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Cross Ups by Sylv Chiang, Art by Connie Choi 

Posted: November 16, 2021


book covers

The Glen Ellyn Public Library has books 1 – 3!   

Book One: Tournament Trouble

Twelve-year-old Jaden loves to play his favorite video game Cross Ups but has to hide his gaming from his unapproving mom. When an epic match wins him a chance to play in a tournament, Jaden and his friend Devesh hatch a plan to get him there. His strict parents, annoying siblings, bullies, and his growning interest in neighbor, Cali, get in his way. 

Book Two: Anyone’s Game

What’s up with Cali? Why does she keep changing her gamer tag? It’s summertime, and even though his good friend Cali moved to another city, Jaden can connect with her online almost every day to play their favorite game, Cross Ups. His mom has loosened her rules on how often he can play, and he has an amazing new controller that will make him even better at tournaments.

Book Three: Rising Star

The continuing adventures of Jaden, Cali, and the Cross Ups crew. When Jaden gets a call inviting him to Comicon to test out a new version of his favorite game, Cross Ups, he is thrilled . . . sort of. He’ll get to go with his best friend, Cali, they’ll be in New York City, and best of all, he’ll meet his idol and the greatest gamer of all time, Yuudai Sato.

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