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2011 Suggestions and Comments

December 2011 Suggestions

383. Most people that use the large print books are older and some like me on a walker or a cane. The distance from the elevator is far and no seat close by to relax in while teens have a whole empty area.Thank you for your comments. We are in the process of evaluating the use of all the space on the 2nd floor and the locations of all the materials. We will take your comments into consideration as we plan for the future. In the meantime, please feel free to ask staff to retrieve an item or items for you from any part of the collection while you sit upon a stool at the service desk.

384. Wonderful library!! I don’t think that children should pay fines on their books, may write to the President about it.

Thank you for your comments.

385. I just was at the Library yesterday and my daughter told me about your petting zoo at the library. It was a great display and what a cute way to display the “animals.” Everyone should come in and have a look. I am curious about the pricing. It seems very reasonable.

We are happy to hear you enjoyed visiting our new technology petting zoo. We are excited to provide this service to our patrons. We have a large variety of electronic materials that you can check out and download to the different devices at no charge. A copy of the GEPL Technology Petting Zoo Comparison Chart which includes average costs of the devices is available on the 2nd floor, just ask at the service desk.

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November 2011 Suggestions

377. Thank you for a very fine library and willingness of knowledgeable and gracious librarians to help. I do disagree with the limitations placed upon the so called “teen room.” The room should be made available to all library patrons. Everyone except the teens are paying taxes to use the library. I am against singling out one group for special services. What about the elderly? Is the children’s room on the 1st floor off limits to all but children and attendant parents? The teen room should at least be generally available when teens are in school? What are the age qualifications?

The teen room is a special space carved out for those who are currently in high school. The space was created through donations made to the library to create this space for this purpose, tax dollars were not used to create the teen area. Anyone may enter the room to select materials, but usage of the space to read or study is limited to those of high school age. There are teens who are homeschooled who visit the room as well as the teens that attend the area high schools. Indeed, the children’s area is limited to children and their attendant parents. Like the teen room, adults without a child may enter the children’s area to select materials but this is not the space for them to study or read a book or magazine unless they are accompanying a child. There are three small study rooms available for adults on the 2nd floor. If these rooms are not meeting your needs, please let us know what it is that is lacking from these rooms.

378. Allow the scheduling of the small meeting rooms 1-2 days in advance for Glen Ellyn small business owners. I would even be willing to pay an hourly fee to use these rooms for business purposes.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are contemplating adding some more of the small study/meeting rooms to the 2nd floor at which time we could consider designating a room or rooms for use by commercial groups.

379. Hurray for the new Lego table!!!! My kids love coming to the library. Thanks for making it even more fun!

We are so happy to hear that you enjoy visiting the library and using the new Lego table.

380. ________ in the youth department provided great service!! My child was playing in the train area. She asked me if I needed help when I was browsing books. She was kind enough to go and pick out the appropriate books I requested and bring them to me. I was very impressed with her considerations I did not want to leave my son alone.

Thank you for the compliment. It will be shared with both the staff member and her supervisor.

381. Are library patrons aware that, in certain areas of the library, sound such as conversation, will be heard clearly in another part of the library? This is a result of designing the library to include a cathedral ceiling; I suggest that sound baffles be placed along the ceiling, to hinder noise travel.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it under consideration.

382. Why does a modest library like Lombard’s have more than twice as many Internet stations available as Glen Ellyn? I also don’t think that their Internet stations are unavailable for long stretches of time when a class is in session. There should be a time limit imposed on Internet use, when classes are in session.

There are a number of computers with Internet access available when a class is in session. Please check with a staff member if you are having difficulty finding a computer with Internet access. If all the computers are in use a reservation can be made which will then limit the amount of time others can use the available computers, or ask to check out a laptop from the Adult Services Desk then you can connect to the wireless network for Internet access. It is rare that we are unable to provide a patron with a computer with Internet access within a few minutes of them requesting such use.

