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2008 Suggestions and Comments

December 2008 Suggestions

134. We think you should start to rent DS video games at the Library!

The Youth Department will take this suggestion under consideration.

135. Since you have spent taxpayers money for this screen in the lobby/circulation area, why is there no “Library” message on it? Right now, there is an ad for “Magic Info Pro” should we be advertising for them? What was the point of this screen??

This screen is to advertise to the individuals checking out materials and visiting our library the variety of different materials, programs and services that we have to offer. A new slide show is run each week. Sadly, when you saw the screen the new slide show was not running properly and was displaying the product screen savers. Please take a look at the slide presentation another day when you visit.

136. It is way too hot upstairs!

The library experienced a frozen sprinkler head on the evening of December 22nd that resulted in a flood on the 3rd floor of the library that destroyed a portion of the office ceiling leaving the room open to the unheated attic space. We have been doing our best to regulate the heat and not have anymore pipes or sprinkler heads freeze. In addition to this, one of the motors in one of the air handling units burnt out and is being replaced so we do not have the same volume of air flow in the building we normally would. Soon all repairs will be completed. Thank you for your patience.

137. Today I came to the Library to study for a very complex certification exam. I tried to study for an hour and a half — Many people were speaking in regular voices and no one employed at the Library (2nd floor) seemed to think that it was unacceptable. I live in downtown GE and thought I could come here for some undistracted studytime. I guess being quiet in a library is old fashioned.

Public Libraries are vibrant community buildings that work to provide a variety of study spaces for individuals looking for a quiet spot to read or study and groups wanting a place to study together or work on a project. Please talk to a staff member if you need help finding a quiet space to work. We have small study rooms and can often help a person find a quiet spot in our building when one is needed.

138. Please consider using “credit card” reloadable gift cards if possible. The current gift cards are huge and cumbersome.

Thank you for your comment. We will investigate the style card you have suggested.

139. Please post a no cell phones sign! With increasing regularity, a quiet library is plagued with annoying ring tones and unwanted personal loud conversations. Cell phones should be regulated to the outer foyer only (between the two sets of closed doors — not the check out lobby). Other libraries enforce cell phone rules, examples Villa Park and Elmhurst.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will investigate the cell phone policies of other public libraries. Currently, we do ask anyone talking loudly to lower their voice or take the conversation to the vestibule.

140. Please dial down the upstairs heat! Taxpayer dollars should not go to maintain 80 degree indoor temperatures.

We completely agree and normally keep our building between 68 and 72 degrees all year long. However, we have had several mechanical and building problems recently, see the response to suggestion number 135 for more details, and the problems will be resolved soon and the temperature will return to our normal range. We ask for your patience while repairs are being made.

141. I really appreciate the display of Adult books in the Youth area. I rarely have a chance to go up to the 2nd floor and I love being able to find something for me to read while with my children in the Youth area.

Thank you for letting us know. We are very happy this is working well for you.

142. The teen room needs a TV with cable, PS3 and a big reclining chair.

Thanks for your input. There is a TV with DVD player available for use in the Teen room during teen programs. We also provide drop in gaming days where you can play Wii games or a variety of board games. Check our online program calendar and/or teen bulletin board for dates and times of these programs. We might consider some bean bag chairs for movie programs, but not a recliner.

143. This Teen Room is the Best!!

Thank you, we are glad you like it.

144. The Teen Scene room is awesome. It’s an awesome place to study with your friends. We love the Teen Scene!!

We are so happy to hear that, please tell your friends to come check it out.

145. I love this room. The colors are super cute. Some more tables would be nice.

We will look into the possibility of adding a couple small bistro tables. Thanks for the idea.

146. The Teen Room is wonderful, beautiful and just plain comfortable. However, what would make it a greater and absolutely fabulous place would be a pencil sharpener.

Thank you for your comments and we will add a pencil sharpener.

147. You should subscribe to Millionaire Magazine. It would be something new to see here at the Library.

Your suggestion will be forwarded to the Adult Department for consideration.

148. Please consider extending the week night hours to 10PM.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will give it some thought.

149. Please ask for reading glasses for the Homeless? Some libraries have a donation box for these.

We will check with the local Lions organization about the possibility of having a used eyeglasses dropbox. Thank you for the suggestion.

150. Your Library is very nice. I enjoyed my visit. Even thought I don’t live around here I always enjoy coming to Glen Ellyn. I used to live in Lombard, but now I live in LaGrange Park, IL. Your Library is busy and relaxing much like ones own home. When ever I am in the area I try to find time to stop by. Thanks , see you next time.

Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts with us.

151. What’s with the heat? I was literally sweating upstairs. It’s tough to wear winter clothes upstairs but they are necessary outside. I took off my coat and rolled up my sleeves — but hey.

Yes, you are not alone in being too warm. We are also very warm. Normally, we keep the building between 68 and 72 degrees all year long, however due to some circumstances beyond our control see the responses to 135 and 139 things are a bit warmer right now. We are working to have the needed repairs made as quickly as possible. Please be patient.

152. Good job getting Glenbard West High School students to use the library more — especially during exams!! They like the coffee and quiet study rooms.

Thank you , we too are happy to see this segment of our population using the library space and resources.

153. I used to read 5 or 6 books a week, but now due to a medical problem, I can barely get through a chapter. I love all the books on CD, but my favorite author is missing from all of the libraries. I would love to have the Elah Clah series by the Thurlo’s. They write such great books about the southwest indians and their culture. I miss being able to read them and ask you to please purchase them.

We have searched a variety of recorded book vendors for these authors. Apparently, their books have not been recorded. We have inquired via email to the book publisher to see if there exist recordings or if there are any plans to record these titles.

