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2009 Suggestions and Comments

December 2009 Suggestions

253. Please have at least one computer that takes hard disks not everyone is hip to new technology!!

We do still have some of our word processing machines that have a hard disk drive. If you need help capturing information on a CD or flashdrive and transferring it to your hard disk, please talk to us at the desk, so we can help you with this.

254. Please change the designation on the restrooms on the 2nd floor to allow men and women in both of them. I know this has been done on a temporary basis when one or the other has been out of service in the past. There have been occasions when the men’s room is occupied for long periods of time with a line waiting and the women’s room sits vacant.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into making this change.

255. The little printouts (like receipts) are so easy to lose I like the old fashioned card in the pocket like I grew up with. I just had an $11.00 overdue fine. I know you are not going to change but you must know it is easy to lose them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts — date due cards were larger and printed on cardstock so they were much different than the computer generated print receipts. Many patrons take the receipt home and put it on the refrigerator with a magnet as a reminder, or use it as a book mark in one of the titles they have borrowed, or some check out one of our green book bags at the same time and keep the receipt in that bag for safe keeping. We would also be happy to show you how to check your account online to see if you have items that soon need to be returned to the library and if you have email we can send an email notice to you just a few days before your item is due as a friendly reminder to help prevent overdue fines. Just a few ideas that others have found helpful when keeping track of the computer generated receipts.

256. Books on Tape that take longer than 15 hours to listen to should be 4 week rentals.

Thank you for this suggestion. We will look into making a change.

257. Yesterday, I returned “City Lights” (DVD C). I’ve checked out many DVDs from the library and my DVD player has played them fine. Disc 1 on this DVD, however, frequently skipped and I was unable to watch the film. I hope bringing this glitch to your attention helps. Thank you!

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The disc will be thoroughly cleaned.

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November 2009 Suggestions

246. I am a huge fan of the children’s area. I would, however, like to suggest that you include more Thanksgiving books that simply deal with the celebration of the harvest and being thankful for the people you love. I have not checked any out because many of them seem to perpetuate some of the historical inaccuracies about Thanksgiving and stereotypes about Native Americans (especially those that hold them static, as people of the past only> There are many wonderful, perspective changing ideas for educators and educational institutions on I have used some of the materials in my classroom.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Youth Department will take this information under advisement.

247. 2009 – 2010 Fermilab Lecture Series

Was there something in particular you wished to share with us regarding the lecture series?

248. Please make large green book bags available for purchase. The regular small $5 bags are not large enough.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding the bags. This information will be shared with the Friends of the Library. Perhaps they will make a larger bag available for sale in the future.

249. I feel that as a 19 year old I should be allowed access to the Teen Scene and the laptops. I understand that it is for high school students to use, but as a college student I would like to use these resources as well.

Thank you for your comments. You are more then welcome to access the Teen Scene to find books you would like to look at. There are three other study rooms available for you to use on the second floor. We will consider purchasing additional laptops for adult usage if budgetary constraints allow it.

250. Today I was at the library and, again, observed several visitors eating from their bag lunches. In this case, there were two individuals seated on the second floor near the desk. As I have done before on numerous occasions, I made comment to one of the staff members regarding the inappropriateness of this activity in the building, but it seems to continue week after week. I would be my suggestion that the staff routinely walk through the library to audit this ongoing situation and monitor the acceptance of library policies. In addition, there are individuals that “store” their belongings on the tables and chairs. Perhaps oversized bags, carts, suitcases, etc should be checked in at the service desk, similar to what that Wheaton library requires if one is to use the reading room. Not knowing where these articles have been, is the furniture cleaned on a regular basis? After seeing these activities over several year, I am compelled to comment. The staff, in my view, needs to be more proactive in administering policy.

Please continue to bring the presence of food to a staff person’s attention if and when you see this happening, so that we can address it at that time. All staff have been reminded that current policy allows covered beverages but does not allow food to be eaten in the library and that we must all work to enforce this policy. We do not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of individuals bags, backpacks, suitcases etc. However, if these items are in the way, taking up a needed chair, etc. we will ask the owner to relocate the item(s) to another location.

Upholstered furniture is cleaned on a regular basis. Furniture with hard surfaces are wiped down as needed. Hand sanitizer is available at all public desk throughout the library.

251. I received negative and irate feedback regarding PC usage upon the x-press PC where it clearly suggests that a max. of 150 minutes per day be granted @ 30 minutes per session. I infact was denied such courtesy while being talked to sardonically as well as uncouth.

