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2014 Adult Department Remodel

Societal and technological shifts are changing the way members of the Glen Ellyn community use the library. The way community members consume books, magazines, newspapers, music, and movies has changed rapidly over the last few years and the community is now looking to the Glen Ellyn Public Library as a space to meet, create, collaborate, and learn.The Glen Ellyn Public Library will remain your destination to find physical and digital copies of the latest books, magazines, newspapers, music, and movies. But, the community has made it clear they want spaces to meet with coworkers, business partners, and friends to work on business proposals, study for tests, host book clubs, and practice music inside a soundproof room.

Here at the library, we’ve designed new spaces to accommodate the Glen Ellyn community’s evolving needs.

What Is New

Additional Study Rooms: GEPL added four new study rooms, increasing the total to seven. This will meet the demand for private spaces where small groups can work and study.

A soundproof Media Lab: A Digital Media Lab was created, allowing members of the library to work on artistic endeavors including practicing musical instruments, filming a short movie, and recording an audio creation.

A Large Study Area: Perfect for groups of 8-10 people.

Space to Relax: The Lounge, featuring comfortable seating, is a perfect venue to host a book club or relax with a newspaper. Overall library seating increased by 21%, creating more comfortable options.

Improved Furniture: New tables include power outlets to accommodate laptop, tablet, and smartphone charging.

Energy Efficiency: The upgraded electrical system and enhanced lighting system provide the appropriate amount of light to all library areas.

What Became Even Better

Books: The majority of our materials budget was spent purchasing and housing books both physically and electronically. The redesigned third floor increases productivity and helps deliver the most in-demand books faster than ever before!

Music, Movies, Periodicals, and Games: These products continue to be purchased and housed in an updated display area.

Digital Collections: Our digital collections continue expanding, working to keep pace with our community’s demands. Currently, GEPL provides over 41,000 digital ebooks, music, magazines, movies, and databases. These materials can be located on the main menu under the Digital Library section.

Programs: The library continues creating great family-oriented programs. The additional second floor spaces provide a better experience for classes and clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did the redesign entail?
The second and third floors of the library were redesigned. Both floors received new paint, carpeting, lighting, and an upgraded electrical system.

Where did the funding coming from?
Funding came from the library’s Building Reserve Fund for ongoing maintenance.

What steps did the library take to ensure construction did not exceed the budget?
The library hired Shales-McNutt Construction Management Firm to ensure the redesign project stayed on budget. Shales-McNutt has a strong history of managing library renovations including the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Barrington Area Library, and Gail Borden Public Library.

Who designed GEPL’s redesign plans?
Product Architecture + Design, renowned for their library renovation work, most notably the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Niles Public Library, and Vernon Area Public Library, designed the new space.

How were redesign plans developed?
The library conducted a series of open invitation focus groups in 2010. The redesign plans were crafted after careful consideration for the Glen Ellyn community’s evolving needs.

Will there be changes on the first floor?
The Youth Department went under construction in September 2015 and reopened in December 2015. Learn more about the Youth Department remodel. Phase III Interior Renovations, including the Circulation and meeting room areas, went under construction in 2018. Learn more about the Phase III Interior Renovations.

What happened to the existing library furniture?
 Any discarded library furniture was repurposed or recycled.

What job trends are affecting GEPL?
Many careers require employees to use laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices to work remotely. Many GEPL cardholders conduct business and perform work related tasks in the library. This need is increasing and required the library to create additional study spaces, a large study area, a study lounge, increased seating, and additional access to power outlets.

What educational trends are affecting GEPL?
District 87 is providing iPads to all freshmen. Students need to charge these iPads as they work in the library. The new furniture includes easy to access power outlets, enabling easy charging.