154. I have a suggestion for the My Account feature in your website. It would be nice to have a feature that would enable patrons to save to their respective accounts (My Account) a list of books that they would like to read. Sometimes, if I have more than one or two books to read, I do not want to place a hold on more books until I have finished my current reading. But if I can save those titles as a list to put on hold in the future, that would be very helpful to remember what my other picks for future reading could be.

Thank you for the suggestion. Currently, our catalog vendor does not offer a service of this sort. We do keep in contact with the vendor, apprising them of improvements we would like to see in future upgrades, and will forward this on to them.

Two of our databases, “Books and Authors” as well as “Novelist,” both have a feature where you can create an account with your own user name and password, and save searches in them, however, they are not searches connected with our catalog as you are referring to. They may provide a useful workaround, however, if you are interested in keeping a book list for your own use. Please contact me or any member of our Adult Reference staff and we’d be happy to assist you in using these databases.

There are also several web sites where you can create your own personal reading lists.,, and are 3 of them. Please feel free to ask any of our Adult Reference staff, and we’d be happy to show you how to use these web sites.

155. As I was navigating the new website it occurred to me that it might be very helpful if there was a feature that allows you to save a search within the catalog much as you can do with a shopping list on This would create a personal list of items the patron is interested in. I don’t know if this feature is possible, but it would be really nice to have.

Thank you for the suggestion. Currently, our catalog vendor does not offer a service of this sort. We do keep in contact with the vendor, apprising them of improvements we would like to see in future upgrades, and will forward this on to them.

Two of our databases, “Books and Authors” as well as “Novelist,” both have a feature where you can create an account with your own user name and password, and save searches in them, however, they are not searches connected with our catalog in the manner you are referring to. They may provide a useful workaround, however, if you are interested in keeping a book list for your own use. Please feel free to ask any member of our Adult Reference staff and we’d be happy to assist you in using these databases.

156. Why doesn’t the Library have or computer programs available for patrons?

The library subscribes to HeritageQuest as our Genealogy database. The decision was made several years ago, based on cost. Ancestry is twice the price of HeritageQuest and is not available for patrons to use from outside the library. We prefer to subscribe to databases that our patrons can access from their homes if possible. is a relatively new genealogy database, and it is also almost twice the price of HeritageQuest, and is also unavailable outside the library. They also restrict the use of Footnote to one person at a time per subscription which does not work well in the library environment. At this time we will continue to provide access to HeritageQuest and we will continue to monitor Ancestry and Footnote to see if their service offerings change.

157. I live in Glendale Heights — we are part of the Glen Ellyn Park District and School Districts 41 & 87 — are we considered part of your Library?

If you have a Glendale Heights mailing address you would not be a part of the Glen Ellyn Library even though you receive other Glen Ellyn services. Most likely you are in the Glendale Heights Library service area. However, once you obtain your Glendale Heights card you can register that card at other area libraries including Glen Ellyn.

158. It is very hard to read the text on this webpage (it looks light gray on white)… anyway, I would like to request that you purchase books by the author, David Carkeet. I just finished reading “Double Negative” which was very enjoyable and I am disappointed to find that GEPL does not own any of his fiction or non-fiction books. Please purchase some of his works.

Thank you for your suggestions, they have been passed onto the librarian who orders those materials. There seem to be three titles by this author in print and we will attempt to purchase them. If we are unable to purchase them, we can request them for you through a process called Interlibrary Loan. Just let us know how you would like to proceed.

Regarding the gray on white text — it seems you must be using the Safari browser. Our page does look gray on white when viewed with Safari. It does however look black when viewed with Internet Explorer or Firefox. We will contact Safari and see if there is a way to correct this, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

159. Today I noticed new fantasy fiction in the Teen room. Please reserve for main library and give to the teens in the teen room as necessary.

All patrons are welcome to check out materials that are kept in the teen room — please feel free to browse the YA literature in the teen room and read anything you would like.

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November 2008 Suggestions

126. I believe the Glen Ellyn Public Library has improved so much over the past 13 years. The dedication is incredible. It has also improved intellectually over the past 13 years and is now being repaired a bit. Thanks Glen Ellyn Resource Centers.

Thank you for the lovely compliments. We are happy to serve you.

127. Renters and subletters should only gat a one year card — not a three year card…this is unfair to those of us that pay taxes for library use.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter. We will review this policy to determine if changes should be made.

128. Please purchase Christmas in Connecticut on DVD so that I can take it out of the Library.

Thank you for your suggestion. This title will be added.

129. Could we (the Library) install a drive thru book drop off?

Thank you for the suggestion. Some new library buildings are being constructed with a drive thru checkout/drop off window similar to the pharmacies, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc. for the convenience of library patrons. This feature is not practical within the confines of our current library building. We are however investigating making the current outside drop box more user friendly by reversing the flow of traffic in the parking lot so the drop box would be on the driver’s side of the car making it easier and faster to return items to the current drop.

130. Make available downloadable books for MP3 players.

Watch for this service to be announced sometime after January 1, 2009.

131. I have witnessed people bathing in the restrooms, sleeping with bags, clothes and shoes strewn across tables and furniture, staring and leering at children and young women and being nuisances in general. The Library is a treasure, but unfortunately we can not participate until the “PADS HOTEL” environment currently fostered at the Library is resolved! This is currently an unsafe environment.

The Glen Ellyn Public Library is a public building open to all individuals. We do ask that all library patrons follow the Code of Conduct and several of the issues you mention are violations of this Code. If you see any library patron conducting themselves inappropriately or in a manner that makes you feel unsafe please notify library staff immediately, so that we may address the issue. Thank you.

132. It has become very difficult in the Youth Services area to gain access to the library catalog. I visited the Library three times in the past week and each time was unable to look up books my children were trying to find because all the catalog computers were in use by children viewing interactive books. This past Sunday, I actually had to wait in line while the librarian looked up books for other patrons, and then had her complete my search. Turn off the games or bring back the card catalog, there are kids who come to the library to study and research, not just play, and they need access to the computers too.

