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2017 Suggestions and Comments

Thank you for your suggestions, comments and ideas for improvements. The library welcomes member feedback and, where possible and practical, makes adjustments.

December 2017 Suggestions

697. The outlets by the benches should be covered.

We are unclear as to the outlets you are referring. Floor outlets in the youth area are all childproof. Please provide more information.

698. I love the displays! Jack LaFontaine – it looks like him at the camp fire!!!

Happy you are enjoying the displays!

699. There is no street sign when driving from the east on Duane that tells a driver not to turn right into the library exit. It should have a do not turn right, is there a “Do not enter” sign at the exit for people on Duane to see?

Installing a sign at the location you suggest would be a Village decision. We will pass your suggestion along to them. There are Do Not Enter signs at that exit visible from Duane Street.

700. The latch on the men’s bathroom on the first floor needs adjusting (it doesn’t latch!). In fact, it swung open today while I was on the toilet! Not good! Plus, someone could simply push on the door not realizing someone was on the toilet – embarrassing situation!

The first floor restrooms will have all new restroom partitions and door hardware as part of the current first floor remodel.

701. Problem: Since the men’s room has no paper towels after one washes his hands he has to pull open the door using a door handle that may be contaminated by non washers of hands. Possible solutions: 1. Have the door open outward with no handle (still could be unclean) 2. Have towels near the door. 3. (and best) solution regarding cleanliness since there are no paper towels to use to open door using a handle reconfigure bathrooms with no doors.

We will take your suggestions into consideration as we remodel the restrooms.

702. This evening my dog and I were here visiting with the high school students studying for exams. We belong to Therapy Dogs International (TDI). There were several moms with elementary age children who stopped in to visit. They asked if we did reading with dogs at the library because they missed having that program here. I would be very interested in participating in such a program and know other TDI dog teams would be too.

Your contact information and offer to participate in “Reading to Dogs” programming will be shared with the person who coordinates youth programs.

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November 2017 Suggestions

694. Please install Adobe Premier at the media lab and light room software if possible.

Thank you for the suggestion. We have researched this in the past and found it to be cost prohibitive for a library our size. We will look in to it again and see if perhaps the pricing has changed.

695. The Children’s Librarians are an invaluable resource! My daughter has gotten so many wonderful recommendations for her school genre projects. Books new and old, always right on target! Thank you, thank you! You have helped her discover so many new wonderful books.

Thank you for the lovely compliment!!

696. The plans look exciting but please don’t remove any more non-fiction, especially 745’s.

The Circulation and Meeting Room renovation will not affect the size of any materials collections.

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October 2017 Suggestions

683. Who came up with the misnomer name of “The Jungle Book Ball.” Many assumed that this event would include dancing since the name includes the word “Ball.” Luckily, I found out this fact prior to purchasing tickets; others have not been so fortunate, and are not happy that they got tickets to a non-dancing evening — It should have been called a “gala” or “evening.” Very misleading to the community.

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the name of the recent event held by the Glen Ellyn Library Foundation. Your thoughts will be shared with the planning committee.

684. The G.E. Library should obtain the book “Mathematics and Art.” 500 hundred pages of excellent information and pictures in color on almost every page. I purchased on AMAZON for $28.00.

Thank you for the suggestion.

685. Make the Teen Room more like The Middle because the Teen Room is not fun.
686. Make the Teen Room more like the Middle Room.

Thank you for your suggestions. The Teen Room does seem a bit boring now, in comparison to The Middle. We will work on making improvements.

687. Please order the new business development book; “I’m Just Sayin” by Mike Marchev. 57 business building messages that will help ensure your entrepreneurial success = make more money and help more people.

Thank you for the suggestion.

688. Super program tonight! (10-19-17) Documentary was excellent and WOW so amazed and impressed by the panel. Thank you for opening hearts and minds to new perspectives.
689. The Gender Revolution was an amazing program! I’m new to the area and was so happy to see your library putting on a program like this! This was the first time I’ve come to a program here.
690. This program “Gender Revolution” was much needed in this community. Thanks!

We are very happy to know that this program was well received.

691. On Monday, October 23, I utilized the “High School” room from 7-9 pm. I am a teacher at Glenbard West High School, and I brought my Model United Nations team for a research night. There were twenty of my students here, and it was a great environment for our needs. A Glen Ellyn Library employee named ______ was very helpful throughput the evening. I will definitely utilize the “High School” room for research nights in the future.

Glad to hear you had a great experience.

692. The drinking fountain is very difficult to use. This occurs elsewhere, Helene Plum Library, Dr.’s Office, etc.) Others have installed a tube of cups next to the fountain. Perhaps you could do the same.