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October 2011 Suggestions

375. I have a question/complaint. My family lives in unincorporated Glen Ellyn and this week we received emails that it was time to renew our library cards. I went in this morning to do that, and when the process was finished, the person helping me at the circulation desk stated that the policy had changed this year and my renewal would be good for one year from today. I asked how long I was paid through from last year, and she told me through November 30 of this year. I asked if I could come back then closer to the end of the month and she said she was sorry, but it was too late for that. So, it seems to me that I’ve basically paid for services for the month of November 2011 twice — when I paid last year through 11/30/11 and today when my new renewal period started today, 11/3/11?? That doesn’t seem right to me? Please advice.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The policy for out of town cards has been modified. This change allows a patron from outside the library’s tax district to receive one year of service for one year’s payment. Therefore, we now use the date of renewal as the expiration date not the last day of the month in which it was purchased. It is our intention that your new year start once your last year expires, so since you were already paid up through the end of November your expiration date should be December first of next year. This change has been made to the computer record and we would be happy to place correct stickers on the cards the next time you visit the library. We apologize for the error and all of the staff have been informed of the correct procedure to follow in this circumstance so the same mistake is not repeated.

376. _________ grabbed a child and reprimanded her. Never spoke to mother. When mother approached her she argued with her and was very rude.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The incident has been investigated and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

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September 2011 Suggestions

370. Please increase the Wifi bandwidth.

We have tested the WiFi bandwidth throughout the building and find it to be adequate. We can tell you that as you move further to the west end of the stacks on the 2nd floor the radio strength on WiFi does diminish, which causes the bit rate to go down. If you are only getting 24 or 38 Mbps, it is because the WiFi radio signal is too weak at that location. We suggest you move more towards the center of the room.

371. This library is very big and neat. Nice stuff, cool collections, cool books, nice computers, clean library.

Thank you for your lovely comments.

372. I have been coming to the Glen Ellyn Library for at least 8 years. I have noticed in the recent year that there are more and more people that have body odor. It is disappointing and frustrating to be in the computer lab and have to smell them. I enjoy the library a lot. It is not only in the warm summer. In the last 3 weeks I came into the computer lab and wanted to walk right out. Please help discuss this situation. It needs to be addressed.

We are aware that there are times when body odor presents an issue at the library, especially in smaller rooms. A staff person will address this matter when it is occurring if you will please bring it to our attention at the time. This is the type of thing that must be addressed on an individual, one on one basis, when it is occurring.

373. _________ in the Children’s area was very helpful. Thanks!!

374. _________ is wonderful with the kids. The boy I watch loves when she does storytime.

Excellent, we are so happy to hear it. Your comments will be shared with the employees and their supervisor.

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August 2011 Suggestions

362. Very pleasant and very clean. Staff people are very helpful. Have been coming to the library for over 48 years.

We are happy to serve you. Thank you for the compliment.

363. I was so happy last spring when I saw you were going to take down those annoying and irritating monitors in the meeting room. I was in the room last week and they are still up! I overheard others talking about how much they hated them too! Please follow through and take them down.

We will be taking them down, when you see one has been installed in the entranceway you will see the ones removed from the meeting rooms.

364. When walking up the stairs to the second floor the ceiling is too low and we have to duck our heads. Please post a sign that says something like watch your head low ceiling to warn tall people.

The ceiling clearance is 79 ½ inches when standing on the landing. We will mark the top edge.

365. We really enjoyed the youth theatre camp and the puppet theatre group in the past. Please continue these programs. We love them! Also, please schedule more programs for middle school students.

Thank you for your comments. We also would like to provide more middle school programs. In order to provide new programming, sometimes old programming has to change.

366. My bike was stolen on August 8th. I was in the library for under an hour, between 5 and 6. If you would — please place a camera outside of the library to keep others property safe.

Thank you for your suggestion. The Glen Ellyn Police Department recommends securing your bicycle to a bike rack with a good quality bicycle lock. There is a bike rack located on the north side of the library near the prairie path.

367. Would love to see the play by Miss Carolyn next year. My daughter had a lot of fun doing it.

We are happy to hear your daughter enjoyed the program.

368. I am on the road and I need a copy of Schlumberger — NYSE — SLB from Value Line. When helped in May, I was led to believe I could access Value Line and pull the report. I am out-of-town and need the report for a meeting I am attending before I get home tomorrow night. If within your scope, I would very much appreciate being sent a copy.

Unfortunately, the Value Line database can only be accessed from inside the library. However, the report has been located and sent to you via e-mail. Feel free to contact us in the future if you feel we can be of help.

369. I am curious how I can download the electronic or online books? I need one now and don’t want to wait for the 9-21 or 10-21 courses at the library. The website indicated it’s at the Saint Charles Library and the ISBN # is 0585258368 (electronic bk.)

