Member Code of Conduct - Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Open Monday 9 am – 9 pm
  • 630-469-0879
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Member Code of Conduct

To ensure the rights of all and to foster a pleasant environment, staff will enforce the following guidelines.

Respect Other Members’ Use of the Library

  • Keep conversations at an acceptable level;
  • Set cell phone ringers to silent;
  • Use headphones with all electronic and communication equipment;
  • Wear sufficient clothing, including shoes and shirts at all times;
  • Be mindful of bodily hygiene odors or scents as to not be offensive to others;
  • Refrain from using profane, hostile, or aggressive language or gestures;
  • Refrain from engaging unwilling members in discussions;
  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended;
  • Do not bring pets into the library;
  • Refrain from sales or solicitation unless library approved;
  • Abstain from disruptive behavior on library property;
  • Use the Youth Department only when with children or when using youth materials;
  • Ensure that your children under 7 are in the library with a responsible caregiver (13 or older) at all times;
  • Provide transportation for your children ages 7-11 from library grounds at the time of closing.

Respect Library Materials, Building, and Grounds

  • Use computers & digital equipment in accordance with the Computer and Internet Use Policy;
  • Use restrooms appropriately including no bathing, shaving, or washing clothes;
  • Eat only light snacks in the library: no messy foods or full meals;
  • Drink only covered beverages.

Respect the Law on Library Property By

  • Not using tobacco products on library premises: including tobacco, smokeless tobacco, herbal products, and e-cigarettes;
  • Not selling or using alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances;
  • Not possessing a weapon;
  • Not engaging in sexual activity, misconduct, or harassment;
  • Not engaging in theft, vandalism, or mutilation of library property.

Visitors who violate these guidelines may be asked to leave, or the authorities may be called.
Suspected child abuse will be reported to Children’s Protective Services.

Revised: 07/15