I am sorry that there was a misunderstanding regarding our Guest Internet usage time limits. The Express stations to which you are referring are clearly marked at the top of the screen that they are for Guest visits of 30 minutes. The 150 minute maximum to which you are referring is for Glen Ellyn Public Library cardholders.

252. I love to bring my son to the library but I’ve become a bit concerned lately with H1N1. I’ve seen and heard a lot of sick kids in the library (wiping noses and then playing with toys, etc.) It would be helpful to parents if you could offer helpful tips to parents about how to keep their children and others healthy while enjoying the library. Also, maybe offer a place to put chewed on toys so they can be cleaned. Offering wipes next to the headphones might be another good preventative measure. We LOVE the Library. It’s one of our favorite places to go and we look forward to spending lots of (healthy) time there during the winter months!! Also, do you all take toy donations?

We have posted H1N1 information at the youth desk and on the library homepage. We clean the toys approx. once a week. We provide wipes for the headphones at the service desk and the screen saver on the computer monitor reminds people to ask for wipes to clean headphones. We also provide hand sanitizer and wipes at the service desks for patrons to use while they visit the library. We would be happy to talk with you about donating toys to the Youth Department.

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October 2009 Suggestions

237. Please subscribe to Gray’s Sporting Journal and Passagemaker.

Thank you for your suggestions. Both of these titles are very specialized and we do not feel they would have broad readership in this geographic area.

238. I would like to request you purchase The Moonflower Vine by Carleton. It was rereleased this summer.

Thank you for your suggestion. This title will be added to the collection.

239. Please put hours and phone number on a magnet.

We are in the process of ordering magnets like this. They should be available for distribution soon.

240. This place is crap!

Not exactly sure to what you are referring. We would be happy to talk with you about any problems you are having when you visit the library.

241. I think that the teen scene area is totally hip. It is so in tune with my edgy nature. Sometimes when I can’t handle life (mine being exceptionally hard) I go tot eh teen scene area to “chill” with my “homies.” My only request would be, could you make the furniture slightly more rebellious and unique, because I can really relate to it because I am edgy and special.

Thank you for your comments.

242. When logging onto GEINT10 (Computer) with Internet Explorer it automatically goes to the Glen Ellyn Library Home Page. Wrong on so many levels. This is America — let freedom Google!!!!

Yes, we have set the default home page to the library website, however you can easily access from that point any other website including Google.

243. It will be great if you have e-books to support the Sony Reader.

Sony has been advertising that they plan to work with a library electronic book vendor named Overdrive to make their ebooks available to public library patrons. We are very interested in subscribing to this service once it becomes available.

244. Eye catching 2nd floor display. I especially enjoyed the 1920’s slang. I knew them all! What fun.

Thank you so very much for the nice compliment. We are pleased to know you enjoyed the display.

245. Luggage on the tables/eating by computers not very clean/ gets keyboard, tabletops greasy.

Food is only allowed in the vestibule area at the main entrance on the 1st floor. If you see someone with food elsewhere in the building please notify a staff person immediately. Thank you.

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September 2009 Suggestions

230. Thank you for having the marionette performance today. I loved it. It was well worth whatever it cost.

We are so happy to hear you enjoyed this program. Thank you.

231. Could we give 2 week check outs for DVD multiple sets, TV series, etc.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it.

232. It would be great if you could hold “holds” for one week. For those of us who get to the library once a week, it would be great.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider it.

233. I have never seen such a breach of cell phone etiquette in a library as I have in G.E. Why is GEPL so reluctant to post a sign “Cell phone to be turned off and used in the lobby only.”

We do not have a sign like you suggest, because we allow cell phone usage throughout our building. We do ask anyone who is talking loud enough to create a disturbance on a cell phone or to another individual to be more quiet or take the conversation to the lobby/vestibule area of the building.

234. We received six wonderful compliments regarding the Henna Tattoo workshop.

  • Excellent class
  • Fun and interesting
  • Very enjoyable, excellent teacher
  • Great, class-have it again
  • The Henna Workshop was wonderful
  • Very informative, wonderful class

We are very happy you enjoyed the class. We will consider holding it again another time.

235. You need a bigger selection of Romance in paperback by different authors or the authors you have. Maybe a video room to watch a movie.

Thank you for your suggestion. This month alone we added over 50 new romance paperbacks to the collection. If you have suggestions of specific authors or titles, please let us know. We would be happy to consider purchasing them.

236. It would be really great if the library would number the books (tapes, CD’s) that are by one author, but part of a series, so the reader knows in what order they were written.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into taking on a project of this nature — the library has hundreds of items that are in series so it may prove to be a daunting task. In the meantime, did you know you can find series information online? Try this website, — this is a favorite of our librarians.

