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2012 Suggestions and Comments

December 2012 Suggestions

386. Could you please carry the magazine Autism File. I heard autism effects 1 in 60 boys today. I think this magazine might help some parents. Thank you for thinking about carrying it at the Library. Thanks Again. Happy Holidays!!Thank you for your suggestion. We currently provide the publication Autism Advocate in electronic format in addition to a number of articles from a variety of other publications on the subject. We will consider adding this title in the next budget year.

387. Would the Library or Friends of the Library consider setting up a fund for people in need to help them with paying their finds?

This is an interesting idea. It will be investigated further.

388. Could the Library carry some popular magazines in foreign languages for teens and adults? I would suggest French, Spanish, Mandarin and an Indian language. I would suggest titles like Harpers, Cosmo, Vogue, and Seventeen. 

This is a great idea — we will consider it in the new budget year.

389. Please put the Library hours first on the phone. Having to wait through the LONG announcements just to get hours is annoying. (and people don’t really listen to them when they are upfront like that. SAVE it for when we’re on hold like businesses do. That’s much better, psychologically. We listen then. Thanks.

We will take your suggestions into consideration.

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November 2012 Suggestions

455. Through your GEPL app or another app can a library card be in a format that can be stored and used through a smartphone?

Yes, you can store the GEPL library card information on your smartphone with an app called Cardstar. Sometime in the future there is the possibility that there will be a checkout feature incorporated into our GEPL app with your smartphone — but we are not there yet.

456. Thanks for providing the opportunity for us to view the Bears game in the meeting room. The room was pretty full — and we all really appreciated getting to watch the game and the popcorn was great too! Thanks so much! Will you do this for all Bears and Bulls games! It was so appreciated!

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed watching the game.

457. Regarding the new arrangement of new books, I greatly prefer the old way, for two reasons:  1.) It was much easier to find the genre I like, mysteries, or others, to find science fiction, etc. because of the stickers signifying the type of book.  2.) It was much easier to find the author’s name if you were searching for a favorite writer.

Thank you for your comments.

458. The “Library Closed” note on the locked doors is comparable to a “Dead End Street” sign — at the end of that same street! Several mothers had gotten infants out of their restraint seats and came up to the door — only to be informed @ that point that the Library was closed. Why not place a sign @ the entrance to the parking lot — or at least a portable sign in front of doors visible to people BEFORE they’re inconvenienced.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The water main had broken on the south side of Duane Street and in order to repair it the Village had to turn off the water to the library. We could not be open to the public without washrooms and an operational sprinkler system.

459. I utilize the ebook options through the library but am disappointed that there are 1.) so few options and 2.) few licenses per title. I’ve now read and checked out at least 12 books. Love the books but there is not enough books.

You will be happy to know that we are now purchasing additional electronic copies of popular titles that are only available to Glen Ellyn card holders. We have over 45,000 ebooks currently and the collection continues to grow. One of the issues is that several of the publishers are refusing to sell their books in e-format to public libraries. These publishers are also limiting the number of times public libraries can circulate a copy of an ebook, a limitation they never placed on print titles.

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October 2012 Suggestions

449. I find I have to go to neighboring libraries to find travel books or historic books since so many books have been removed.

We have noticed a need for more up to date travel books in our collection and we are working to purchase a larger variety as well as additional copies of these items. Please let us know more specifically what area or aspect of history you feel needs enhanced in our collection.

450. I would like to suggest that the library obtain a copy of The Week magazine for circulation.

We had a subscription to The Week magazine and we ceased that subscription in 2008 due to low usage. That title was only used once per week during the survey period. We will add that title to our list of new titles to be considered for subscription in the new budget year.

451. I am very glad Glen Ellyn has such a wonderful Library. Also the people are always so glad to help when looking for a book, CD or MP3. I would like to see a larger selection for the Kindle. I think I have almost had all of the mysteries. Thanks again, I approve of the taxes paid, can’t be a better dollar spent.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. We continue to purchase more titles in Kindle format. It takes time for a new collection to grow.

452. Parking spaces are too close.

Thank you for your input. The original new parking lot design called for wider spaces — however during the permit process we had to reduce the width to 8.5 foot wide in accordance with Village Ordinance 4096.

453. I wish there was more publicity for the 2nd and 3rd grade book discussions and that they were held more often. My child loves it but since there are so few kids attending I believe they are getting fewer in number.