Thank you for your comments. We are sorry you had difficulty accessing a catalog computer. We too have noticed that the computers have been much busier since we changed the configuration and added two additional game computers in the youth area. Our first priority is providing service to our patrons, so please always feel free to ask staff for assistance and do not worry that you are interrupting them. Very soon, we will add a dedicated catalog only computer station to the Youth area. There is also a walk up Internet Express station behind the reference desk which adults may use by logging in with their library card if it is not occupied. You may use it to access the library catalog via the library website. We hope that these other stations will provide the catalog access needed in the Youth area.

133. Our family was disappointed and frustrated by the 15 year old rule for the teen room. I think it is a mistake to not allow 13 and 14 year olds. How about a compromise of say 4 to 6 pm is for 13 and 14 year olds as well as all other teens and then from 6-9 pm its just high school. Otherwise, just call it “The High School Room.” And did middle school families help raise money for it? If so, isn’t this a change in direction.

Thank you for your comments and we are saddened to learn of your disappointment and frustration regarding the age restriction of the new Teen Scene space. The youth area was designed to fill the needs of young people from Birth – 8th grade. During 7th and 8th grade we invite the 13 and 14 year olds to begin transitioning to the areas and resources available on the 2nd floor of the library. They will find they need to use the books, magazines and newspapers housed on the 2nd floor in order to fully complete their assignments. They are welcome to use the resources and study spaces available on the 2nd floor during this transition period. They may also be active members of TAB – the Teen Advisory Board during 7th and 8th grade helping to plan teen programming. Once they have entered high school they may then use the teen space. There were a large number of people who helped raise money and made contributions to the new space. Many of these donors do not currently have high school age children. These donors and fund raisers know that their children or grandchildren will someday be high school teens or remember being a high school teen and wanting someplace other then school or home to go hang out, and study. It is our hope that the anticipation of reaching high school and being able to use the teen space at the library creates a sort of right of passage for the young people of the community as they make the leap from middle school to high school.

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October 2008 Suggestions

119. The ceiling at the midpoint of the staircase is too low for some people. They must duck their heads or will hit their heads. Can you change it or make a sign for it. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, indeed the ceiling clearance on the stairs is lower then one would expect. Structurally we can not change this at this time, but your idea of a sign is a very good one.

120. I would like to see library events ie. guest speakers and special programs, videotaped for future viewing by those who were unable to attend said event. Information presented at such meetings would be available for future reference by library patrons, should the patron need important information.

Thank you for your suggestion. With the right equipment and permission of the guest speakers this could be accomplished. This idea will be shared with the staff responsible for programs.

121. Season 1 of “The Universe” from the History Channel is a marvelous addition to your collection. Season 2 is now available — please secure it and add it to the library collection.

Thank you for your suggestion. The title will be forwarded to the individual whom purchases that material for the library.

122. It is very unpleasant trying to find books and CD’s (near the elevator) with teenagers and their tutors talking at the tables which are right outside the Teen Room. I understand the Teen room isn’t open yet, but aren’t they supposed to use the study rooms if they need to talk. When the Teen room opens are those tables still going to be used for Teen room overflow? I hope this issue will be addressed before the Teen room opens. (Some of the tutors are adults and are very loud.)

The Teen Room opened on Saturday November 8, 2008. Before the room opened the CD shelving was moved to the north and the table just outside the elevator was moved by the south window in order to open up the space by the elevator and allow a good line of sight from the desk to the Teen room. Tutors and students are welcome to use a study room if one is available or they may sit at a table and converse softly. If at any time you feel someone is being too loud, please bring it to our attention. Thank you.

123. We’ve lived here in Glen Ellyn many years- have paid taxes for this new building and love the services. It’s a shame that with our “HIGH TAXES” we have to pay to rent video movies. We can go to neighboring libraries and not pay!! TOO BAD – taxes are up everywhere and this feels like a tax.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the $1.00 fee to borrow an entertainment video movie for one week. We are considering changing this to a three day free rental with a $1.00 per day extended use fee. So if a patron would like to keep the movie longer then 3 days it will cost $1.00 per day to do so.

124. Thank you for the great library. Can you buy more audio books? I like to listen to historical non-fiction. My dad was in WWII and I would like to learn more. I checked out and listened to just about all WWII audio books that you have. THANK YOU!!

Thank you for your suggestion. This information will be shared with the person who orders the audio books. If you have specific titles in mind, please let us know. Also, if you stop by the Adult desk we can help you locate more audio books in other libraries that you may like to listen to. Then, we can help you order them through Interlibrary Loan and have them delivered to GEPL for your enjoyment.

125. I feel we contribute enough money through taxes!! I feel it is wrong to have to PAY to borrow DVD’s and videos!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the $1.00 fee to borrow an entertainment video movie for one week. We are considering changing this to a three day free rental with a $1.00 per day extended use fee. So if a patron would like to keep the movie longer then 3 days it will cost $1.00 per day to do so.

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September 2008 Suggestions

111. I had the pleasure of visiting your library on Monday, October 6th. I needed to print my airline boarding pass. Your staff was so very helpful. They provided me with a guest pass. Within moments I had my pass in hand. I am a library assistant @ the Memorial library of Nazareth & Vicinity, Nazareth, PA. It was so very nice to visit. You have a beautiful library.

Thank you for your kind comments. We are happy we were able to assist you.

112. Writing once again to urge you to join one of the suburban consortium that will enable your patrons to once again download audiobooks. Your collection of Playaways in no way reflects what\’s available through Overdrive and Netlibrary, and as I have mentioned in the past, their quality varies greatly.

