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Exam Proctoring Policy

Librarians at the 2nd Floor Information Desk are available to proctor exams. Exam proctoring is free for Glen Ellyn residents only. For non-residents, there is a $10 per exam fee that must be paid at the time the exam is taken.

Written Exams

The student must make arrangements with the school to have the test sent here. The student will be charged printing costs of 10 cents per page for tests that are faxed or emailed. Students are not allowed to mail their own tests back. Exams will be mailed or faxed back to the school within 24 hours. All tests to be mailed must be accompanied by a postage paid envelope to send the test back; the library does not accept the cost of mailing tests back to schools. The library is not responsible for U.S. mail service delays and does not provide a receipt of mailing.

For written tests, an appointment does not need to be made, but the student should first contact the 2nd Floor Information Desk to be sure the exam has arrived. The library does not guarantee to the school the name of an individual proctor. Any librarian may act as the proctor.

Exams that have not been taken within four weeks of receipt at the library will be mailed back, blank, to the school.

Online Exams

Online exams are done by appointment only and must be scheduled so that exams can be completed 30-minutes prior to closing. Appointments must be made through the 2nd Floor Information Desk in order to reserve a computer for a specific time. Twenty-four hour notice is appreciated. The library does not proctor exams on laptops, because we cannot guarantee the steady connectivity of the hardware/wireless. Students who are not Glen Ellyn residents must be 18 or older to take online exams.

In all cases, a librarian does not sit with the student and watch them. The library offers a quiet place to take the test and staff verify identification. If a school requires a proctor to sit with the student while they take the test, library staff will be unable to proctor that exam.