You are correct we have been holding this book discussion less frequently due to lack of attendance. This change allows us to provide new programs that draw a larger number of attendees.

454. The ladies restroom on the 1st floor the handicapped stall, the coat hook needs tightened with a Philips screwdriver.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It was corrected as soon as we learned of the matter. In the future, please tell a staff member as soon as you notice something needs attention. Communicating the matter directly to a staff person will allow us to address the issue sooner.

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September 2012 Suggestions

443. The parking spaces are too narrow — you can’t get a child out without hitting the next car. Pulling out of these narrow spaces is dangerous also.

Thank you for your input. The original new parking lot design called for wider spaces — however during the permit process we had to reduce the width to 8.5 foot wide in accordance with Village Ordinance 4096.

444. We love the children’s play area! Thanks for the great train table and toys.

We are pleased to know that you and your children enjoy using these items.

445. I stopped at the youth desk to ask about a lexile level on a book, and ____ was very helpful! She not only looked up the book, but also gave me many more book suggestions for my son. Thanks so much!

446. New shelves for videos and paperbacks books are just awful.

Please let us know if there is something in particular you dislike about them, maybe we can be of assistance to you.

447. I thoroughly enjoyed the Houdini presentation by William Park this evening. Thanks for hosting the event.

Happy to know you enjoyed it.

448. I have been tutoring children at this library for 12 years. I thought it was ok for me to leave my business cards on the table. I am a certified special ed teacher. Then I was told by a library staff member it is not ok to leave my cards. I have been teaching and tutor around many areas. I have my name on a tutoring list at the Naperville library. I believe it is ran by a women organizations. I’m wondering if maybe we can have some kind of tutoring list for the community. I do know that there is a need for certified tutors in this area and I think it would be a great for the library to have tutoring list too.

Thank you for your input. We have contacted the Naperville Public Library and obtained a copy of their list which is indeed assembled each year by the Naperville Chapter of AAUW American Association of University Women. The local chapter has been contacted about possibly creating a list for our area.

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August 2012 Suggestions

438. Please purchase Skyrim, Madden 13, and NBA 2K12 games.

Thank you for your suggestions. We will look into purchasing these titles.

439. I’m not liking the angled bookshelves we now have for paperbacks, movies and CD’s. It’s too hard to see the titles and also seems like it takes up more space.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The advantage of the new slanted shelving is that it serves people who like to browse the covers and people who like to look at the spines.

440. Storytime was great — Thanks!!

You are very welcome.

441. I noticed that the curb at the north end of the parking lot was blemished by the new asphalt. It would be simple to paint the curb yellow again.

The yellow curbs were repainted after the new asphalt was put down. We will repaint them periodically. The black marks you see are fresh tire marks.

442. This is the President of our Country. HE was elected by a majority of the people. This title The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic is treasonous and sounds like an attack on the president. There is no excuse for spending tax dollars (a public library?) on this sort of garbage.

Thank you for your comment. It is our role as the public library to provide all different perspectives.

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July 2012 Suggestions

423. I would like to see you have larger signs with bigger print — that have the hours that can be seen from the street. Please?

Thank you for your suggestion, a large exterior sign that identifies the building and provides additional information like hours would be a nice addition. We will discuss this idea further.

424. I would like to see the spines of the new books so I can find the mysteries I enjoy reading.

Thank you for your comment. We continue to look for ways to improve our new book displays.

425. I just love coming to the library. The staff are an absolute delight to see on my many visits. The arrangement of the DVD’s is great along with all of the other changes.

Thank you, we are happy to be of service.

426. I do not like the new DVD display. It’s nice having all the “new” DVD’s displayed together but looking through the other DVD’s is very difficult.

We are developing new signage to assist in locating particular sections within the DVD collection.

427. I wish you made the Tween area bigger and nicer.

Thank you for your input. We are considering the idea of expanding that area in the future.

428. Of all the libraries I visit Glen Ellyn is by far my favorite. Your collection is excellent and your staff is GREAT.  Thank you!

Thank you we are pleased to know you enjoy visiting our library.

429. It would be great to be able to check out games and toys like other libraries — for example — Glenview Public Library.

Thank you for your suggestion.

430. You should get the sequels to Through the Ever night and Inside Out.

Thank you for your suggestions.