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our downloadable collection of books. Unfortunately, the book you wish to download is only available to patrons of the Saint Charles Public Library. I will suggest that we purchase it, but it will take a few weeks to show up in the catalog. To find out which books are available to Glen Ellyn residents, you will need to visit this page: At a point in the process you will be asked to enter your Glen Ellyn Library card number. The site also has tutorials to get you started. As you mentioned, we offer classes to help with this as well. Feel free to call us if you get stuck in the process. We will walk you through it. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

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July 2011 Suggestions

354. Youth Services — Thanks for being so helpful and friendly!

You are welcome. Thank you for your kind remarks.

355. Please consider buying more computers and setting aside more space. There is often a wait for computers.

Please talk to a staff person if you need to use a computer and find them all in use. We have laptops that can be loaned out and we are always happy to help you make a reservation for the next open computer. The wait time is usually fairly short.

356. You have THE very best services (books on hold, e-mail notifications, etc.) and the VERY best workers!! They go out of their way to be helpful and even return left behind bookmarks!! I am so grateful you are here!!

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

357. Most of the time lately it has been louder in the Library, then at a public park. Also, kids and grownups alike talking on cell phones like there is no problem with it. And I’ve seen people take off their shoes and put them on the tables. And I’ve not seen any of these (workers) say anything about it.

Please be sure to bring these issues regarding the conduct of other patrons to the attention of a library staff member at the time when they are occurring, so we can speak to the individuals involved and correct the behaviors per our patron code of conduct.

358. I enjoy this library, but spending a dollar for a movie and not being able to keep it is breaking my piggybank. A dollar a movie is too much money. Like they told Obama — do something about it.

Educational and informational movies are available free of charge. Entertainment movies are available for $1 for 7 days and the monies paid to rent these are used to add more movies to the collection.

359. This Library ROCKS!!!!

Thank you.

360. The fasting month of Ramadan started on August 1st and I was wondering if the Children’s department could organize juvenile books on Ramadan and Eid on the display. I am sure this will attract many children and their parents. Thank you.

Thank you for your comment. A display of these materials has been assembled in the Youth area.

361. The study room policy needs to be reevaluated. Current “first come — first served policy” with preference to groups is unmanageable and inconvenient for patrons. Today, upon arriving to meet with my son’s tutor, all rooms were in use — 2 by individuals and one by a group. I have been told in the past that rooms were not reservable but that single users would be asked to leave if a group needed to use a room. However, every time I have encountered this situation, it has been difficult for the library staff to get the individual to vacate the room in a timely manner. The current policy puts the staff in the uncomfortable situation of attempting to remove guests from a room. A revision to the policy should be considered by the library to better serve taxpaying patrons. You could allow one hour reservations, with a 5-10 minute grace period — but you really need a more specific stated expectation as to how long a single user has to vacate the room.

Thank you for your input regarding the usage of our study rooms. This policy will be revised.

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June 2011 Suggestions

352. _______ at the Adult Desk made a difficult task, very easy. She stayed with me for as long as it took. Excellent, job!! THANKS.

We are happy to help. Thank you for the lovely compliment. It will be shared with the employee and her supervisor.

353. Hey, I just wanted to say that you are always helpful when I come into the library and when I am looking for a book. I appreciate you helping me.

We are happy to help. Thank you for the compliment.

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May 2011 Suggestions

347. The scanner upstairs makes terrible copies.

We did a comparison making copies of the same item on the 2nd floor scanner, the 1st floor scanner and the 1st floor copier. There was no discernible difference in copy quality. If in the future you have difficulty with the 2nd floor scanner or any of our equipment, please bring this to the attention of staff immediately. We will be happy to assist you.

348. To whomever orders your magazines, thank you for bringing back the “Blades” ice skating magazine.

You are welcome. We are pleased to know you enjoy this publication.

349. I love this library. The staff is friendly and helpful. I joined you guys on Facebook. Awesome!!!

Thank you for your wonderful comment!! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for great library events.

350. I like the video games, Good idea! You should get more.

We are happy to hear you are enjoying the new game collection. More games are being added regularly.

351. Most public facilities have outdoor recycling cans. What plans do you have to make recycling and receptacles a part of your outdoor green efforts?

You bring up a very good point. This matter will be referred to the Green Committee.

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April 2011 Suggestions

343. Please remove the copy machine from the circulation area. Circulation employees do not have time to walk through the process with patrons needing assistance. There are patrons lining up while staff are helping others at the copy machine.

When we repurpose the space on the 2nd floor of the building there is a possibility the copier will be moved to the 2nd floor.