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August 2009 Suggestions

222. It would be my suggestion to thoroughly clean the toys and surfaces in the children’s play area and clean the rugs. Especially before this flu season begins especially with the swine flu threat. It seems very dirty.

The toys in the children’s play area are cleaned approximately once a week. The carpets in the Youth area are professionally cleaned twice a year and spot cleaned by staff as needed. The carpet is well over 10 years old and many of the spots and dirty marks disappear when the carpets are professionally cleaned and reappear in the same spots just a few days later. We hope to be able to install new carpeting someday soon. We too are concerned about the spread of the flu virus and provide both hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for the convenience of both patrons and staff. We are always looking for volunteers to help clean toys and perform odd jobs in and about the library if you would like to help us clean and sanitize the children’s play area, please let us know.

223. Is there some way documentaries could be marked differently than other DVD’s?

We try to strike a balance between too many stickers and identifying labels on materials and helping people to locate the materials they are interested in finding. A search can be done in the computerized catalog for documentary films limited to DVD and Glen Ellyn and you find a list of over 400 documentaries to choose from. If you need help searching for this list, please ask any of the staff to assist you.

224. Multiple homeless people on 2nd level — which I am not opposed to, however, when they are laying across a couch snoring where I can’t have my child sit on the couch — they should be asked to leave.

Lying across a couch is not acceptable behavior for anyone visiting the library. Please, if you see this type of behavior when you visit bring it to the attention of a staff person immediately, so that the staff person can explain that this is unacceptable behavior when this is occurring rather than after the fact. Thank you.

225. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how helpful the Glen Ellyn library staff is. Each time I call on the phone to see if you have something — the staff always is very polite and if you don’t have something — they always offer to get it. Thank you so much — it is a pleasure to come here!

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. We are happy to serve you.

226. More Playways!!

We are happy to hear you like the playaway format. We continue to work to enlarge the size of this collection. It is hard to believe we currently own over 400 titles in this format because they are so popular there are usually only a few dozen on the shelf at any given time. If you have a particular title in mind, or need help searching the titles we own in this format and placing a hold on one that may already be checked out, please ask a staff person for assistance. Thank you.

227. Other than the November 21 practice ACT is there a calendar of other dates when you are offering other practice opportunities?

Thank you for your question regarding the Practice exams with Kaplan. The library has scheduled two in January. SAT Practice Exams are scheduled for January 9 and January 30 at 10 am. Registration opens December 1, 2009. You may register on the Glen Ellyn Public Library webpage located at We hope to offer additional practice exams in the future, so please continue to check our calendar.

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July 2009 Suggestions

218. The Library is one of the few remaining places where service is king. Please don’t ruin the friendly personal service and helpful atmosphere with impersonal electronic checkouts. I’d prefer the $ be spent on more books than the “new” checkout option.

The self check machine is not intended to replace personal helpful service that staff members provide. The machine is provided as an option for those who chose to checkout their own materials. The funds to purchase the self check machine were provided by the Glen Ellyn Public Library Foundation and the machine was installed in the Fall of 2007. Recently we moved it from the end of the Circulation Desk to its new location by the stairs to make it more visible to those who like to check out in this manner

219. Would like to be able to pay for 2 week movie rental again! Vacations! More convenient to be able to pay $2 a movie to keep for 2 weeks!

The Circulation Department will reconsider making this option available again. The one week rental policy was put in place to allow more patrons the opportunity to use our movie collection. Thank you for your input.

220. Better labeling is needed for the audio books on CD.

Thank you for this observation. We will look into the labeling of these items.

221. Your CD collection is difficult to use. The drawers are too full and you cannot flip through them and you do not have them divided into genre like pop, rock, rap, country, etc. Take a look at the Indian Prairie Library CD collection it is great!!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding the library’s music CD collection. 1) The library has taken some steps to improve the lighting in the area by removing the covers from the light fixtures directly above the CD shelves. We are aware that it is still somewhat dark in the area and will take steps to improve this further as funding allows. 2) We will take a look at the genre categories. The genres that we currently use are Country, Jazz, Blues, and New Age. Pop and Rock style music go into categories we call Pop-Vocal or Pop-Group depending on if it is an individual or a group performing. We will consider some of the categories that you suggest. 3) We have discussed the shelving recently as we have also noticed that some of the drawers are tight. If we are able to find a suitable alternative that fits into our budget we will be pleased to improve the shelving. 4) We will consider shelving new CDs separately. Thank you again for your suggestions. The staff that purchase and maintain the collection will consider each of your suggestions and determine if any changes can be made.

