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2010 Suggestions and Comments

December 2010 Suggestions

314. My son and his friend both 7th graders were developing a Powerpoint presentation for a school project on a library computer. Your computer system deceivingly allowed them to save their work on the desktop. As they continued to work on the Powerpoint the session ended! There was no warning that what was saved will be gone! This was very disappointing to the kids. Your system is flawed whether you admit it or not! DON’T allow saving to the desktop if it will disappear without clear and simple wording in advance.

Thank you for sharing this event with us. We have added a message to the 10 minute shut down warning that states “Save any data you are working on to a flashdrive — once the computer shuts down any data saved to the desktop will be erased.”

315. While I enjoyed the Mediterranean presentation I feel compelled to comment on the extremely irritating distraction provided by the two wall mounted screens in the meeting room. Please turn them off or darken them during programs. I have had a card here for 30 years.

In the near future, the screens in the meeting rooms will be removed and be installed in different locations outside the meeting rooms.

316. The library website should allow readers to review books online. Right now, one has to go to Amazon to read reviews, which is okay, but one has to surf the library site and then surf Amazon. Why not have them all together on the Library site?

A new feature has been added to our Discovery catalog that includes professional reviews and allows individuals to enter reviews as well. In order to add a review you must create a My Discoveries Account. Then click Save or Tag in the right hand column, then scroll down and click in the center of the page on Write Review.

317. Please bring back the paperback book rack. Your new set-up restricts both access and quantity. I’ve bought a lot of books over the years — but how it is now is a disincentive.

We welcome your comments and concerns regarding the new book sale corner arrangement. We strive to make the area work for all parties. Once the mural to the Youth entrance is complete it will be determined if additional furniture will be added to the sale corner.

318. Thank you sooooo much for putting the magazine issues all in the same container/spot. What took so long……never mind. Thanks

We are pleased you like the new magazine containers and the change that we made placing the back issues in the same location as the current issue.

319. Could you please consider adding “Adoptive Families” magazine to the Library? Thank you and Happy 2011.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into this title.

320. Kudos on the ______ hire! _____’s in-depth, extensive and eclectic knowledge of all things music and film makes him a terrific and valuable addition to the Library team. And ___’s engaging personality and willingness to serve — combined with his sizeable knowledge base — make each interaction with him a truly pleasurable and fruitful experience. No doubt ____’s expertise in the CD?DVD realm will serve the library’s patrons well in the future.

Thank you; your compliment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

321. I just took advantage of the “Computer Tutor” program you recently implemented and thought you would appreciate my feedback. It has been a delight to work with ____________ on a couple of projects that are “above my pay grade” computer-wise. And ____ has always been generous, gracious, kind and accomplished with both her time and expertise when sharing her computer knowledge and in answering my many questions. I am grateful to the library for implementing this innovative program especially for __________ for executing it in such a professional, thoughtful and considerate manner.

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear you found your Computer Tutor session helpful.

322. Newspaper racks do not work at all. One paper out and a nice pile that stays in order was better. More days are missing now than with the old system.

We are pleased to see that the new magazine and newspaper racks have increased the usage of both our magazine and newspaper collections.

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November 2010 Suggestions

303. I would appreciate it if you would consider having the 2nd floor restrooms read: Women Only and Men Only

The 2nd floor restrooms are single units and may be used by men or women. If you prefer a Men’s or Women’s room, please visit the restrooms on the 1st floor.

304. Wouldn’t the nice sunny space that is now empty after Biographies before the service desk be a good spot for the CD music and the DVD’s.

Yes, we would like to move theses items closer to the service desk and display them on different shelving. We hope to accomplish this in our next budget year that begins May 1, 2011.

305. This is the best of libraries! I’m moving. I will miss you. The friendly staff, up to date materials — an asset to G.E.

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

306, 307, 308 and 309. These four comments all expressed concerns regarding the changes to the used book sale corner.

The old display furniture has been removed to allow the creation of a mural at the entrance of the Youth Department and the creation of a reading nook in the lobby area. Soon two stools will be added to the booksale corner, to allow one to sit and view the items on the lower shelves more easily. The new shelving also provides greater space to display more material for sale at one time then the old display style furniture.

