Emerging Author Collection - Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Open Monday 9 am – 9 pm
  • 630-469-0879
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Emerging Author Collection

The library wishes to support self-published authors whose works may not yet meet all of the criteria for the permanent collection. The library will establish an Emerging Author Collection that will be subject to the following guidelines.

  1. Books will be accepted as donations from the author or publisher, and selected for inclusion in the Emerging Author Collection by the librarian responsible for that genre or subject area. Authors must be residents of the greater Chicago metropolitan area or the book must take place in metro Chicago. Books will be included based on condition and perceived demand or interest by the Glen Ellyn community.
  2. Due to staffing and time constraints, staff are not able to meet with individual authors, nor notify authors if books are not accepted.
  3. Items will rotate out of the collection and may be withdrawn, depending on demand and established weeding criteria (see Retention and Weeding).
  4. All materials that are donated become the property of the Glen Ellyn Public Library and cannot be returned to the donor.
  5. Donations that are not accepted into the collection will be sent to the Friends of the Library for use in their book sales.