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June 2009 Suggestions

210. Have Kill a Watt devices available to checkout. A short period is all that’s needed — no use buying.

We investigated the use of these devices and we do not feel at this time that circulating these fits with the mission of the library.

211. ________, ______, _______ and _______ on the 2nd floor were all so willing to help. Thank you for being so nice!

Your comment will be shared with these individuals and their supervisor. Thank you for the compliment!

212. The recent culling of the adult collection was — in my opinion — excessive. Very valuable books have been lost in both fiction and nonfiction. Gould and Green are but two authors, very disappointing.

Thank you for your comments regarding the collection. Upon checking the catalog, we do have over 20 titles by Graham Greene. Many of them are currently checked out by other patrons, which would be why the shelf appeared empty. We also have books by several different authors with the last name of Gould, in both fiction and nonfiction. In general, we “weed” material all year to remove damaged and outdated material or material that no one checks out. In the fiction section, we have actually weeded very little in the past year, mainly damaged books and books that had not been checked out in many years. In the nonfiction section, portions of the 300s and 600s were recently weeded in order to remove outdated medical, social, and educational material. This has resulted in empty shelves that are currently being shifted throughout the 300s, 400s, 500s, and 600s. If there is something you are looking for that you cannot find on the shelf, please ask a staff member for assistance, we’d be happy to help you locate the materials that you want.

213. It would be very customer friendly if you could renew 1 item without card # when customer calls and does not have card on his/her person.

It is our normal practice in this situation to ask for the barcode on the item as an alternative and then the item can be renewed over the phone without verification of the card number.

214. While pulling into & driving through the parking lot, it was very difficult to navigate through the parking lot due to all of the people at the ice cream social. A little girl ran right out in front of my car as I was first coming in & it was difficult to navigate around all the people in the main area of the lot. As a patron, I was very concerned about the safety of all the families.

Thank you for expressing your concerns. Safety is always a priority at library programs. Over 850 people attended the Ice Cream Social that evening without incident. Each year we continue to make changes to this event to provide a safe, fun family event. Your comments will be taken into consideration for the planning of the next Ice Cream Social.

215. It would be nice if the administration can add a “coupon installer” to the printer. You can’t print out online coupons without the coupon installer. Thanks.

Each coupon site has different requirements in order to allow the printing of coupons. Some require the installation of software and some require the download of unique identifiers to the individual computer being used. The system that we use to keep the computers clean and free of viruses will not allow these types of installations and downloads. Therefore, at this time, we are unable to make coupon printing services available at the library.

216. I would like to see the used magazines back in the “For Sale” section of the Library.

There are so many magazines and limited space in the booksale corner, so this year we started an annual magazine giveaway. This event will occur again next Spring. Watch the newsletter and promotional fliers for the date.

217. Most libraries offer internet access sitting down instead 30 Express Minutes after you receive guest card. Why is Glen Ellyn policy different? It seems most libraries have excuses why cannot or should not accommodate its patrons within the suburban district.

The 30-minute Express terminals are provided as a courtesy to non — Glen Ellyn residents. The Glen Ellyn Public Library receives 87% of its funding from Glen Ellyn property taxes and the remainder from fines, fees and fundraising. There is no suburban district funding. Our primary mission is to serve the taxpayers of Glen Ellyn.

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May 2009 Suggestions

198. I am so impressed by how the library keeps updating itself, adding improvements and progressing technologically and in policies. Impressive. Endears me even more to my library (which was hardly an issue before!).

Thank you for your comments. We are so pleased to hear that the changes we have been implementing are helpful to you.

199. Allowing food and drinks and free internet access which means without having license, with free printing.

Currently, we do allow covered beverages throughout the building. Food is only allowed in the meeting rooms and the front entryway. Soon two small tables and chairs will be added to that space to provide a place to sit and enjoy a snack. There is no charge to use the Internet for residents or non-residents. We do charge 10 cents a page for printing to cover the cost of the paper, the toner and the maintenance on the printing equipment.

200. I am really getting tired of our public libraries being turned into homeless shelters. Today some bum sat down at the next table with a bad case of B.O. Another guy is sitting near the stairs snoring. A woman also near the stairs is sleeping. These same bums are all here with multiple bags full of their personal stuff. I though libraries are for study and reading.

Thank you for sharing your comments. If at any time you experience noise or odors that disrupt your use of the library, please bring them to the attention of a staff person immediately. We will work to resolve the issue(s) at that time.