Thank you for your continued interest in downloadable books. One of our librarians is researching this topic. She is exploring the pricing structures of various consortiums versus the pricing structure for a single library. Hopefully we will soon find a structure that suits our budget and patron needs. When we find a subscription that is feasible, we will publicize it in various places including the library newsletter and on our website. Thanks again for your comments.

113. I really want to read the book Molly Moon and the Hypnotic Holiday. It would be helpful if you had it.

Thank you for your request. We will submit an Interlibrary loan request for this title to see if another library could send it to us for you to read. If it is available from another library we will contact you when it arrives.

114. Library and staff are awesome!! They could not be more helpful or nice.

Thank you for the compliments. We are happy to be able to help you.

115. Your system confirmed my identity by another book brought in to be renewed, yet I wasn’t able to take out another book because I didn’t have my card…….hm.

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. This matter will be discussed with the Head of Circulation Services. Our goal is to provide high quality customer service transactions.

116. I would prefer to come to the library without the numerous homeless people. My 11 year old daughter got on the elevator and a homeless man joined her. I was concerned for her safety.

The library is a public building that is open to everyone. If at anytime yourself or your daughter feels uncomfortable or concerned for your safety, please inform a library staff member immediately. Thank you.

117. When you pay taxes in Glen Ellyn you should not have to pay $1.00 for the rental of a DVD for 1 week.

The $1.00 entertainment DVD fee is used to supplement the DVD budget so that more titles can be purchased for the collection. The idea of discontinuing this fee will be discussed. Thank you.

118. I think your library is weird.

If you would like to further explain this comment, we would be happy to respond.

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August 2008 Suggestions

106. The Pre-K computer games need an upgrade. Also more computers need to be designated for games. Staff needs to research the latest learning games Pre-K – 1st grade that are now available for computers. The games available at the Glen Ellyn library are pre-historic compared to other libraries children’s programs. Also the toy area needs an update.

Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. This suggestion will be shared with the Director of the Youth Services Department to determine possible changes/updates.

107. “Love Actually” was a porno movie. Two naked love scenes in first 10 minutes. Should not be rented to young people or sensitive adults. Rate “R”.

This movie is rated “R” by the film industry rating system and the rating is printed on the DVD case. There are no age restrictions on borrowing, consulting or viewing any library materials or electronic resources and parents agree to accept the responsibility for their children’s selections of print and electronic resources when they sign the library card application form.

108. “La Dolce Vita “on DVD is subtitled in English. I think it should be labeled as a foreign film. Also you should buy the Bel Lugosi “Dracula”.

Thank you for your comments. This information will be forwarded to the person who selects our DVD’s.

109. I would urge you to renew your contracts with Overdrive and Netlibrary or consider another such provider. Playaways are not a satisfactory alternative. The sound quality varies greatly among the ones you now own; they are less convenient for busy individuals who can’t make it to library during open hours; and they include the offerings of only one audiobook manufacturer. I would greatly appreciate your revisting the question of downloadable audiobooks soon.

We were participating in a consortial purchase of downloadable books through a program called ListenIllinois which provided Glen Ellyn residents with access to OverDrive and Netlibrary downloadable books which ended April 30, 2008. The Listen Illinois consortium dissolved. We are currently investigating the cost of obtaining our own Glen Ellyn Public Library subscription with either Overdrive or My Media Mall, two different downloadable book vendors. Please be patient a little longer.

110. You have soooo many books on how to knit – about 6 shelves worth or more, but so few books on crochet and design/projects (1½ shelves). There are a lot of great crochet books out there, like those that teach how to make socks. And I’d like to see more books on crocheting with thread to make lace. Why does the library have so few crochet books?

We do indeed have more books on knitting then crocheting as there has been a resurgence in the last few years of interest in knitting. We’ll be happy to purchase more books on crocheting – especially, on crocheting socks and lace. If you have specific titles in mind, do let us know. Thank you for the suggestion.

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July 2008 Suggestions

79. Please consider making available a list of new Large Print Books. It is very difficult when one cannot see a computer or view the shelves that are not at eye level.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into the best way to provide a new large print book list in large type for persons like yourself to review.

80. Please work with the Village and other community organizations to enforce vagrancy laws and keep the homeless out of the library. They are a health and safety risk.

We continue to work with PADS, the Glen Ellyn Police Dept. and other community organizations regarding providing service to the patrons of the Glen Ellyn Public Library.

81. Please purchase a book on Opel cars and other euro cars like Yugo.

Your suggestion will be passed on to our selectors.

82. Please have someone weed the section on “Paying for College Education” and replace with some newer copies. The most current materials are always checked out and hard to get a hold of.

Thank you for your suggestion we will take a look at that section.

83. “ASK” magazine is a great science/environmental periodical. It would benefit the community if it was purchased.

84. It would be nice to have ”Opera News” on the magazine rack.

85. Please consider “Smart Computing” when analyzing magazine subscriptions. It is well written and good for beginners or those with no formal computer skills training. It is geared for a level below “PC” magazine or “PC World.”

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions regarding magazine titles. We are currently reviewing our magazine collection in order to determine which titles should be discontinued and which new titles should be added.

86. We are big users and supporters of the Library. We are concerned with the use of the Library as a “daycare center’ for the homeless. While we have compassion and have helped those less fortunate a line needs to be drawn when the children (teenagers actually) in the family are afraid to be at the Library. What have we come to – when kids are afraid and uncomfortable at the Library? We pay big taxes for the privilege to live in Glen Ellyn. Please forward my comments and the others I know that there must be to the Village and PADS. When will we finally have resolution – when something bad happens to a child because there are potential criminals hanging around the Library. I have personally witnessed grooming, eating and loud cursing. Please do something.

We continue to work with PADS, the Glen Ellyn Police Dept. and other community organizations regarding providing service to the patrons of the Glen Ellyn Public Library. If at anytime you witness any patron eating, cursing or disrupting the Library please bring it to the attention of a staff member immediately.