Thank you. We will take your suggestion into consideration.

693. Would it be possible to implement a secure internet connection for those of us using the GEPL wifi? I have in mind a temporary VPN client which would allow a minimal security level for wifi communications.

VPN will not be added to GEPL WiFi. Other alternatives would be to use one of the sit down public computers — these are on a wired connection and history is wiped after each use. Or if GEPL WiFi lacking a password is your concern — make sure the website you are visiting uses https:// to encrypt login/password traffic.

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September 2017 Suggestions

678. Just wanted to let you know how helpful ____ was with an older gentleman who was trying to set up a Gmail account. He not only helped him figure out the part on his phone but also helped him (once he had the proper information) with setting up the account. So kind, patient and helpful — thanks!

Thank you for sharing! We strive to provide excellent customer service to everyone.

679. Saw new Spanish books — yeah! Please continue to invest in Spanish books for pre-teens and teens. My kids have been in dual immersion classes since kindergarten and would love to see you continue to add to the options available.

Thank you for your comment. You will be happy to know that this is indeed one of the current goals included in our strategic plan: Goal III. C. Create New and Enhance Existing Collections 1. Evaluate and Enhance Spanish Language Materials.

680. The computer helpers upstairs are awesome!!

We are happy to assist.

681. I love coming to the library because it is a place that I can come to and know that I am able to get my work done in an efficient manner.

Thank you for letting us know.

682. The staff is very rude. Especially _____. Making us feel uncomfortable.

We apologize that you were made to feel uncomfortable. We strive to provide excellent, courteous, helpful service to everyone.

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August 2017 Suggestions

675. ______ helped me find my books real easily and he was very kind.

Very glad you had a pleasant experience. Thank you for letting us know.

676. Love the 15 minute parking spots!!

We are happy to hear that the addition of these spots is working well.

677. You should do sign-ups for children’s programs. It is ridiculous that Glen Ellyn residents come for programs and cannot do them because they are full. We have had this on the calendar for months. Another suggestion would be to do a program multiple times, days, or to run the same program in multiple rooms.

We appreciate your feedback and we often require registration for popular youth programs as well as repeat them on different days or hold them in a larger space. We underestimated the popularity of the solar eclipse programming. We allowed 100 people to attend this program in the Youth Program Room (based on fire code limits), and when the program ended, we offered any member remaining in the department the opportunity to use the remaining crafts. We also handed out spare eclipse glasses following the program in order to reach anyone that was turned away due to room capacity. Unfortunately, we were unable to move to a larger room due to Summer Meals happening in the Meeting Rooms that day. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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June/July 2017 Suggestions

670. Please get David Ross’s Teamwork.

We already have that title in print, ebook, and audio/cd. Please ask a staff member to assist you in locating the format you would like to use.

671. Please order DVD: Billions Season 2.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider this title for purchase.

672. I would love to see a workshop for setting up a resume or to learn how to make a resume.

We have two resume programs coming up: one on August 2, 2017 at 7 pm and another one on August 3, 2017 at 9:30 am.

673. We love the variety of programs you offer!! The zoo and the drone programs were outstanding! THANKS.

We are so happy to hear you liked the programs!!

674. When I frequented the bathroom earlier the toilet seat was up: there was urine on the seat, as well as the floor. There was also toilet paper and paper towels on the floor. It would be nice to use a clean bathroom, when using the library. Maybe a sign could be placed or an announcement made, that people not treat the bathroom like a locker room. It’s appalling to see this happening. People should know how to use the bathroom appropriately. Maybe there could also be hourly checks to keep these facilities clean?

We agree restrooms should be clean and tidy. That is why we have all our restrooms sanitized once a month, cleaned every night, and maintenance staff perform regular checks of these facilities throughout the day. There is always the chance someone will leave a mess inbetween regular checks. Please alert a staff member immediately if you find our restroom facilities need attention. We will address this immediately.

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May 2017 Suggestions

667. I was trying to do homework and then there was a loud power sander going. Also, every chair by windows was filled with sleeping people. I think priority should be given to those doing work or studying not sleeping. Also, construction should be done after hours because it’s very loud and disruptive to those working.

We are sorry about the noise. We make every effort to perform maintenance and repair work before and/or after regular hours. Sometimes small projects must be conducted by library staff during the regular work day. When those occasions occur, we limit loud noise to 15 minutes. Even if the work is not completed, the noise is silenced after 15 minutes.

668. We love the trains!!

Glad to hear it.

669. Impossible to find DVD’s! You must know the category. Madness!

Please always feel free to ask a staff person to assist you in looking up a title if you are unsure in which category it is shelved. Over the years, we have found that the majority of our users prefer the movies broken down by categories.