201. Have a game day for 1st – 5th graders.

We have a weekly drop in game day scheduled from 12:30-2:30 pm, June 19 – August 7 which will include opportunities to play, wii, guitar hero, chess and puzzles. These drop in sessions are open to all ages, so come play games on Friday afternoons this summer.

202. The Harriet Tubman presentation was outstanding. Thank you!

We are so happy that you enjoyed this program.

203. I enjoy the playaways. However, I am wondering why the library would buy more than one of a title when the collection is so small?

Thank you for your comment. Actually, we only have a duplicate of one Playaway title, and this was because an additional copy was purchased to replace an item that we were later able to repair.

204. Playaways should be promoted more on website etc and would be easier to find if shelved by other audiobooks.

Thank you for your suggestion. We have been highlighting this collection in a different area of the library to capture the interest of patrons who may not be regular audiobook users and may find the Playaway of interest. Eventually, the collection will be merged in with the current audiobook selections.

205. Please purchase more playaways for Adults. My husband would enjoy science fiction/fantasy.

We currently purchase new Playaway titles as they become available to us on a quarterly basis. Right now, the Playaway system is dependent on what publishers choose to make available in this format; therefore not all of the authors and titles we would like to have are represented. Thank you for the suggestions for more science fiction/fantasy, we will try to look for more of these as they become available.

206. Exceptional Parent is THE magazine for those with kids, teens, and even young adults with disabilities. Its also widely read by teachers and therapists. For the parents, many are financially stretched by the expenses of therapies. Having this magazine available in a library is a valuable resource to a small but under-served group.

Thank you for your comments. Exceptional Parent had very low usage in last year’s magazine survey, so we are surveying it again for this year. We will certainly take your comments under consideration.

207. People are smoking too close to the door.

Please be sure to point this out to a staff person immediately when you see it, so that we can address the issue when it is occurring. We have moved the ashtray to the rear of the building far away from the entrance and will be happy to remind patrons that by law they may not smoke within 15 feet of the public entrance.

208. I would like to see hooks outside the library where one could tie their dog onto.

This is something for us to consider. Thank you for your suggestion.

209. ______ (2nd floor) was extremely helpful to me today/ intelligent and pleasant.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. This will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

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April 2009 Suggestions

191. The Adult programs are excellent; however I was very disappointed in the Vietnam presenter. He typified the “Ugly American” and bragged about his ability to “work the system.” I know you cannot pre-screen all the speakers, however I would hesitate being a reference for this individual.

Indeed, the Vietnam speaker talked about his entire Vietnam experience, not just the part where he was a military photographer. It was an enlightening talk and the photographs were outstanding. We appreciate your feedback and any recommendations will be given with an explanation of all aspects of what the audience would expect to hear during this program.

192. I was very disappointed that the subscription of Traditional Home was stopped. I thought it was popular, since every time I went to check it out I had to get on a waiting list.

Thank you for your comment. The library did a survey of the periodicals collection last summer, and found that out of the many home improvement and decorating magazines we subscribe to, Traditional Home was one of our least used subscriptions in that category, with half the usage of similar magazines. The decision was made to cancel it due to lack of usage.

193. The Teen laptops are great, however I have noticed that the Internet connection does not allow the Teen laptops to connect to AOL or Yahoomail. I am aware these services are often prohibited to prevent students from accessing Facebook and stuff like that, but prohibiting the use of AOL and Yahoo also disrupts students from being able to do legit stuff, so I am asking that if it is possible that you don’t block these programs.

Thank you for your comments and we can appreciate the fact that access to AOL and Yahoo mail could be beneficial to students working on their studies. The Technology Committee will discuss this issue further, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

194. Your gardens along the north side of the library are being taken over by garlic mustard and burdock. Both are ugly weeds. (Out of Town Guest)

Yes, we have had so much rain this Spring the weeds are trying to take over our garden areas and the landscape crew has fallen behind due to so many rainy days. We do plan to address the weeds as soon as possible.

195. I am profoundly disappointed that the library has chosen to put a soda machine in the library — and in the lobby, the first thing you see when you enter! It was a challenge to keep our children away from empty calories. We are facing a national childhood obesity epidemic. The library should be a place where I can confidently take my children and know that they will not be enticed by or exposed to a soda machine.

196. Really disappointed in the soda machine in the lobby — seems unnecessary and poor modeling for kids — just another place parents have to say No. And I love saying yes to them at the library!

Response to 195 and 196
The concerns you voice were taken into consideration when the decision was made to add a cold beverage machine at the library. Please notice the machine is not a branded soda machine and does have four non-carbonated choices including water, lemonade, iced tea and fruit punch. Patrons continuously have asked for a café at the library and that is not possible at this time due to cost and space constraints. Thus, the decision was made to add a cold beverage machine.

