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Strategic Plan

FY2017 – 2019

Goal I. Enhance the Member Experience by Improving the Building and Grounds

A. Circulation and Meeting Rooms Renovation

  1. Create More Efficient Circulation Work Area
  2. Improve Accessibility to Holds
  3. Install RFID Sorter
  4. Install Drive-Up Window
  5. Improve Accessibility in Lobby Restrooms

B. Establish Coffee Corner

  1. Build Out the Space
  2. Investigate Partnering with an Existing Coffee Shop
  3. Investigate Partnering with NAMI or COD

C. Continue to Evaluate All Areas of the Library for Further Enhancements

  1. Investigate Solar Panel Installation

Goal II. Enhance Awareness of GEPL

A. Increase Library Visibility

  1. Orchestrate an ALA Libraries Transform Campaign
  2. Redesign the Website
  3. Evaluate the Effectiveness of Social Media Platforms
  4. Seek and Incorporate Community Input

B. Promote New Materials, Services, and Programs

  1. Create E-news and Print Newsletter Enhancements
  2. Distribute Targeted Marketing Both Print and Electronic
  3. Expand the Print Newsletter
  4. Promote Online Resources, E-content, Digital Resources, and Catalog

C. Develop Community Engagement Strategies and Partnerships

  1. Investigate Continued School-Library Partnerships
  2. Target Diverse and Underserved Populations

Goal III. Enhance the Member Experience with New Programs and Services

A. Create New 21st Century Library Services

  1. Expand Book Club Services
  2. Enhance Relationships with Emerging Authors
  3. Host a Community Awareness Event Each Year
  4. Promote Glen Ellyn as a Community of Readers
  5. Maintain High Quality Adult, Children, and Family Programming

B. Provide More Convenient Services

  1. Establish Welcome Service Near the Entrance
  2. Provide Online Library Card Registration
  3. Investigate Establishing Satellite Collections
  4. Investigate Extending Hours on Friday Evening
  5. Investigate Alternative Materials Delivery Services
  6. Provide Passport Registration Services
  7. Investigate Providing Notary Public Services
  8. Investigate and Implement Methods of Additional Resource Sharing
  9. Implement Online Juvenile Book Discussion Request Form

C. Create New and Enhance Existing Collections

  1. Evaluate and Enhance Spanish Language Materials
  2. Evaluate and Enhance ENL Resources
  3. Evaluate Size, Scope, and Reach of all Collections

Goal IV. Enhance The Staff Experience

A. Promote/Embrace/Encourage 21st Century Library Skills

  1. Update Staff Competencies
  2. Update Customer Service Standards
  3. Update Emergency Procedures Manual
  4. Provide Education and Enrichment Opportunities

Approved: 11/21/16