310. With the increase in Glen Ellyn’s refugee population — it would be helpful to have more basic books for ESL students. Wheaton Library does a wonderful job, but many of my students live in Glen Ellyn. It would be so wonderful to have more books — Adult picture dictionaries in multiple languages would be fantastic!

We just recently weeded the out of date ESL materials we had and are in the process of ordering some new materials. Thank you for your suggestion.

311. I would like to request that you order a magazine namely; “Best Friends.” This is a magazine that is published in Kawab, Utah. It is an animal sanctuary for abandoned animals and birds, also. They are a NO KILL shelter. There are quite a number of people in Glen Ellyn who own animals.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into this title.

312. I was very surprised today when I visited the Library and there were no back issues of the Christian Science Monitor. Please tell me when you find them if you are not discarding them.

Please accept our apologies for not being able to locate the back issues of Christian Science Monitor when you visited the library. The back issues of this title are indeed located with all of the magazine back issues at the beginning of the non-fiction collection. Soon we will be moving the back issues to the same location as the current issue in specially designed acrylic boxes so there will only be one place to look in the future.

313. I would like to suggest that the GEPL provide patron access online to Value Line. There are several investment clubs in the area using Value Line as the principal source of investing information.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding Value Line online services. I assume you know that in addition to the print version, we do offer online access to Value Line Investment Survey, but you must use it inside the library. Unfortunately, at this time, budget constraints prevent us from offering remote access to people like yourself who wish to access the information from home or the office.

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October 2010 Suggestions

301. We would LOVE if you would purchase the Justin Roberts newest CD — “Jungle Gym”.

Thank you for your suggestion. This item has been ordered and received and is waiting to be cataloged. We have placed a hold on it for you.

302. I suggest the parking slots on the track side of the library are diagonal — that would ease parking and help be safer when backing out.

Thank you for your suggestion. We received many comments from the public regarding changes that they would like to see made to the library parking lot. Next Spring we will begin investigating parking lot improvements.

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September 2010 Suggestions

297. On the newly shingled turret apex, a weather vane so we can tell which way the wind is blowing? Perhaps a lightening rod.

You will be happy to know there is already a lightening protection system in place at the turret area. We will not be adding a weather vane. If you are curious which way the wind is blowing when you are at the library — you may check the American flag that is flying on the flagpole in the parking lot.

298. Would it be possible to have a computer class dealing with what to look for when buying a computer? Size of screen, storage size, input output (incl. video) MAC vs. ? Servicing/help for various manufacturers. Basic programs people find useful: tax records, data records, picture storage.

Thank you for the suggestions. They will be passed on to the Training and Instruction Librarian.

299. I believe as important as it is to keep the bathroom clean in a public facility, It is also just as important to surface clean and disinfect desks, tables, and computer and play areas especially in the children’s library. It is filthy. Surface clean arm chairs, desk tops, computer cubicles, earmuffs, computer mice, computer keys w Lysol or Clorox disinfectant once a month preferably once a week.

We do have a cleaning crew that comes through every night to dust, vacuum, clean restrooms and empty the trash containers. We also have the restrooms commercially sanitized once a month. We do wash and disinfect the toys in the children’s area on a regular basis. We also provide cleaning wipes at the service desk if at any time you would like to use these wipes to clean any of the surfaces you mentioned when you visit the library, please feel free to do so. We would welcome a volunteer or volunteers who would like to take on this task on a weekly or monthly basis.

300. Taking a cue from the now legendary movie “Dude, Where’s my Car?,” I believe it would be prudent for those of us who regularly frequent the second floor of the library to ask, “Dude, Where’s my copier?”

While the iVina scanner/fax/etc. combo machine is a welcome addition and certainly serves a need for a particular demographic, so does the “old school” technology — the copier. Presently, anyone working upstairs who is looking for a plain copy must migrate downstairs to the lobby as opposed to easily accessing one upstairs.

A strong case could be made for reinstating the copier and thus serving another, I believe large segment of the library patrons who are comfortable using — and would appreciate the convenience of having a copy machine in their close proximity.

Bottom line: Does it have to be either/or as opposed to both/ concerning these two machines? I think not!