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April 2017 Suggestions

665. It would be helpful to have more LCD monitors available for use. College of DuPage has stopped allowing Public use of its meeting rooms. In result, I come here, but after 3 pm on weekdays it seems to not be available do to traffic. (High School)

Thank you for this great idea! We are considering adding more LCD monitors.

666. _____ is a gem in the great service at this library. I do not have “Face Book” and I wanted to sign the online petition for No to a 24/7 gas station at 5 Corners. Glen Ellyn owns the land. 1,2,3 minutes he found the site and I could sign the petition.

Thank you for the compliment! It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

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March 2017 Suggestions

663. May I commend you for a combination of compassion and hospitality in giving a respite place for a homeless man whom I saw in the library. Whereas a library is not a substitute for adequate shelter and safety — a need for all of us, rich or poor — I am pleased that this library provides that during times that would test us all.

Thank you.

664. Why not have a sign at the top of the stairs; “Please turn cell phones down or off.”

Our Member Code of Conduct, which is posted in places throughout the building, states that in respect to other members’ use of the library, one should set cell phone ringers to silent. Staff will be reminded to notify members of this matter.

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February 2017 Suggestions

654. There isn’t paper by the “catalog” to write down call #’s.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will check this daily going forward.

655. Thank you for the wonderful Book Babies Class — the teacher is great!!

Thank you for the compliment!!

656. I like how everyone is so nice and helps me out : )

We are always happy to help.

657. Need to serve healthy refreshments for diabetics to people for low sugar during visits.

We will keep this in mind when we provide refreshments.

658. _______ she is such a sweet lady. She completely made my day!!! She brightens up this library with her smile and grace. I hope to see her soon.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with both the employee and their supervisor.

659. Thanks for all the wonderful children’s programming. Toddler Tales has been a fantastic opportunity for my son to interact with other kids his age and continue to develop his love of learning. Your efforts are appreciated! [ “I like the bubble part and the toy part best.” Says almost 3 year old attendee.]

Thank you for sharing this compliment with us!

660. Thank you for hosting the amazing art show and giving a platform to our youth.

It was our pleasure.

661. Please purchase It’s Time to Get Your S.H.I.P. Together! by Dan Chappelle.

This title will be purchased and you will be notified when it is available.

662. I am very disappointed in your collection of large print books, old and new. I have been going to Elmhurst, Saint Charles and Schaumburg. They have large collections of large print books old and new.

Thank you for your comment concerning our large print collection. We have budget and space constraints very different from the larger libraries that you mention, but please know that we are always willing to obtain any title you wish through our reciprocal borrowing agreements. Also, if you wish to suggest titles for us to purchase, we are happy to consider those as well.

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January 2017 Suggestions

644. What happened to the letters (sign) by the elevator? The replacement sign is really cheesy.

Someone pulled a letter off the wall and took it with them. We do not have any more letters to match. We will have new signage installed in that area when we renovate that department in 2018. So, we will use the temporary sign until the renovation.

645. We are so sad to see there is no golf this year. I hope you will bring it back next year. Maybe have it every other year if it is too much work.

It has been three years since we stopped holding the mini-golf game in the library. It is a great deal of work to put on the event and attendance dropped over the years. It or something else like it may occur at some point.

646. I just wanted to give a shout out gratefully for your wonderful clerk ___________who gave me terrific help and attention today!!

Thank you for the lovely compliment. This will be shared both with the employee and their supervisor.

647. I think that your policy on returns –- should have a grace period — like 5 days from the due date. Many libraries have this — GE is no exception giving us a break!

Although we do not offer the grace period you suggest — items can be renewed up to three times if there is no one waiting, email reminders are sent two days before the item is due, and we offer the option to renew by phone, online, and via text.

648. We love your football helmet collection! We love to “play” football.

We are glad to hear you like one of the collections on display in the Youth Department.

649. How do we sign up to show a collection?

Just talk to the staff at the service desk in the Youth Department and they will be happy to explain how this process works.

650. Hi, I love studying here!
651. I enjoy studying in the safe environment of the library.

We are pleased to know you like the space.

652. Please put writing implements and paper and a writing surface by the search iPad. How can one do research if one can only get one book at a time? A valuable thing libraries can teach is attention and quiet.

The iPad stations are intended for quick lookups of one or two items. More in-depth research can be conducted at the area closer to the service desk marked catalog research. At that location, one can sit down, there is a counter on which to write, and we provide both pencils and paper.

653. Please buy this book Reinvention Roadmap by Liz Ryan. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes magazine.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will order it right away.

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Thank you for the suggestions. Please email additional remarks to reference@gepl.org. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone, or fax at:

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