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Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
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Friday, April 19, 2024  |  9 am – 6 pm

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 1 – 5 pm

Suggestions and Comments

The library welcomes member suggestions, comments, and ideas for improvements and, where possible and practical, makes adjustments.


A library staff member will respond to all comments that include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted in the lobby of the library.

1061. Whoever approved the internet computer desk chairs should have searched further. The new chairs are very uncomfortable to sit in.
Thank you for your feedback. Multiple people were involved in the decision about these chairs and many factors were considered including comfort, cost, durability, and maintenance required.

1057. I love the squishmallows!!!!!!!
Yes, that was a fun collection. We liked having it here too!

1058. This library is terrific. I love everything. You are the best. Don’t stop working-put your heart to everything you could possibly do. You are the BEST!
Thank you very much for your kind words.

1059. It’s so fun to check out books and I love the activities you host!
So glad you enjoy using the library.

1060. Wow, I came to GEPL hoping for some help to get me started on solving a reading access problem for my 92-year-old uncle who both needs much large font size and a way to manipulate the reading device. His finger dexterity is not very good and manipulating a mouse is very difficult. ______ and _______ not only got me started but worked with me to the completion of my project. Now, my uncle will again be able to read his daily prayers with large print and limited dexterity. Thank you so much for more than I expected. I have found that this is the type of help usually provided by their department of GEPL. You are greatly appreciated!
Thank you for sharing your story! Your lovely compliment will be shared with the staff and their supervisor.

1056. After an unfortunate situation at the GE Post Office, the agent there suggested I call the library for assistance with my re-application of my expired passport. _______ took my distressed call and after checking with __________, told me to come over and they would try to assist me.

I am so grateful for their kindness and expertise in submitting my forms for me. They are both terrific!

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! Your kind words will be shared with both the staff members and their supervisor.

1054. _______ was exceptionally helpful with a technical computer issue that I could not resolve. Very kind and accommodating. 5 stars.

Thank you for letting us know. Your lovely compliment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1055. Please do more embroidery, Cricut, beeswax candle, and hat making classes.

Thank you for letting us know you would like more maker classes. More classes will be offered in the future, keep an eye on our program calendar.

1049. This library is the best. It has very good books for little kids and big kids. It has very good computers and it has so much cool stuff.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. We are glad you are finding things you enjoy!

1050. Hello, your library is great! I love your collection area. Keep being you.

Thank you, so happy you like the collection!

1051. Food was good and study rooms are super lit!

Thank you! Your comment means a lot to us.

1052. Very organized, books are easy to find and if not a library or desk staff will help you.

Yes, we are always happy to help find something!

1053. Great place very clean. Staff are pleasant.

Thank you for the compliments!

1044. I love our library, but every time I come in the lobby, I think “it’s too bad they can’t replace the carpet .” It looks like it’s 100 years old.

The carpet in the lobby was installed in 2017. It was selected intentionally to hide the dirt and traffic patterns that a lobby develops over time. The carpet is professionally cleaned twice a year and spot cleaned by staff with a professional carpet cleaning machine as needed. The lobby carpet is scheduled to be replaced in 2025.

1045. ________ thank you so much for your help. I was so anxious about getting this job done. You are a great teacher.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1046. _______ was super nice and helpful. Everyone was super patient and they even made small talk with us. We really appreciated the help with our passports.

So glad to hear you had a pleasant passport experience. Your comment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1047. You have an EXCELLENT graphic novel section. A wonderful collection of indie books & classics that will satisfy a graphic novel newbie or a seasoned reader. A hidden jewel in Glen Ellyn!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts regarding our graphic novel collection.

1048. We are so lucky to have our wonderful café with their awesome staff!!! They are always helpful and friendly in addition to making really yummy food! Thanks for everything!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

1039. Thank you ______ for walking me through faxing 3 pages concerning my roof! It’s a great service at 74 and partially permanently disabled to have a second set of eyes. _____ is always very professional and patient.

Your kind words will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1040._______ was incredibly awesome and set up the meeting room really quickly.

We are happy to provide efficient service! Your compliment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1.The elevator door opens and closes too slowly.
The door opens and closes at the ADA compliant speed specified by the elevator engineering firm.
2. Why is it so dark in the elevator?
The wall covering is a darker color than it was previously.

1042.Computer room wall hanging. Please consider replacing this tapestry with something else. The Frida Kahlo exhibit at COD is long gone. It’s time for something new!

The painted mural will remain in that space, but the space will be converted into a High School room in 2024.

1043. I would like to request puzzles be added to the Library of Things.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider your idea.

1,032. Given the library is public, people who are interested in monarch butterflies ought to be able to use the library as a convergence point. The butterfly garden, being a registered monarch way station, could use some improvements, which many might be glad to contribute. The local monarch butterflies will be flying south for the winter in about another month. Their annual migration is in harmony with the cycle of the seasons. Opportunities for activities remain for the season and for planning for next season. Currently monarch caterpillars are present.

We would love to talk to you about helping with the butterfly garden. Please reach out to Thank you.