Both space and budgetary constraints will not allow us to have both a conventional copy machine and the easy scan on the second floor. However, please be aware the Easy Scan can very easily print a page just like the copy machine for the same 10 cent fee. It simply prints it to the print station located just around the corner from the Easy Scan station. Please ask staff for help if you would like to learn how to make copies on the 2nd floor this way.

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August 2010 Suggestions

292. I suggest GEPL develop the ability to retain and use customer e-mail addresses for some, but not all, purposes. For example, I would like a phone call when a book I reserved becomes available, but am happy to let GEPL reduce costs by using my e-mail address for other purposes.

Please let us know what library communications you would like to receive in email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

293. Eliminating the photocopier on the second floor is an absolutely terrible idea. It would have been better to eliminate the downstairs copier and keep upstairs. It may be good for library staff but is terrible for the patrons. Who do you serve, staff or patrons?

The new Easy Scan machine that has replaced the copier on the 2nd floor can make a copy for you, it can also make an electronic copy that can be emailed or saved to a flashdrive. If you need help using this new piece of equipment, please ask a staff member for assistance.

294. I recall having read/heard somewhere long ago that Arthuiana constituted the largest literary body of work about one person (King Arthur). Can you shed any light on the accuracy of this claim?

Thank you for contacting us through the Glen Ellyn Public Library website. Unfortunately, we cannot find a source that will either affirm or refute the claim that Arthuriana constitutes the largest literary body of work about one person. We did find that the journal Arthuriana sponsors an online discussion group called Arthurnet. This group is moderated by Judy Shoaf, from the University of Florida, and you may contact her by emailing She might be able to shed some light on your question or direct you to someone who can.

295. I am looking for two obituaries for a couple who lived in Glen Ellyn.

Thank you for contacting us through the Glen Ellyn Public Library website. We are happy to look up obituaries for you and provide you with the following information. (The names of the deceased have been omitted.)

296. The number of homeless people finding shelter at the library today was high enough to change the atmosphere and odor of the library. I had to leave.

Please talk to a staff member if at any time an odor or odors are disturbing you while you visit the library. We can then address the problem at that time.

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July 2010 Suggestions

285. Too many kids watching Youtube. Could not find a computer to use the online card catalog to locate a specific book.

If you have trouble finding a computerized card catalog terminal in the future, please talk to a staff person when this occurs. We will happily direct you to a one of several of our computers that are designated to access the computerized card catalog or we will gladly look up a title for you at a staff computer.

286. I am so pleased with the Adult knitting class. The teacher is wonderful!! It is a great resource and I hope you continue to offer it. Thank you!!

We are pleased to know that you are enjoying the class. It is our intention to continue to offer this program.

287. Removing two copy machines is very inconvenient. I hope at least one copier is put back on the second floor.

The copier on the second floor has been upgraded with a new scan/copy station. The new EASY scan station allows patrons to print copies, scan photographs, create electronic versions of their documents which can then be saved to a flash drive or emailed all from the same station. We will be happy to assist you in making a copy at this new station, or you may use the standard copy machine which remains on the first floor.

288. _______ in Circulation is THE BEST!! She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to help patrons.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with both the employee and her supervisor.

289. Hi, I think you all should have more security for children and adults and teens.

If at any time you feel insecure or scared while visiting the library, please approach any library employee wearing a library name tag and tell them about your concerns. Patron security is a responsibility of all library employees.

290. I would like to thank ____, for her undivided attention in helping me with the computer. I am a computer dummy.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with both the employee and her supervisor.

291. Thank you so much! Just checked the website to find out when I can sign the kids up for the summer reading program — and it’s all online now. My daughter is excited to have her “own login.”

And, now we can keep track of it without having to keep track of a piece of paper too. Thanks so much. The website is very cute and organized. You are awesome!
We are so happy to hear that you and your family are enjoying the new online summer reading program!!

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June 2010 Suggestions

281. Please order the Beethoven the Dog series of movies like Beethoven, Beethoven’s 2nd, Beethoven’s 3rd and Beethoven’s Big Break.

We will be adding this series of movies. Thank you for your suggestion.

282. I have a MAC workbook and an IPOD. I want to download audio books but the application that your site tells me to download to perform the audio book download is only supported on PC’s. The download application needs to be enhanced so the application will work on a MAC machine. Also, the library doesn’t support this onsite. If I can’t do it at home, at least make it available at the Library.

