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2018 Phase III Interior Renovations: Circulation and Meeting Room

Construction Begins Monday, January 8

Meeting Rooms and Vestibule Restrooms Closed to Public

Societal and technological shifts are changing the way members of the Glen Ellyn community use the library. Here at the library, we continue to design new spaces to accommodate the Glen Ellyn community’s evolving needs.

We renovated the 2nd floor to give our adult members a space to meet, create, collaborate, and learn. We renovated the Youth Department to give our youngest members a space better suited to their needs.

Now we’re excited to finish the third and final phase of our building renovation project.

What To Expect

Listening to our members’ needs, this next phase will create a new entrance and welcoming lobby area, consolidate Circulation’s workspace, reconfigure the large public meeting rooms, update the public restrooms, and add two new features: a drive-up window and a café. The bathroom fixtures, service desk, and the flooring in the vestibule and Circulation areas are original to the building, which opened in 1995, and in need of replacement. The project is estimated to take approximately five months.

The library began construction on Monday, January 8. The contractors built a temporary wall, closing off the meeting rooms and the restrooms. The southwest doors of the entrance were closed during this part of the construction, while the southeast remained open. Working within that space, they created new, updated public restrooms and a new work area for the Circulation Department. The new public restrooms opened at the end of April.

On May 2, the library closed the main entrance so construction of the new entrance could begin. The temporary entrance is located at the rear of the building. Construction also began on building the new meeting rooms, Circulation Desk, and café.

What Will Be New

Drive-Thru Window: Allow members to quickly pick up and return items without leaving their vehicle

Café: Operated by an outside vendor, the café will sell hot and cold beverages as well as snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the redesign entail?
The Phase III renovation will create a new entrance and welcoming lobby area, consolidate Circulation’s workspace, reconfigure the large public meeting rooms, update the public restrooms, and add two new features: a drive-up window and a café.

Where will the new entrance be located?
The new entrance will be about the same distance from the library parking lot as the current entrance but it will face directly south, with offset interior doors, to create greater energy efficiency.

Who will operate the cafe?
The café will be operated by two local restaurateurs, Brian Duffy and his business partner Danny Sronkoski.

What will happen to the stained glass windows behind the Circulation Desk and folk art map of Glen Ellyn currently hanging in the Circulation area?
The stained glass windows and the folk art map will be preserved and relocated within the library.

What will happen to the existing library furniture and fixtures?
Any discarded library furniture or fixtures will be repurposed, recycled, or be disposed of appropriately.

Where will the funding come from for the Phase III Renovation?
Funding will come from the library’s Building, Materials and Equipment Fund for ongoing maintenance. The Glen Ellyn Library Foundation donated $50,000 toward the building of a café.

What steps will the library take to ensure construction does not exceed the budget?
The library has hired Shales McNutt Construction, a management firm, to ensure the redesign project stays on budget. Shales McNutt has a strong history of managing library renovations including the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Barrington Area Library, and Gail Borden Public Library.

Who designed the GEPL’s Phase III Renovation?
Product Architecture + Design, who is renowned for their library renovation work, most notably the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Niles Public Library, and Vernon Area Public Library, designed the new space.

How were redesign plans developed?
The library conducted a series of open invitation focus groups in 2010. The redesign plans were crafted after careful consideration for the Glen Ellyn community’s evolving needs.