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Posted: July 9, 2021

By: Tom Malinowski, Middle School Librarian

Change is constantly happening, not only in our lives, but around the world. Homework, after school activities, new games to play, people traveling more, and COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.  It can be a struggle keeping up with all of it!One challenge is knowing when and where to wear a mask. Just have one handy at all times in case you need one. Here at the library, we’re doing our best to adapt to the all of the changes. Throughout the building, we’ve put out more tables and chairs, and study rooms are available again. There are some guidelines, so please check with the staff so you know what they are.

Change can be stressful. How can you avoid feeling overwhelmed?Take a break 

Sit and relax somewhere peaceful with music, and maybe a book.

Go for a walk

Talk to people

Ask for advice from friends and family. It’s great to get perspective from others.

Focus on your hobby

There’s more to life than school and work. Where you spend your time on can become a hobby.  Take time to focus on that!

Thanks for reading, stay awesome, and see you next time!