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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by No More Late Fees?

The Glen Ellyn Public Library has stopped charging late fees for overdue items. On January 2, 2020, to give everyone a fresh start, we cleared all

  • late fees for items checked out at GEPL
  • fees prior to 2019
  • suspended borrowing privileges associated with the above

Are all fees going away?

No. You will still be charged for lost or damaged items, missing pieces, and processing and collection fees. For more information, please see Loan Periods, Renewals, Fees and Borrowing Restrictions.

Why are you doing this?

Concern over late fees for overdue items discourages some card holders from visiting the library and borrowing items. We hope that eliminating late fees makes it more convenient to use the library.

How It Works

If I check out anything at the Glen Ellyn Public Library (GEPL), will I be charged late fees?

No. If you check out at GEPL, you won’t be charged late fees, even on items owned by other libraries that you place on hold.

If I use my GEPL library card to check out at a library that still charges late fees, will I be charged late fees?

Yes. If the library where you check out still charges late fees and your item becomes overdue, you will be charged late fees. You are subject to the borrowing rules of the library where you check your items out.

Are there still due dates?

Yes. Items still have due dates and most will automatically renew if you need a little more time to finish them or get them back to the library. You can check due dates on your receipt, by asking at the Library Services Desk, by logging in to your Account online, or in the Swan Libraries app. You will still receive overdue alerts if you have them set up.

My item was lost, but I found it. Can I return it? Will I owe anything?

If you find a lost item within three months of its due date, you may return the item for a refund of the lost fees. You will not owe any late fees.

What incentive do people have to return their materials?

Because our card holders are overwhelmingly conscientious about returning items on time, we believe that giving  them a little more time to finish their book, watch their DVD, or get to the library to make their due date will not affect this behavior. If items reach 42 days past their due date, they will be considered lost and their borrowers will be charged fees.

The Bottom Line

Will this change affect my taxes?

No. The library has not requested any additional funds as the result of this change.

What about all the money you make on fines?

Over the past year, late fees accounted for less than 1% of our revenue. Because eliminating late fees also eliminates the cost of collecting late fees, we believe that the change will not affect our revenue.

How can I use the library?

Information about how to get a library card, loan periods and getting items from other libraries is available from the Borrow menu of our website.

To place a hold, find the item in our catalog and then click Place Hold.

How do I get the most out of my account?

Log in using a My Account link to set notifications, renew items, pay fines and change your PIN.

How do I use library resources and technology?

Information about using the library’s Wi-Fi, remote printing, and scanning are available in the Technology menu of our website.

How can I help the library?

The Support the Library menu of our website contains information about the Friends of the Library, the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation, volunteering, and making donations.

How do I get materials if I am homebound?

The Glen Ellyn Public Library provides Home Delivery service.

Can I use the Glen Ellyn Public Library if I live in another town?

The Glen Ellyn Public Library provides library use for visitors.

Need an answer to a question not on this list? Please contact the library.