431. Very happy to see the new routing system in the parking lot. It helps to exit a car at the curb. However, I would definitely appreciate the drop box at the curb so we don’t have to exit the car to return books. Work on it!!

Thank you for your input. We continue to discuss this possibility.

432. Why do the computers shut off 15 minutes before closing? That seems excessive. Caught me off guard and I lost a long email — others were upset also.

We are sorry you lost your email. The Internet computers shut off 15 minutes before closing to allow time for patrons to be able to print their work at the print release station before the library closes at 9 pm. The system provides several warning messages before it shuts down.

433. I wanted to express my frustration over the addition of the video game in the library. This is not a place to encourage the use or support of a video game for young children. I wish the money were spent on more reading areas.

We appreciate your comment as we work to serve all the individuals in our community.

434. Eveready batteries die an early death stop buying them. Duracell are much better. Find a wealthy patron, explain the problem and voila! A book that can be finished without running to Walgreens — the punishment for a dead battery is the telling of the tale stops and the listener must play push and play until the chapter is located and then listen to the chapter again. No big deal for James Patterson but Rushdie is a big problem.

Thank you for your input. We have been purchasing the least expensive batteries. We will see what can be done.

435. The new parking spaces are too small. It’s hard not to ding the car next to yours when getting in and out. Thanks for your consideration.

436. Spaces are too narrow considering getting in and out with kids, books, etc. Exit needs left turn, right turn and straight arrow it is plenty wide enough for two lane exit.

Thank you for your input. The original new parking lot design called for wider spaces — however during the permit process we had to reduce the width to 8.5 foot wide in accordance with Ordinance 4096.

437. I would like to borrow books in Polish Language.

We would be happy to obtain books for you in the polish language. Please speak to one of the staff at the 2nd Floor Information Desk.

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June 2012 Suggestions

421.  I’m not very fond of the way you are displaying new books on the second floor. You used to be able to see easily new fiction and non-fiction. I think the new display is confusing even though it is more attractive. Maybe functional is better.

Thank you for your comments. We are developing signage for the new book display.

422. Author’s name is not visible on 2nd bottom shelf in new fiction. Would be better to have an open shelf like the bottom shelf.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into this idea.

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May 2012 Suggestions

412. The condition of the elevator is horrible. Stains on the outer doors and walls make it seem like it is in a ghetto. For as nice as the Library is – this is inexcusable. Please clean up this embarrassment.

The marks that look like large dirty spots are not dirt. Several years ago an inappropriate cleaning solvent was used on the metal portions of the elevator and the solvent marred the finish of the metal. We are in the process of obtaining quotes to find out if the metal can be refinished and what this work would cost.

413. There should be a time limit to the amount of time kids can use the computers in the youth section.

414. The children’s books are so great here!! Whoever is orders these books, thank you!! You are doing a great job with choice of books with a nice variety of genre.

Thank you for the compliment. We are happy to provide a variety of materials.

415. The message on your automated phone system is too long to listen to before you can make a selection.

We realize our sign up for summer reading message was a bit long — it is important that we spread this information to as many people in our community as possible. A new shorter message will be in place soon.

416-418. These three comments all expressed concern that it was too cold in the library in particular in the computer lab on the 2nd floor.

We have readjusted the discharge air temperature in the entire building raising the average overall temperature to 72 degrees. The temperature in the computer room has also been raised. Please let us know if it still seems too cold.

419. Please return to the practice of organizing fiction by genre. Restore the mystery, sci-fi, and western sections. This is how fans of a genre discover new authors. Wheaton uses this approach so I drive over there now.

Thank you for your suggestion. This change to our fiction section was made over 8 years ago and we are currently considering different ways by which to organize many of our collections. We will take your suggestion in to consideration.

420. I do not like the new website. It is very difficult to enter the card catalog and check for the presence of any books at any of the libraries. Also your new arrangement on the second floor is frightful. You have weeded too many history books.

Please stop by the 2nd Floor Information Desk and have a staff person help you navigate the new webpage. We recently changed the search bar at the top making it easier to search the catalog.

421-424. These four comments all expressed their displeasure with the new book display pinwheel on the 2nd floor, commenting it is difficult to see the books that are the lower tiers and they had to sit on the floor in order to access books and requesting signage.