197. 76 donated books don’t offset the cost of one book worth $14.00 and change according to library policy. I think the policy should be adjusted.

We appreciate your generous donation of 76 books but we can not place a monetary value on these items. We will look through them to see if any are titles that should be added to the collection. Remaining titles will be donated to the Friends for the upcoming booksale. What we provide to you in return for a donation is a charitable donation form to be used when you process your annual tax returns.

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March 2009 Suggestions

177. There should be non-fiction books in the Teen room.

We agree, but we have so many young adult fiction titles that the young adult non-fiction has its own section just outside the room with some additional comfy seating.

178. LOVE the decorations in the Teen Room! But a few longer pencils would be nice.

We are happy to hear you like the room and we will see what can be done about some different pencils.

179. Your “Guest” internet computer policy “is most unfriendly.” “Disabled” guests CANNOT “log on” to the INTERNET on computer room computers or other computers throughout the Library! With the Glen Ellyn Internet Guest Card.

The guest computer stations and free guest Internet access are provided as a convenience to those who may be visiting our library and do not have a Glen Ellyn Library Card. Please feel free to use a chair at one of the guest stations if that would be more comfortable for you when you visit our facility.

180. We would like to have “Gaming for 1-5 Grades.”

Thank you for your comment. Periodically we do offer drop-in gaming for all ages, and we will offer it weekly during the summer months. Please check the program calendar on our website or a program schedule at the Youth Desk for dates and times of these upcoming sessions.

181. I’m so glad that you have “And Tango Makes Three” in your children’s book section. There has been too much controversy about this wonderful book about LOVE and how all families are different but special. Thank you for being open minded! I would have been very disappointed if you did not have this title in your collection. BRAVO!

We are glad you enjoyed this title. We strive to provide a wide variety of materials for our patrons.

182. We need more copies of “Twilight”!!

We are so glad you and many others are enjoying this title from the series of books by Stephanie Meyers. We currently own 10 copies of “Twilight.” Please ask us to help you place a hold on the title and then one of the copies will be available for you before too long.

183. As a Glen Ellyn resident for 38 years and parents of 13 children, we APPLAUD the actions of the librarian who attempted to keep order at her 1:30 storytime. This librarian was severely criticized by two parents for using “rude” words with their children such as “stop doing that” and “you need to be quiet while I’m reading.” Because of the lack of discipline among many children today, we choose not to send our own children to these types of activities. We are just tired of seeing parents who sit back and permit their children to be disruptive in group activities. Parents, if your child cannot sit quietly and behave at storytime, your child is not sufficiently mature enough to attend. Furthermore, your child’s inappropriate behavior violates the rights of every other child in attendance. Additionally, in our home, we certainly do not consider reprimands such as “stop doing that” and “you need to be quiet while I’m reading” to be “rude” in nature. These are comments commonly directed at children who have not yet learned how to behave in certain situations.

184. As a former Glen Ellyn Library storytime attendee (30 years ago!) and current teacher and parent, I was extremely discouraged to read in the February comments that a librarian was addressed for using “rude” words with children during the 1:30 storytime. The “rude” words addressed were, “stop doing that” and “you need to be quiet while I’m reading.” Is it wrong and rude to keep control during storytime to teach children appropriate behavior and respect for others? Is it wrong for the teacher to create an appropriate atmosphere? Absolutely not. In fact, I commend the 1:30 storytime librarian for doing her job and expecting appropriate behavior during storytime. I’ve been to storytimes with my daughter where children were allowed to interrupt and be disruptive. The children who were behaving could not see, could not hear, and the flow of the story was lost. What do children learn from that? It is a shame that parents would view the 1:30 librarian’s expectations and reinforcement of appropriate behavior as rude. As a teacher and parent, I would like to thank her for doing her job and having high expectations for the children of Glen Ellyn.

Response to number 183 and 184
Thank you for your comments.

185. I would like to see the library install vending machines for coffee, cold drinks and snacks. The Library in Barrington as well as other libraries have them. They are a convenience for patrons and a possible source of income for the Library.

You will be happy to know that a cold beverage vending machines has been installed in the front vestibule as you enter the library. A coffee vending service will also be added at a later date. We will not be adding a snack machine at this time.

186. I wish to complain about the configuration of the new computer room. There are two points. 1. The work space is too close to the next person and it provides very little work area with the keyboard and such. 2. There is almost total privacy between one station and the next.

The computer room has been reconfigured to make better use of the space as both a computer lab and a computer training center. The new configuration provides space for a computer instructor to teach a class at the front of the room and still provide adequate work space for computer users.