344. Whoever came up with the idea of newspaper racks is far from reality. It is most bothersome to pull out current or old issues of newspapers without — pulling out the whole plastic rack. Please go back to the old way of putting newspapers which was much easier.

Yes, the new newspaper and magazine holders are meant to pull the entire container from the shelf using the two holes on the side of the container. If you would like a staff person to assist you in pulling a group of newspapers, please let us know. We would be happy to assist you.

345. I am a devoted mystery reader. I see you have purchased new stickers for your mystery book identification. Unfortunately, they are very similar in color to the stickers used for Science Fiction, which makes it much more difficult to spot mysteries on the shelf. I would appreciate you rethinking this change.

Yes, we are aware of the similarity in the Science Fiction sticker and the new Mystery sticker. We are having trouble locating a different sticker without custom ordering something.

346. Those of us who can’t walk far! Would like seated card catalogues close to the elevator.

We will keep your suggestion in mind as we repurpose the use of the space on the 2nd floor.

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March 2011 Suggestions

337. Thought you should know that the “Dupage Executive Network,” which formerly ran out of COD, is no longer in existence. You have it as a viable networking organization on your Online Job Serach resources page. I wish it were, it was a great organization.

Thank you for alerting us to this change. We have removed it from our job resource page.

338. Please keep the baggage out of the Library. These filthy bags are loaded with fleas. They take up room and seats and have no place in a library. My family has been bitten and we watch while one bum uses several computers at one time.

The Glen Ellyn Public Library is a public building and patrons are allowed to bring in personal belongings. If at any time another persons belongings are causing a hazard or a disturbance please bring this to the attention of a library staff person immediately so that we may address the issue. Each library patron may only use one computer at a time — if you see an individual using more than one computer at the same time please alert library staff immediately.

339. Please don’t change to forward facing movie displays. I come here to get movies because you can see more movies with spines facing out.

Thank you for your feedback. We are contemplating new style display shelving. We will take your comment in to consideration as we investigate different types of shelving.

340. It would be fantastic if you could offer a keyboarding class for kids going into JR HS and kids going into HS. I know many parents of 8th graders who would be interested. Software such as “Type to Learn” is too expensive for individuals, but you could get an instructional rate, I bet.

Thank you for this suggestion. We will investigate the possibility of making the software available to students on appropriate library computers and consider offering a class.

341. The two week time limit for digital books is too short! It is very frustrating to have a few chapters left, run out of time, and then discover you are patron 22 on the waiting list to finish the book.

Thank you for voicing your frustration. Currently the two week time limit has been placed on digital titles due to the small size of the digital collection. The shortened loan period is one means by which to make digital books available to all patrons. We will keep your suggestion in mind and hopefully as the size of this collection grows we will be able to extend the check out time to more closely match the loan period of our physical materials.

342. Please consider purchasing any or all of the BBC seasons of “Top Gear.” I believe there are 7 seasons available on DVD. Seasons 10-16. BBC productions – not U.S. show. Thanks much.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will order seasons 10-15 at this time.

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February 2011 Suggestions

328. Please bring back the power strips to the individual workstation tables (Northside upstairs.) It is very difficult to plug a cord in for a computer now, the light to the desk must be unplugged to do so. Makes it much more difficult to use the facility. Previously power strips were under each desk for easy access plug in of electronics.

Please take a closer look at the new light fixtures mounted to the north side upstairs individual study desks. You will find each one has an electrical outlet built into the fixture for you to plug your electronic device into and you may still use the light at the same time. These outlets are even easier to access then the power strips that we had on the floor previously.

329. We would like to see a “How to Use the Library” program run by Mrs. Judy or Mrs. Kate or another children’s’ librarian designed for 1st – 4th graders.

Thank you for this idea. The Youth staff will take this under consideration.

330. Is there a way to create a sign in/out sheet for the computers? The kids tend to stay on for a while if its busy, many other children don’t get turns. There are 4 kids waiting as I write this on a Thursday at 4:30 pm. Or some other way on busy days to monitor/limit the computer time to say 30 minutes per child.

If you find your child is unable to have a turn at the computer when you visit the library, please bring this to the attention of the staff at the desk. They will ask someone who has been on for awhile to allow another child to have a turn.

331. The scanner station is a fantastic resource. Thank you for making it available. I use it frequently and transfer magazine and periodical articles via pdf to my flashdrive. Great Benefit!! Thank you.