Three new stools have been added one in each section of the pinwheel to provide a place to sit and browse the titles on the lower shelves of the new book display. Signage will also be added to the top of the display unit soon.

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April 2012 Suggestions

403. Whoever designed the new book section is obviously not elderly. It is awful to bend down to see what category the bottom shelves are. You have to pull the books up to see. Also seems like a lot less new books. Even the upper shelves require bending. Awful.

We are sorry to hear you do not like the new — New Book Shelving. If you are having difficulty reaching the material, please ask a staff person for assistance. We will be adding signage which will help to identify which books are which.

404. Great Bible selections!! Esp. the Chronological Bible and Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible which highlights the 365 Days of Reading so you get a good idea of the Bible in total.

We are happy you like our bible collection.

405. Could you please carry the magazine Diabetic Living? I think it would help a lot of people living with diabetes. Thank you!!

Your suggestion will be shared with the individual who selects magazines for our collection.

406. I wonder how the decision was made to place the closed circuit television in the lobby? It seems to be a poor use of scarce tax funds.

Thousands of individuals use the meeting rooms and the restrooms at the library each year without ever stepping into the library to see what else we have to offer. The flat screen monitor has been placed in the lobby to promote the wide variety of materials, programs and services that are available within the building in an efficient, cost effective manner.

407. Really nice and helpful ladies at the front desk!! Beautiful library with great selection of books.

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

408. We love the Glen Ellyn Library — but I was horrified when I saw the PacMan game! As a parent this is a book vs. videogame world! If the only thing you can do to attract younger patrons is to put in a video game at least move it to where it won’t disturb anyone reading and writing at the booths!

The booths, the bean bag chairs, the graphic novel collection and the video game are all part of the new Tween Spot carved out especially for the middle school students in our community to enjoy. If you are looking for a quiet place to work in the Youth Department please check to see if the study room is available or we have placed study tables along the north wall to create a quiet study area.

409. I was wondering if you had the craft?

We offer a variety of programs for all ages that include an opportunity to learn more about crafts and to make crafts. Please check with a staff member to see what current offerings we have available.

410. On April 20, 2012, I came to the library for help with accessing books successfully downloaded to my Nook. When opening “Chasing the Dime” to complete reading, access was denied; I was asked to give the name and credit card # used to purchase the book. I tried to open 2 other books; received same “purchase info” request. None of these books was purchased; all were downloaded from the library. I presented the problem to _________. First, she found a hardcopy of “Chasing the Dime” so I could finish reading it. She then went online with B&N Nook, Overdrive & other sources she could find to see if there was an explanation for my problem. No solution was forthcoming, but she provided me with all the info she found. I have waited until the lending period expired on the books, & will again try downloading. _____ graciously told me to contact her again if the problem continues. _______ was a pleasure to deal with, making a frustrating situation tolerable. She is a valuable asset to the Glen Ellyn Library.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. This will be shared with both the staff person and her supervisor.

411. If the New Books have to be in the new location, please don’t use the bottom shelf. To hard to see the titles without crouching down. The new location is not as well lit and seems cramped. My vote back to the previous location or just to the west of the reference desk in the large unused area.

Thank you for your comments. We will add some small stools to rest upon while browsing the books on the lower shelves.

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March 2012 Suggestions

397. Lessons of a Lifetime DVD, does not work. Checked it out 3 times and each time I have notified the Library that it did not work. Suspect metal strips make the DVD unbalanced.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have pulled the reported DVD and both discs have been tested in two different DVD players and both discs played without any issues in both DVD players. Unfortunately, we have seen other occasions where an individual DVD player simply will not play a particular disc.

398.  Please purchase more playaways for younger children ages 6-10 years of age.

Thank you for your input. We will place an order for more titles in this format that are appropriate for that age group.

399. My experience in the adult section was great. It was my first time using the library scanner. Staff was friendly, and so helpful. She “walked” me through the instructions and showed me how easy it was. Glen Ellyn Library you selected a great scanner. Also enjoyed the fabulous assistance at book check out.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. We are always happy to assist you.

400. I love all of your books. I read a lot! In my life I think I read at least 50 or 70 books!

That is wonderful!!! Keep it up.

401. “Books and so much more” would be a better way to word your new slogan. As it reads now, it seems to send the message that books alone are inadequate.

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion.

402. Please purchase Saints Row the III for PS3.

Thank you for your suggestion. This item has been ordered.