187. Time to change the screensavers on the computers? You betcha!!

Thank you for this suggestion. We will look into this.

188. Please consider buying the first novel which Alan Brennert wrote about Hawaii, titled “MOLOKA’I.” I really enjoyed reading his latest book, “HONOLULU”, and think that others might also appreciate the opportunity to read his earlier book, too. More info (and lots of great reviews!) at See what you think. Thanks! for considering my request and also for all of your hard work at the library. Much appreciated.

We will be happy to order Molaki by Alan Brennert for our collection. Please let us know if you would like us to place a reserve on this title so we can notify you when the book is ready to be checked out.

189. Please get some Star Wars books on CD! I scan 8 hours a day, I need listening material. More SCFi, Mystery, More books on CD, WII games as well.

Thank you for your suggestions. You may be pleased to learn that the library’s budget for audiobooks will increase this next year, allowing us to buy more books in the genre areas you suggested. Also, have you tried our new service for downloadable audiobooks, eMediaLibrary? You might be able to find titles that interest you there. eMediaLibrary can be accessed through our website,

Regarding your suggestion for Wii games, at this time the library is not looking to collect video games for checkout. This is mainly due to licensing/usage restrictions, cost limitations, and quick turnover of game formats. We will keep your suggestion in mind however for the future. We do offer gaming programming for both youth and adults, keep an eye on our programming calendar for upcoming dates.

190. You should consider joining with the SWAN system.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are currently members of the LINC consortium. We can request items from the libraries in the SWAN system if those titles are not in the LINC system. Just let us know if there are specific titles you are looking for and we can help you place an interlibrary loan request.

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February 2009 Suggestions

173. I miss the cooking magazine La Cucina Italiana — it is one of the best!!! Please bring it back!! Also, we have lived in G.E. over 40 years and paid for this “large” library. Still we have to pay $1.00 to rent a movie! Why??? We’ve paid dearly already!

Thank you for your comments. The library did a survey of the periodicals collection last summer, and found that out of the many cooking magazines we subscribe to, La Cucina was one of our least used subscriptions, so the decision was made to cancel it due to lack of usage. The reason we charge $1 to use an entertainment DVD for 7 days is so that we can continue to purchase more entertainment DVD’s for the library collection.

174. The librarian who did storytime today made me very upset by continuously interrupting her reading to “scold” children & used rude words such as “Stop doing that” and “you need to be quiet while I’m reading.” I am a teacher myself & there are other ways to talk to children other than her rude words. She also seemed easily distracted and impatient. I recommend using a different librarian to read @ storytimes.

175. Every Tuesday you have a drop in storytime at 1:30. We enjoy this weekly except when one of your librarians does it. Each week she is rude and disrespectful to the children and at times the parents. This time for the kids is meant to be fun and enjoyable and when they are always yelled at and told not to do something every 2 seconds it is not anymore. I feel other librarians are doing a much better job at storytime and she should not be doing it anymore. She looks for any chance to tell the kids to stop and to discipline other people’s children. Please look into this parents have walked out of her storytime because of her attitude!

Response for 174 and 175
We are sorry to hear you have been disappointed with this storytime; we are glad that you have also tried others and been more satisfied. A conversation has been held with this staff person regarding your comments. We try to maintain a positive environment in Youth Services, we endeavor to maintain reasonable expectations of patron behavior, and we strive to be proactive rather than reactive. This has been reemphasized to all the Youth staff. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. The winter storytime session has ended, but we hope to see you for the 5 week spring session which begins April 14th.

176. I think it would be really great to have some “kids” size chairs across from the front circulation desk, right next to the adult size chairs. It would give the smaller patrons a place to sit and wait.

Thank you for the suggestion, we will look for some appropriate size chairs for the area.

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January 2009 Suggestions

160. I am writing this letter to address a complaint that myself and many other Glen Ellyn moms have with the children’s play area. My family and I love playing in the library and attending storytime. It is a great free indoor activity on a cold winter day. We have nearly all the same toys at home, but at the library children get social interaction and we get to meet other families. However, I began to take notice on how unbearably dirty all of the toys are. I asked the librarian if the toys are ever washed or sanitized and she said ‘no because we simply don’t have time.” I told her that most of the toys can be place in the dishwasher within minutes or just a quick spray of Lysol will help. I even offered to donate some Lysol but she declined. With every child putting toys in their mouths and dirty hands handling them all the time this concerns me. I feel if the library is going to offer a public play area, especially for children, then it should be properly maintained and cleaned and sanitized just as a public restroom would. I feel this is a matter of public safety and I am sure there are health codes that pertain to this. I have even gone as far as washing the toys myself with sanitizer wipes and you could not believe how black and dirty they are. I am not a germaphobe and realize my kids can’t live in a bubble, but anything we can do to prevent spread of germs and illness is worth doing. So please consider my strong suggestion to make it a daily requirement that the toy area be better maintained and all toys be cared and cleaned for properly by either the staff or cleaning crew.