87. The elevator carpet needs redoing.

Thank you for this observation we will add this to the list of interior improvements that need to be completed.

88. I am a regular user of your books on CD and appreciate your selection of non-fiction. I am anxious for the decision to be made of the new format the library will select for its “downloadable” books. Once in place this will offer a greatly improved selection and more portability. I hope to be able to download to my IPOD.

Thank you for your comment. We are investigating the downloadable book services that are currently available to public libraries. We also want the new service to work with IPODs since they are the most popular player on the market.

89. I have just returned 2 educational videos VHS where there was no sound and the picture was jumpy. I taped a note to each box. Wheaton Library has a bigger VHS selection and they usually work. I do not own a DVD player. I realize VHS is on the way out. However, please remove defective VHS from the shelves as they wear out.

We are in the process of withdrawing tired and worn out VHS tapes from our collection. Thank you for letting us know these two tapes were problematic.

90. Very helpful staff. Always willing to answer questions.

Thank you for your wonderful compliment!

91. Fabulous summer reading program! Very age appropriate! Motivational! The Children’s Department is sensational!

Thank you for your wonderful compliment!

92. I was a frequent user of Listen Illinois. It was the best service provided by the library. I keep being told that it will be replaced. WHEN? The Playaways just don’t cut it as a replacement. Please offer some form of downloadable books again.

Thank you for your comment. We are investigating the downloadable book services that are currently available to public libraries. We would like the new service to work with IPODs since they are the most popular player on the market and up until very recently Apple has not wanted to make their downloadable books available to public libraries.

93. Put in some booths –soft seating- for teens and maybe a jigsaw puzzle.

We will be creating a teen room on the 2nd floor this Fall with a combination of soft seating and study seating.

94. PLEASE! LET”S GET REAL! Opening on Sundays during the summer is a waste of revenue and the valuable time of the library staff. The library has extended hours during the week (9am -9pm). It is open on Fridays and Saturdays (9am-5pm) and offers 24/7 webservices for searches and interlibrary loan requests. Our library therefore does not need to open on Sundays in the summer. The library board and administration should give its employees a chance to enjoy their families in the summer.

Glen Ellyn Public library patrons have been requesting that the library remain open on Sundays during the summer for several years. This year the board approved premium Sunday Summer pay for library employees who elect to work Sunday Hours on a public desk during the Summer, so that we may provide service to patrons 7 days a week all year round.

95. I am very disappointed that my internet minutes were not extended. I am doing research work and there were several other (4 to be exact) computers available. I was here at a non-peak time. So if the extension would have been allowed it would NOT have interfered with anyone else. This is my neighborhood library and I don’t appreciate this at all!

The time limit has been established to provide fair and equitable free internet service to as many patrons a day as physically possible with a limited number of computer terminals. There are other non internet computers available on the 2nd floor that will allow you to research the many databases to which the library subscribes.

96. I’ve found that the Man Booker Prize List both short and long contains excellent literature but sometimes hard to find at our library ( I only found 1 of 6 this time).

Thank you for bringing this list to our attention. We will review it for potential new titles for the collection.

97. I’m looking for a link to find out how much money I save by using the library. Also is there a way I can get a yearly or up to date total?

Thank you for your question. There is a way to find out how much money you save using the library. Go to our website In the lower right corner you will see a link that says” see how much you saved today by using the Glen Ellyn Public library”. Click on that, and it will lead you to a Return on Investment calculator (ROI) hosted by the North Suburban Library System. The calculator does not perform an annual calculation. The best way to determine an annual calculation would be to calculate your typical visit using the calculator and then multiply that amount by the number of visits you make to the library in a year.

98. Book –It Automatic Reserves- In house holds where both husband and wife sign up on the same list (sometimes both read the same book) it would be very convenient if either party could check out books on either ones card. It is somewhat of a nuisance to always remember to obtain the other person’s card before visiting the library.

We understand the inconvenience of obtaining the other card before you visit the library. We are happy to say that the next upgrade of our patron database software due out in Jan/Feb 2009 will allow you – the patron to set the parameters for your own cards, so if you want your spouse to be able to pick up your items you simply specify that in your account setup and we will then be able to check out to them. This new feature will also allow families to link children’s cards to an adult e-mail for better tracking of overdue notices, fees and fines, etc.

99. Can we take posters from magazines?

We prefer that individuals not remove items from the library magazines. If you see something from a magazine you would like, please ask at a service desk. The staff will determine if it may be removed or copied. Thank you for asking.

100. Can you please order 10 books in Urdu written by “Ibne Safi” through interlibrary loan for me? I don’t have the titles but you can find them using the author name. Thank you very much.

We have located 10 titles by this author and have placed ILL requests for them for you. We are not always able to get every book we request. We will contact you when any/all of the titles arrive.

101. I think you should be more open minded to African American authors like Terry Woods. The only urban writer you have is Omar Tyree. Please take this into consideration.

Thank you for your comment. Your suggestion will be given to the selector of that material.

102. I would like to know the radio station that broadcasts only to Glen Ellyn for storm and weather emergencies. It is a very weak station, but I have found it in the past. Even the Glen Ellyn PD couldn’t help me. I don’t know if it is am or fm.

We are unable to find an AM or FM station that broadcasts weather and weather emergencies only for Glen Ellyn. We did find that NOAA does broadcast this information via a weather radio.

103. My compliments to you and your helpful, patron oriented staff. I am lucky to have GEPL as my local library.

Thank you very much we are pleased to serve you.

104. I noticed the payphone that was located on the lower level was recently removed. I don’t know what the reasoning and imagine it’s possible the company that owned the phone pulled it. I’d like to request the consideration of soliciting a company to have a phone re-installed. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Due to the prevalence of cell phones, the telephone companies have begun charging establishments to have a pay phone or just simply removing them all together due to lack of use. We will be adding a courtesy phone near the Circulation desk for those patrons without a cell phone to make brief local phone calls.