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February 2012 Suggestions

393. It would be fun when posting on the board pictures of the children’s programs to make extra copies of pictures of the kids for them or their parents to remember the event or have a labeled folder of events.

We are so happy to hear you like the pictures. If you visit GEPL’s photostream on Flickr and check under collections you will find a file of Children’s Program photos. You can access our Flickr photostream form the library website at

394. I wish the computers and now the leap pads were not here. First, my children don’t even see the books because they are so drawn to the videos. Second, we limit screen time. The library is now falling into screentime instead of a fun alternative.

We appreciate your comments. Each family is different and it is our role to serve everyone. Some families do not have computers or leap pads at home and visit the library in order to have screentime, some simply prefer electronic media, while other families enjoy books, storytimes, book discussions and interactive crafts. We strive to provide materials and activities for the wide variety of individuals in our community.

395. Please get “Modernist Cuisine: the Art & Science of Cooking”

We will consider this title for purchase.

396. I would like to see more positive books for pre-teens/teens. They all seem negative — killing, death, etc. How about some kindness, human triumph, positive historical experiences etc. Hard to find for my almost 13 yr old.

We have two reading lists that staff have prepared that you might find helpful. Next time you visit the Youth Department ask for our Humor @ the Library and Middle Grade Humorous Stories lists. We are also in the process of creating a new Historical Fiction list for this age group which should be ready soon. You can also use the read-alike feature of the library catalog, or an online resource called Novelist K-8. Check in with one of the staff in the Youth Department and they will gladly provide copies of these lists, demonstrate how to use the read alike feature and/or Novelist and recommend a title or titles your child might enjoy.

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January 2012 Suggestions

386. I would like to suggest a donation to the food pantry that would equal your fine!

Thank you for your suggestion. Fines are a source of revenue for the library, so this idea will be shared with the Board of Trustees for their input.

387. Could author Michael Harvey be asked to come to the Glen Ellyn Public Library for and Adult Evening program? I was turned on to him, as a Chicago author, who lives in the Lincoln Park area, and who recently had his fourth book published. All four of his books follow one another, and are enjoyable and a quick read. I believe he would be worth considering.

Thank you for the author suggestion. We have extended an invitation to Mr. Harvey and are awaiting a response from him.

388. Instead of dropping in a dime and getting a copy I wanted, I had to deposit a dollar and visit four separate machines to get my one copy. If this is progress please bring on the “old times.” I also had to bother a librarian to help me.

You are never bothering us by asking for help. Our job is to help you any way we can when you visit the library. The first time you use the scanner to make a copy does require several steps. Now that you have money deposited in your account — the process will be less involved next time. Also, if you prefer there is a copy machine on the 1st floor.

389. I love the Instant Message/Chat option on your website. It’s very convenient and easy to use. Thanks for that communication option.

We are happy to provide this communication option and we are pleased to hear you like it.

390. Love the Library — think you are doing a wonderful job. Would like to see more of your computer classes offered during evening hours so that those of us who work fulltime days can participate. I am interested in many of the subjects but cannot attend due to my work schedule.

Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. We are aware of the need to offer our classes at different times throughout the day to accommodate schedules and preferences such as yours, and we are trying to do that. Much depends upon the availability of instructors. We are pleased to learn that you find our offerings interesting, and thank you for taking the time to let us know. Please check our computer class schedule often going forward, as we work to address the need to offer our computer classes at a variety of times.

391. We were reading in the library and there was a group of vagrants upstairs sitting in the chairs to the right of the stairs. One of the younger was clearly high, slumped in her chair with her hoodie over her head while her boyfriend was up and about with the leader of the group. One member followed me around the magazine rack and another was eating chips while holding a book. I think it is time to address the issue on a professional level and not put this burden on our kindly librarians who are not trained to handle these matters. Some libraries are hiring a social worker to assist the truly homeless and keeping peace so all may enjoy the freedom the library has always offered.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The staff will address any problems that you may be experiencing, please approach the desk with any problems when you observe them happening, so that we may deal with them at the time. We work with other community agencies on a regular basis and have been instructed regarding enforcing our Patron Conduct Guidelines. If you have concerns in the future, please contact the staff immediately.

392. Could NEW books over 600 pages have a longer loan period?

We will take your idea under consideration.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086