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns, and giving us the opportunity to respond. I am sorry that the toys have seemed dirty. Let me assure you that the toys were washed as soon as we received your email. The Youth Services Dept has a regular cleaning schedule for our toys, and all youth staff members are aware of it. Several years ago we eliminated all the wooden toys, except for the trains and the puzzles, so that they could be cleaned easily. The blocks are sent through the dishwasher, and the other plastic toys get a hot soapy bath in our sink, just like washing dishes. We will be happy to step up the frequency, to alleviate your concerns for safety. We appreciate your statements about the advantages of coming to the library even when you have the same things at home. We strive to make this an inviting public space for our patrons, and there are many factors to consider in meeting our patrons’ needs. We consider the library a public space like a store or mall, and we endeavor to maintain reasonable standards of professional service, safety, cleanliness, and expectations of patron behavior. Thank you again for bringing your concern to my attention. We will revise our toy procedures as a result.

161. Please have more “Cook with Judy” events!!

We are so happy to know that you enjoy these events. Watch our program schedule for upcoming events.

162. It is too warm in here 1/12/08, save energy, money and make everyone more comfortable.

We have been having difficulty with one of the fans in one of the air handling units that circulates air throughout the building. When this fan does not work the air does not circulate properly and that results in the warm interior temperatures. We are working to have this situation corrected.

163. I really love this Teen Scene!!

We are happy to hear that.

164. I find it very disturbing that in the “10 Best” Films in the 10 categories displayed prominently at the end of the shelving for “films” WWII is not represented at all!!

Thank you for this observation we will investigate this matter further.

165. Please consider having a section for new music CD’s that includes only New Acquisitions.

Thank you for your comment. We will consider this as we work to improve our new materials display space on the 2nd floor.

166. The Playaways are the worst form of audio book I have ever used. You have to have an earbud in your ear and carry them around while you’re doing other things like housework or driving. Having it in your ear keeps you from hearing other things like cars. It also affects your hearing overtime and causes deafness.

This is a good example of why the library purchases the same title in a variety of formats. One person’s preference may very well be the disdain of another. The very features that you dislike about the Playaway format — carrying it with you and blocking out other noises are the very reasons some patrons really enjoy them for the gym or their commute on the train. If you have trouble finding titles you would like to listen to on CD or tape, please ask a staff member to assist you.

167. You guys need more art in the Teen Room!!

We hope to add additional pieces by local students over time.

168. This room rocks! I love coming here after school to study quietly with my friends! Not to mention the fun and creative furniture and all of our favorite books.

We are so happy to hear that you like the room and you enjoy using it.

169. The parking lot is in terrible condition. Your snow removal company must completely clear the edges of the parking spaces — the lot is almost impassable! Please help!

Yes, the parking lot was in poor condition during the month of January. This winter we received over 65 inches of snow in Glen Ellyn and the service had to plow over 30 times. We did reach a point where the snow was frozen solid and we were out of room to put anymore, but it still kept coming. Thank goodness all that snow has now melted away.

170. When are you gonna have the e-audiobooks back?

I am pleased to tell you they are back now. We currently have over 1,000 adult tiles and over 100 youth titles in this format. Please ask a staff member for more information regarding how to access this new collection.

171. Please consider subscribing to “Collectible Automobile” magazine. Please also consider subscribing to fabric pattern books.

Thank you for your suggestions. “Collectible Automobile” is rather expensive, at $45 for only 6 issues a year. We will keep this in mind for future additions to the collection. As far as fabric pattern books, we are not sure what it is you are looking for. The library does have many books related to sewing patterns, knitting patterns, and other fabric crafts. If you have a specific book or type of book in mind, please make a suggestion to any of the librarians at the reference desk and we can see what we can find for you.

172. Please restore the Library’s subscription to “Commonweal” magazine.

The library did a survey of the periodicals collection last summer,and found that Commonweal was one of our least used subscriptions. Commonweal had no issues circulate in the last three years and only 3 in house uses occurred during the periodical survey. This title costs $50 per year, so the decision was made to cancel it due to lack of usage. There are other libraries nearby that still subscribe to Commonweal, including College of Dupage and Wheaton Public Library.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086