarding any of their creations. (So if there’s a museum collecting creatures made out of toilet paper tubes, send them my way.) This electronic library is another treasure trove of resources that will make you look like a superhero to your kids! The projects are suitable for any age and any skill level. It has just what you and your family need to provide some creative inspiration and hours of crafty fun.

Brainfuse: HelpNow
If you want your kids to be productive with their time off and stay active in their learning, check out one of the newest databases that your library has to offer: Brainfuse! I’m sure I only need to tell you two words to convince you: FREE. TUTORING. Seriously. Sign up for free tutoring based on your child’s grade level and subject to give them a boost during the break or at any other time.

Grownups, we can do this. We’ve gotten the hang of pandemic life, spring is starting to peek around the corner, and toilet paper is back in stock at the store. With the library’s help, we can pass by the “surviving” stage, and level up to “mastering” this version of spring break and beyond. I believe in you!

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