The good news is that this can be accomplished with our current application using your MAC workbook. If you need assistance please ask at the Adult Desk or sign up for a One-on-One Tutoring session and we will step you through the process.

The bad news is you are correct that this cannot be done onsite at this time and this is a matter of digital rights ownership. Currently the way downloadables work is when you download the audio book the computer that you use to do so then becomes the holder of the digital rights to that title. We are presently investigating the purchase of download station software that would make this possible.

283. Inappropriate use of parking lot by construction vehicle use, storage and blocking ribbon.

We are working closely with the general contractor to assure that there is parking for patrons when they visit the library and space to efficiently store construction materials while building repair work is being completed. Twenty two library staff are parking at the far west end of the commuter lot to make more parking spaces available in the library lot. The recent addition of the storage container and lift trucks does make the parking lot more congested, but so far we have not had a time when there were no spaces left to park.

284. As stated in the Glen Ellyn Public Library Public Computer Use/Public Internet Use document: “The Internet poses significant challenges as an information resource. The Library cannot monitor or control the content of the Internet.” It has been and continues to be, the practice of this library to “control the content of the Internet” by setting the preferences in IE to open to the site when accessing IE. Adhering to the guidelines that you, yourself, established is a good thing, contributes greatly to net neutrality (Network Neutrality, also known as net neutrality, Internet neutrality is a principle proposed for user access networks participating in the Internet that advocates no restrictions by Internet Service Providers or governments on content, sites or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and on the modes of communication allowed.) engenders trust with your patrons and prevents any further excursions down a path that is wrought with unwanted and inappropriate censorship guised in the form of “help.” I look forward to seeing this change made as soon as possible.

The default setting to the GEPL website is simply an opportunity for us to introduce those who use the Internet at our facility to the materials, programs and services that GEPL has to offer.

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May 2010 Suggestions

277. I would like to see an “Express” catalog terminal placed in the area by the checkout counter.

Thank you for this suggestion. It will be shared with the Circulation Department for further consideration.

278. Please stop wasting tax payers money by sending snail mail propaganda such as “Bookmark.” If this cannot be delivered electronically then just remove my address from the mailing list.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding the print version of the “Bookmark” newsletter. We do provide an electronic newsletter each month as a supplement to our printed newsletter. We have approximately 2,000 email newsletter subscribers so far and there are just over 10,000 households in Glen Ellyn. If we were to eliminate the print newsletter at this time approximately 80% of the households would not receive this information. We do mail the newsletters as bulk mail to all residents with a Glen Ellyn address, to make it as cost effective as possible, but this means we cannot remove an individual name or address from the mailing.

Please help us to make the conversion to a strictly electronic newsletter by spreading the word to your friends and neighbors to join our electronic mailing list.

279. The atmosphere at the library would be so much nicer if some “greenery” were placed around. Please consider adding some potted plants to your décor (even fake plants).

Thank you for the suggestion. The Green Committee is looking into this as a possibility for the future.

280. The city needs to step-up and recognize that when people are bathing in the restroom with bag of junk they are just homeless. I’m not one to hate anybodies misfortune but the bad language, farting and belching is really making a distraction for myself to study. Lombard has security???

Bathing in the restrooms is a violation of the Patron Code of Conduct. If you see or hear this type of behavior occurring, please notify a staff person immediately so that the issue can be addressed right then. Thank you.

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April 2010 Suggestions

272. Bring back Smithsonian Air and Space!!

This title is available free online at Please let us know if you need help accessing it from one of the Internet computers.

273. It would be helpful to allow guests to be seated when using the Internet and to extend usage if there is no one waiting.

274. Perhaps this means nothing because I am passing thru on my way to another Western suburb? I needed to use the computer (we all pay taxes to our own libraries, of course) but I was rather disappointed that I was allowed only 30 minutes total. There was no one waiting — all stations were devoid of users. Perhaps a renewal of time is possible in the future if no one is waiting?

Response to 273 and 274
Thank you for your suggestions. We are considering making some changes to the time limits and lack of seating for our library guests using the Internet.