105. I think it would be a great idea to offer kids a reward/incentive to finish/complete a series of books. For example: my son is working on completing the whole series of Droon mysteries. If he had an incentive it might be even more exciting.

This is an interesting idea and there is potential for a display of reader’s names and the series somewhere in the youth area to celebrate these reading accomplishments. It is tricky to decide when a series is actually completed, some never really end. I hope your son has enjoyed the summer reading program with its prizes and incentives and I hope he will participate in the Reading Patch incentive program this Fall/Winter that runs from October 1- April 30.

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June 2008 Suggestions

72. Please consider letting us have books for 4 weeks as is the policy of other libraries.

Thank you for your comment. We did discuss the possibility of extending the checkout period and came to the conclusion that our current 3 week check out with one 3 week renewal if no one has the item on hold will continue. You may always keep the item a little longer and pay the extended usage fees (fines) in order to finish, if necessary.

73. Please fix the entrance way cement on the right that is too close to the road. I have hit it several times, but today my son who isn’t familiar with it almost ruined the whole underside of my car. This has been this way for a long time.

Yes, the curb that you are referring to seems to be a part of the original design of the parking lot. We will take a look to see how we might be able to modify or correct this situation.

74. This place is really nice and quiet. I loved all the toys for the kids in the kids section. This library is amazing.

Thank you, we are glad you enjoyed your visit!!

75. I think the “flags of the world” program is a great learning tool for children. It may be a good idea to have a large world map so they can locate the country and flag together.

Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider your idea.

76. It would be helpful to merge your two databases. 1. The monitor-debit card system and 2. Workflows data. Then when someone puts $3.00 on their account, it can automatically pay for a late book. If your tech person, can’t do it, there are many village volunteers who could.

We also would like both databases to be able to talk to each other, allowing patrons the opportunity to pay fees and fines with their library debit card funds at home or the library. SIRSI is planning a new release of the “workflows data software” and according to the release notes this new version will include the capability of “monitor” and “workflows” being able to communicate with each other.

77. I am very disappointed with the library service as a new resident. It’s not quiet at all on the 2nd floor. I can’t believe the library charges money for movies. I pay taxes. Some of the staff are not very friendly. I asked a staff person for help to look for a book. She couldn’t hear the book title because of my accent. I repeated it for her several times. She and the other staff laughed after she finally got the title. Not professional at all.

The experience you describe is not the quality customer experience we strive to provide at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. Thank you for bringing this poor quality experience to our attention. It will be used for training purposes in order to prevent future occurrences. We do charge $1.00 for entertainment movies for a one week check out. We then use the monies raised by this fee to purchase more movies for the collection.

78. Please convey our thanks to the Friends of the Library for Monday’s Ice Cream Social. Another way they could really be Friends of the Library is to join us in finding ways to stop the use of the library as a holding pen by the homeless as they wait to get into one of 3 PADS shelters operating this summer in Glen Ellyn. Many residents are avoiding the library because of health and safety concerns. Is this the kind of reputation you want for the library?

We are very happy to hear you enjoyed the Ice Cream Social sponsored by the Friends of the Library and ALDI. The Glen Ellyn Public Library is a public building that is open to everyone. We ask that all visitors to the Library follow the Patron Code of Conduct and anyone who does not will be asked to leave.

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May 2008 Suggestions

61. I found most of the 20 books I was looking for at different locations. NONE of them were at this library.

Please feel free to share the titles with us the next time you visit the library. We are always happy to consider purchasing titles our patrons are interested in reading.

62. Why would the library expect people to give money for a “Teen Room” – Ridiculous. I have paid taxes for this library for 40+ years – which person felt that this is a good idea? Get your priorities straight.

The current budget would not allow for the creation of this needed space; therefore, the decision was made by the director and the library board to ask interested parties in the community to donate to this project rather than increasing everyone’s taxes.

63. A gentleman, with a walker, nearly tripped on the edge of the runner in front of the Circulation Desk.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have removed this runner to prevent future incidents.

64. I would like to access all four of my family members’ accounts from one single login. That would be easier to track when items are due.

We agree with this and have discussed the matter with the software developer and have been promised a software upgrade sometime in January or February of 2009. We are eager for this great improvement.

65. I don’t believe we should permit the homeless to abuse the library by putting their feet on the furniture.

The patron code of conduct does not allow any library patron to place their feet on the furniture. Next time you see this type of behavior, please report it to a library staff member so we may speak to the patron.

66. I would like you to have a color (full-color) copier.

Thank you for your suggestion, at this time we do offer color printouts from the computers for $.50 per page, but until we replace our public copy machines, we will not be offering color photocopies. We certainly will take it into consideration. In the meantime, there is a Kinkos at Nicole Way and Roosevelt that offers color photocopies.

67. I am sick of the library asking for more money. I want the library to operate within their own means. I don’t care about a teen room – what about the 20-30 year olds and the seniors? I pay more money to the library than the Park District and I am sick of the library hounding for more money. The library is spending too much money on the windows project.

Repair of the leaking windows was necessary to prevent further water damage and further mold growth. The building was designed with a children’s room on the first floor and an entire second floor for adults; therefore, leaving no space for the teens to call their own. Currently the teen collection is split between the first and second floor and a teen room will provide one location for all of the teen materials. The current budget would not allow for the creation of this necessary space; therefore, the decision was made by the director and the library board to ask interested parties in the community to donate to this project rather than increasing everyone’s taxes.

68. Can we please have a poetry or story writing contest for 6-10 year olds.

Thank you, we will consider this idea.

69. Please order WIDE Screen DVDs… I don’t know anyone that prefers full screen.

We will consider this; however, some people do prefer full screen.