1,033. Please bring back the library tote bags for sale. It’s an easy money maker and free advertising, not to mention a great patron convenience. I’d appreciate it.

We currently have tote bags you can check out and we will soon be adding backpacks you can check out. In addition, we have reusable grocery style bags with our logo that we give away. Please ask staff about these options.

1,034. ________ and ________ were delightfully helpful as my roofing saga continues. It was so much easier to use your workspace/small meeting room for a conference call. I had never used this service before, and they initiated me to it. Thank you for the professional behavior as I deal with a consumer complaint.

We are so happy you liked using the study room. Your lovely compliment will be shared with the staff and their supervisors.

1,035. I think we should wear pajamas at the library. Even the librarians!

That is an interesting idea. We will think about it. Thanks for sharing!

1,036. Need to talk to Walk-In Ministry Glen Ellyn about sandwich $10 cards for café – been out.

We are sorry to hear they were out of cards when you were in need. We replenish them when they ask for them. We just provided more for them recently.

1,037. Speed bumps are very high. Do we need them?

Yes, we need them. Without any speed bumps cars were driving much too quickly through our busy parking lot. The first bumps we had were lower and the speeding continued. It was not until we installed the high bumps that drivers slowed down. These speed bumps help keep our visitors and our staff safe.

1,038. Thank you for making inclusive books so readily available! In light of the national book bans, thank you for spreading awareness, openness, and love! (This comment is specifically about our LGBT+ – Let’s Talk Kit)

You are welcome. It is our job as a public library to provide materials, programs, and services for everyone!

1,023. We LOVE that you donated to the food pantry as part of your summer reading program. We thought that was awesome!
Thank you for your support!

1,024. Excellent services!
Thank you for the compliment.

1,025. It would be great if there were a handout on how to make an application for a passport and other library services, especially new library services!
Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it. 

1,026. The library rules! Me and my brother and sister love it!
We are so glad to hear it. Thank you for letting us know!

1,027. All the staff are great!
Thank you, that really means a lot. 

1,028. ______ helped us with passports and they were wonderful!! Courteous, professional, kind, and efficient. What a great team member! Thank you.
Thank you for letting us know. Your lovely compliment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor. 

1,029. I think the library should consider composting.
That is an interesting idea. We will look into it. 

1,030 and 1,031. Why we need local libraries. _______ helped me find the fax # for a contractor I used. My new roof did not pass Glen Ellyn Code. Ugh The firm refused to provide contact information for anyone higher up. Thanks for the quick thinking during a stressful problem!

____ again, saves the day by showing me how to fax my roofing complaint letter for free to the CEO. Thanks for the ongoing efficiency @ the reference desk.
We are so glad that a member of our team was able to assist you with this difficult situation!! Your wonderful compliments will be shared with the staff person and their supervisor. 

1,020. I would like to see a brochure for the library. I did not know you had a flight simulator.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We struggle with the best way to make all the materials, programs, and services known to our members. We rely heavily on a combination of our website, our quarterly Guide, social media, and word of mouth. Please feel free to contact me at if you would like to tell me more about the content you would find helpful in a Glen Ellyn Public Library brochure.

1,021. I would like bean bag chairs, because they are fun to read in and they are really fun.
Your suggestion will be shared with the youth department for their consideration.

1,022. _______ was unbelievably helpful and so patient with me. They offered great suggestions and listened to my thoughts. Thank you, G.E. Library, for having ______.
Thank you for the lovely compliment! It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1,016. I was in a state because my computer passwords were not working. __________ & ____________. Helped me today. All is well.

So glad to hear we were able to help! Your compliment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

1,017. ________ is the best employee!

Very glad to have you share your thoughts! Your compliment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1,018. Please do not ever paint over the wood inside this building or I will be very sad forever.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We do not have plans to paint the wood trim in the building.

1,019. ________ helped me solve a problem with my yahoo password and taught me some ways to eliminate emails. I’m pleased.

Happy to help! Your compliment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

1,011. Thank you for your hospitality. My family felt safe here for a long time. Thank you so much. (This suggestion was submitted in Spanish and has been translated.)

We are so glad you and your family felt safe at the library. Thank you so much for letting us know!

1,012. Get more games in kid section.

Would you like us to add more video games for checkout, board games to use in the library, or computer games to play in the library? Next time you visit please talk to a staff member and let us know what games you would like us to purchase.

1,013. Great place. Good books. The staff is very helpful. The café is very clean, and the food is fantastic.

Thank you for the lovely compliments!

1,014. Excellent staff. Great place to sit down and read a book. Very clean.

We are so happy to know that you are enjoying your time at the library.

1,015. I am very disappointed in the current selection of travel books. I came in looking for a book on Colorado and was unable to find anything. You walk into the travel section and see vast holes where the U.S. travel books are located. It appears you have gotten rid of 50% or more. I am a big user of travel books and I find this very surprising. I couldn’t be the only one!

Yes, we too are not happy with the selection of travel books at this time. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed travel book publishing a great deal. The selectors are working on building back our collection, but not as many travel books are being published. If there are specific things that you are looking for, please let staff know or submit a purchase request, and we will do our best to get items for you.

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