Happy to hear you are finding this new technology helpful and user friendly.

332. I think the new video game collection section is an excellent idea, but you should get more. The larger and more elaborate the collection, the more people will spend a dollar to borrow a game.

Thank you for your input. We do plan to continue to expand the collection.

333. I would love to see/take a Quickbooks course here at the library. This is the “new” software for bookkeeping/accounting jobs and great to learn for part-time jobs. Please let me know if this is even a possibility. I don’t want to miss it if it is offered.

This is not a computer class we offer and we will not offer this level of training in the near future. Intuit is the company that created Quickbooks and they offer a variety of training opportunities led by instructors, online, one on one. Just visit Quickbooks for more information about their classes. Or the College of Dupage, Center for Entrepreneurship, located at 2525 Cabot Dr. Suite 201 Lisle, IL 60532 offers a variety of Quickbooks courses for more info visit College of DuPage.

334. Please subscribe to Saudi Aramco World. It’s free and an amazing magazine.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will take this under consideration.

335. THANK YOU!! I was looking for map info. and ____ in the Adult Department was very helpful. It only took ____ about 15 minutes to find the Declination Diagram I needed on a Glen Ellyn map. I called the county and ____ was faster and more accurate.

Thank you for the compliment we are always happy to help. Your comment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

336. I liked the skull stickers for mystery better then the flashlight. Other than that keep up the good work!!

Thank you.

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January 2011 Suggestions

323. Just a thought….wondering if it would help keep more toy trains in the library, to put a magnetic strip (that would normally be put on/inside our books) on each train- to prevent them from accidentally being taken home with children. Also, I think placing a sign in the train table area — simply asking if a parent or caregiver notices a library train at home to please return it, so many more children may enjoy it. Also state on the sign that magnetic strips will be placed on the trains to keep them within the library.

Thank you for your creative suggestion. We did investigate the idea of attaching security tags to the train pieces and we were unable to find a viable way to do so that would not create a potential choking hazard for the children playing with the trains. Recently, some new train parts were donated so they should be more plentiful now. Soon we will be replacing our very worn train table with a new large block Lego table. It is our hope that more children will be able to use the Lego table at a time than can currently play with the train table. Also our train table is very worn — if anyone has a train table they would like to donate to the youth area, please let us know.

324. The new set-up in the children’s department is very unwelcoming. You may have been attempting to de-clutter, but the result was/is not positive. The Easy Reader books are too crowded and difficult for the children to choose. Books packed on the shelves are not appealing. Children and adults alike enjoy seeing the covers mixed onto the shelves. We also miss the books displayed on top of the shelves. It was such a fun and inviting way for children to see and chose from all of the wonderful books our library has to offer. When I walked into the department during the last few weeks, my first thought was “how empty the library looked” and “what happened to tall of the books.” Once into the shelves, I realized all of the books were crowded together. Please consider returning the children’s department to its previous appearance to encourage our children to all enjoy the gifts of books and reading. Let’s make it friendly and inviting again.

Yes many changes are taking place in the children’s department. We are not finished yet. Indeed the picture book area shelves were much too crowded and the books in this area have just recently been weeded and shifted to spread them out and make them more easily accessible to both children and adults. We are investigating new means of displaying the covers of the books, we are rearranging shelving, we will be adding improved directional signage, and we will be adding bold statements of color to the space creating zones for various ages. Please be patient as we make these changes and feel free to provide additional feedback as the space continues to change.

325. Please put some sort of pictorial markers in the non-fiction area. All of my children (until now) have thoroughly enjoyed-benefitted from being able to identify independently the location of their desired subject.

We are in the process of developing new way finding signage for the children’s department. First we will be adding new signs to identify the major areas. Then we are investigating additional way finding signage that would have both pictures and Dewey numbers.

326. Thank you for having story — time for 4 year olds in the evenings (4:00-4:30) on Thursdays. I really appreciate having this activity available at that hour.

You are welcome.

327. I disagree with the policy of cell phones being used in the library. I have been disturbed more than once — non-emergency calls that I could hear 2 stacks away.

Cell phones have become such a large part of how people communicate that to try and prevent them from being used in the library would be a nearly impossible task. However, if at anytime someone at the library is talking so loud on a cell phone or otherwise, that you are being disturbed please bring it to the attention of a staff member immediately. Then, we can make the patron aware that they are too loud and are disturbing others.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086