70. Do you carry the book: Python Programming for the Beginner?

We cannot locate a book by this title. We did however find similar titles Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner or Learning Python. Please let us know if you would like our help to obtain one of these titles.

71. Please order “Lone Survivor” for Glen Ellyn Public Library. It is a remarkable book.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Library actually has a copy of this book. It is checked out at the moment, but with a Glen Ellyn Library card we are happy to place – a hold on it for you. Also, in the future, if you have trouble locating a title you are interested in, please speak to a librarian at the reference desk, then we can accommodate your request right away.

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April 2008 Suggestions

58. Smoking smell in the computer room today 4-30-08 at 10:00AM was horrendous- it felt like walking into a bar- before the smoking law change.

Please bring this type of issue to the attention of the staff at the public desk immediately, so that we can investigate and see what might be done about the unpleasant odor.

59. I find it embarrassing that our library would be having a “money drive” for a teen room. With the amount of money we pay as residents toward the library I am offended. If we cannot pay for this sort of project – Don’t do it.

The Library has budgeted the tax monies to be collected in FY2008/2009 to provide materials, programs and services as well as maintain the current facility. There is an additional need to create a space designated for the teens of our community to be able to make better use of the library. The decision was made to ask residents and local organizations who support the need for a teen space to contribute to the project, rather then ask all residents for a tax increase to make the teen room possible.

60. Will you be offering the Jumpstart program for the littlest kids this summer? If so when? Is there a fee?

We will offer Summer Jumpstart. Registration begins June 10th. A Glen Ellyn Library card is required to register for this program and there is no fee. Registration for non-Glen Ellyn cardholders will begin June 16th. Summer Jumpstart will take place: Thursday 9:30-10:00AM and Friday 9:30-10:00AM. The program will run June 18 – August 8.

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March 2008 Suggestions

50. Although I don’t visit the Glen Ellyn Library, I love your online bookclub and often get the book from my local library after the excerpts printed through your site. Have a great national library week!

Thank you for your comment.

51. I was wondering if you accept donations of old textbooks? I have some books that are 8-10 years old (college level on several different topics).

We do not add used college textbooks to our collection, however a good place to take them is SCARCE. You can find more information about this organization at their website and they are located at 799 Roosevelt Road, Building 2, Suite 108. Their phone number is 630-545-9710.

52. How can I search for material in back issues of newspapers (like the Chicago Tribune) in your archives? My particular interest is articles about Glen Ellyn from 50 to 100 years ago.

We subscribe to a Chicago Tribune database. You can access it from our website from home or in the library at Here you will find a link to the Chicago Tribune. If working from home you will be asked to input your Glen Ellyn Library card number and your pin. Then you will see a drop down menu labeled database. Click on Proquest Historical Newspapers Chicago tribune 1849-1946. We also have the Glen Ellyn newspaper going back to 1912 available at the library on microfilm if you would like to use it. Anyone at the reference desk on the 2nd floor would be happy to assist you in accessing the microfilm or searching the Chicago tribune database.

53. It would be REALLY nice if the library added a “New Books” choice on the table of contents of the website. It would include all the books on the shelves that hold the newest acquisitions at the library. So many times I don’t realize that a new book by an author I like has been purchased and is available for checkout.

Yes, we agree a new books list can be very helpful. We do have a version of this that is currently accessible. If you click on the Search Catalog link from our webpage, then select Quick Lists you will find links to alphabetical lists of new fiction, new non-fiction, new DVD’s etc. These lists are simply alphabetical lists of all the items in our catalog that have been designated as New. We are currently investigating subscription services that would allow us to provide even better online New Books lists, watch for changes in the near future.

54. Is there a way to look at my recent borrowing history? I am trying to find the title of the last book I borrowed/returned.

We do not retain this information to protect your personal privacy. Some patrons keep paper list, or use word processing or spreadsheets to track their reading history. Some even keep the check out receipts, but that can become cumbersome. There is a new way to keep lists online. The Library subscribes to a new database called “Books and Authors”. It has a “My Reading Room” It is described as a “new environment that allows you to create, maintain and share lists of your favorite authors or titles, your own written book reviews, and your bookmarks.” You can access it from home or in the library at and click on Books and Authors. Once you get to the site you can mark it as a favorite if you like. In addition to this database there are several more sites that allow you to create your reading lists online. Shelfari, Librarything and Goodreads are a few others. These sites are free to users.

Please feel free to stop at the reference desk on the 2nd floor. Our staff would be glad to talk to you about books, resources to find books, and these new online book lover’s sites.

55. Wonderful selection of books. Easy to find and locate. I suggest a more efficient way of checking out customers. Possibly more staff or more electronic machines.

Thank you for your comments.

56. This Library is ridiculous! 30 minute guest pass what is that? As if someone is going to come here from out of town to use the internet regularly. At least a guest can still use the internet, unlike someone who misplaced their card but lives in the district, it seems a photo ID and being in the system is not enough.

Many people do visit the Glen Ellyn Public Library from out of town to use the internet on a regular basis. Providing the guest cards was implemented to limit the internet time these visitors may use in order to provide more internet time for the residents of Glen Ellyn. Typically having a photo ID and being in the system would be appropriate ID to allow internet access. The exceptions to this would be an expired library card and or unpaid fines.

57. The top of the periodical racks are filthy dirty and the railings to the 2nd floor are very dusty at the bottom. It is embarrassing to see this.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The railings are scheduled to be cleaned and possibly repainted, if needed. We will see that the periodical racks are dusted.

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February 2008 Suggestions

42. I visit the library everyday, but mostly Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. My concern is a gentleman who coughs every 2 seconds. It is disturbing and has been going on for 3-4 months. A chronic cough is often a sign of TB. I respect his privacy but worry that others may be in danger.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As a result of your comment, we contacted a local agency that was able to provide assistance to this gentleman in this matter.