275. How about purchasing the following “TV Series” on DVD? Have Gun Will Travel, Seasons 1-4, Star Trek: Next Generation Seasons 1-7 and Love Boat Season 1 and 2?

We will take your suggestions under consideration for future purchase.

276. How about starting a chess club for adults at the library? How about starting a jobs networking group for out of work adults at the library?

Thank you for your suggestions. We do offer a chess club for all ages. Please check our calendar for dates and registration details Regarding the job networking group, we have referred your suggestion to our Marketing Associate, she is responsible for scheduling adult programs.

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March 2010 Suggestions

266. On March 24 I was at the Library. I am very unsatisfied first with service, I was provided with on the second floor (evening shift) RUDE. Plus I am not satisfied and disappointed with the guest internet use policy. Please check with other villages how they are providing guest access to the internet.

Thank you for your comment. We realize 30-minutes of internet access is sometimes not enough for a guest to complete their internet transactions. We are considering extending the time limit for guest card holders.

267. I would love to see a broader collection of e-books, especially new books and bestsellers.

Thank you for your suggestion. Not all new and bestselling titles are released simultaneously in print and audio/ebook formats. We continue to work with our suppliers in an effort to provide the best selection of new books and best sellers that are available in these new formats. We appreciate your interest in books in these formats. As these formats become more popular we are hopeful that authors and publishers will be more willing to release them simultaneously with the print versions.

268. Have a “Staff Favorites” section like Wheaton Library has.

We do have a Staff Picks section on our webpage under Blogs and More. Click on Staff Picks on the left hand side of the page and you will find a wonderful list of books that have been selected by staff. This list includes the title, author, book cover and a link to our catalog — so you can see if the item is on the shelf or place a hold on the title. You may even wish to visit the Good Reads in Your Inbox link also under Blogs and More on the library website in the left hand column and have the Staff Picks list emailed to you each time it is updated.

269. There should be a computer in the Teen Scene just for the books in there.

There are two laptops available for checkout at the Service Desk on the 2nd floor that may be used in the Teen Scene area, or there is a catalog computer just outside the Teen Scene past the elevator by the New Book display.

270. To avoid removal of items in magazines — tape tear outs in place. For example, Martha Stewart Living 4 square recipes, 1 was missing. I found it online and printed it out.

We understand how unpleasant it can be to find the item you are looking for has already been removed from the magazine. We will consider implementing the idea you have suggested. Thank you.

271. Playaway audiobooks from Wheaton Public Library come equipped with a convenient lanyard that hangs around the listener’s neck. Please consider equipping Glen Ellyn’s Playaways in the same manner.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will investigate the availability and cost of these lanyards.

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February 2010 Suggestions

259. I would like to see the Library have jigsaw puzzles to checkout for adults (500-1000) pieces, I would also be willing to donate the ones I’ve already done and are just taking up room in my closet.

Thank you for your kind offer to donate your puzzles. We will take your suggestion under consideration.

260. _____ was a delightful instructor. I was particularly impressed with her patience in interacting with individuals with varying degrees of computer expertise.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with this individual and their supervisor.

261. _____ is very patient with her students — She answers all of our questions even if we ask a second time. This was my second time to attend. She makes learning easy.

We are so pleased to hear that you enjoy our classes. Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with this individual and their supervisor.

262. Get more “clean” versions of Hip Hop albums in Jay-SZ, T.I., Kanye West, etc.

We will look into the availability of these items.

263. The door to the Youth Services Dept. slams, please fix it.

Thank you for brining this to our attention. We will look into it.

264. The Gospel/Christian contemporary section needs to be updated and expanded with new music. More clean Hip Hop — and R&B cd’s. Thank you.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this.

265. Will the library be offering ePub books for lending in the near future.

We are happy to report we already have access to ePub books through our subscription to Overdrive’s eMediaLibrary. You can find this on our website in the Reader’s Corner page — Click on eMediaLibrary Downloadable books. If you have more questions please feel free to call or stop by the Adult Desk and we would be happy to assist you.

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January 2010 Suggestions

258. Please renew the subscription to Hulbert’s Financial Digest.

When we conducted our survey of periodical usage in 2008 the Hulbert Financial Digest only scored 8 uses and was discontinued. You might consider a personal electronic subscription to this publication at a cost of $49 a year. More information is available at

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086