43. Will we ever have a quiet room again?

The room previously known as the Quiet Study Room once repaired will be reopened as a new Teen Space. The Large Print Books that were housed in that room will soon be moved back down to the 2nd floor. The entire 2nd floor is meant to be a Quiet Study Space if you need help finding a quiet alcove or location in which to work, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

44. I am angry that the policy restricting cell phone use to the lobby is not being reinforced on a consistent basis.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon investigation we do not have a consistent policy or procedures regarding cell phone usage. We have some signs in some areas and no written policy. This will be addressed.

45. Is it possible to request an Interlibrary loan book via the website? The COD website offers this service and it is very helpful.

Yes, you can request materials be delivered to the Glen Ellyn Public Library for you from other libraries via the Interlibrary loan service in two different ways. First, if you are working in the LINC catalog found by clicking on the Search Catalog button at you may place a hold on materials you find in this catalog that are owned by any of the eight participating libraries including GEPL and these items will be pulled and delivered here for you in 2-3 days. Second, if you are working in the Statewide Illinois Catalog (SILC) found by clicking on Other Libraries in the LINC catalog, you can also request items from all over the state and possibly other states be sent to you to pick up at the Glen Ellyn Public Library through statewide interlibrary loan which usually takes 10-14 days. Please ask about this at the Adult Desk on the 2nd floor and we would be happy to show you how this process of patron initiated interlibrary loans works in one or both catalogs.

46. Amarcord and 400 Blows are not labeled foreign films.

Checking the shelves 400 Blows currently has a foreign film sticker on the case and Amarcord is checked out but we will check the case for a sticker when it returns.

47. I am unable to place a hold on books. Is there something wrong with my account?

Upon investigation we have found your library card has expired. Once it is renewed you will again be able to place holds.

Please find the answer to comments 48-50 after number 50:

48. We will miss the “wall”. It added character. I hope you find someplace to still keep that element. It adds atmosphere and it is very welcoming. I understand the need for sharing info. Please try to keep some of this tradition. Thank you.

49. Where is the fireplace? This area looks bare – and it was a traditional part of the library. What happened? When will it be back?

50. What happened to the beautiful displays behind the circulation desk that I always looked forward to seeing in your library?! They were always so elegant and well put together – so unique!! I learned that the Director of the Library deliberately does not want it up! A big mistake! This added such elegant charm to this unique library! A real loss!!

The wall behind the Circulation desk does seem very bare now that the Library Centennial Celebration has come to an end the Centennial Fireplace display has been removed. Soon we will be patching and painting the walls in that area and then we will determine the best way to use that space to provide information regarding the materials, programs and services of the GEPL. Stay tuned as we make changes in that area.

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January 2008 Suggestions

31. What’s up with the snow plow putting all the snow in the handicapped parking spaces? It makes it extremely difficult for people with mobility issues to come into the library. There are plenty of other places to dump the snow. Let those in good health walk a little farther.

We were also surprised to find the snow piled in the handicapped spaces and immediately called the snow removal service. They returned and moved the snow from the handicapped spaces, later the same day.

32. I would like to suggest that you have a book discussion of Phillip Pullman’s –Dark Materials Series.

Thank you for the suggestion. This program suggestion is under consideration by the Youth Department.

33. I would love to see a couple of magazine titles carried through the library. They are great peace giving magazines that I think people would love. “Spirituality” and “Ode” – to people – to passion – to power.

Thank you for your suggestions. Our annual weeding and review of periodical titles will begin very soon. Your suggestions will be added to our possible new titles list.

34. It would be great to give/have bookmarks at the front desk!

Thank you for this suggestion. It is being considered by the Circulation Dept.

35. When searching for an author it would be nice if all of their names came up when you do a basic/easy search.

We will pass your suggestion on to the company that writes the catalog software. In the meantime, please allow us to show you how to use the browse option in the catalog – using this feature will reveal the author’s various pen names.

36. Just want you to know what a great service you are providing by extending hours during high school finals, accommodating the extra noise that probably occurs in study groups, and finally providing snacks after 9PM! My daughter quickly explained her experience at the library yesterday to me this morning on her way to her last final today at West! She had been at the library from 2PM until the late close last night. She agreed she would never have gotten as much studying done anywhere else…. Thank you and bravo on the useful service you are providing by giving our kids a place to be productive! I know that often at their age high school kids do not have the maturity to say thanks, but from her words to me today, I know she very much appreciated being there and so I’m just passing on the news.

Thank you for your comment. We are pleased to say that over 300 students attended the extended study hours over the course of the four days. Both Caribou and Starbucks graciously donated coffee. We received a number of favorable written evaluations from the students and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to let us know how much your daughter appreciated the program.

37. You guys are great!! (A student wrote regarding the Late Night Study Hours)

We are very happy you enjoyed the late night study hours and hope you will join us again at the end of this current semester.

Please find the answer to comments 38-41 after number 41:

38. What happened to the fireplace decoration? It is so much fun to see the seasonal displays and to get a warm feeling from the “constant” of the fireplace. I hope it will be replaced with something as interesting.

39. The circulation desk looks like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard without a decorated back wall. I look forward to the change in ambiance as the background to the beautiful and pleasant circulation desk staff. Please continue to periodically change the theme decorated back wall middle section of the circulation desk area.

40. I miss the art work from the locals at the front desk.

41. We miss the warm, friendly and beautiful center circulation décor. Bring the decorator back!! We don’t need more information. By definition a library is information. Soften it.

We are happy you enjoyed the fireplace mantel display that had been on the counter behind the Circulation desk this past year. It was a part of our Centennial Celebration which ended December 31, 2007. We plan to clean and possibly repaint the walls in that area as needed and then a decision will be made regarding the best use of the wall space behind the Circulation desk.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086