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2013 Suggestions and Comments

December 2013 Suggestions

456. I am a certified teacher in the area. I have been substitute and tutoring for 12 years. Some libraries have a tutoring list for the community. Both Naperville and Elgin have such lists. I would like to see Glen Ellyn create such a list.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will contact the local schools and determine if there is a list for Glen Ellyn. We will also contact the libraries in Naperville and Elgin and learn more about their lists.

457. Please consider accepting donations of older video games like PlayStation 2. I don’t want the library to spend money on older games but I would like to see donations allowed. I think many people would rather donate old games to the library than selling them to Game Stop.

Thank you for the idea. We would be happy to accept donations of older video game cartridges. We will then review these donations to see what might be added to the collection and what will be given to the Friends for resale.

458. My grandson loved the Scratch Lab program on Saturday. He went home and worked on it for two more hours. We’d like to see more of these kinds of programs.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. Please watch for more science and technology programming in our upcoming event guides and e-news. Don’t miss our Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead day of fun filled science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities on March 8, 2014.

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November 2013 Suggestions

454. The Sea Beast program on November 16 was absolutely wonderful. — one of your best programs ever. My daughter loved it. Thanks for planning this event, youth services! Thank you.

We are so happy to know you enjoyed the program — thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

455. Would it please, be possible for some suggestions to be made to the nannies who bring children in their care to the library? Perhaps they could watch their behavior, play/read to them and supervise their behavior. They act like it is a “child-free” time for them. Thank you.

We strive to provide a wide variety of activities for children that can be performed alone or with an adult. We announce in the youth area when structured programs are taking place so that parents and caregivers may have the children participate if they so choose.

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October 2013 Suggestions

452. It would be nice to know the position you are in the hold queue when waiting for an item. Please add this feature.

This feature can be very misleading in a negative way when turned on in our system — allow me to explain. We participate in a catalog consortium that has nine member libraries. When we turn this feature on it gives the literal number that you are in the overall hold list for all nine libraries — what the system cannot take into consideration is that as a Glen Ellyn library member you may have a much higher spot on the hold list for the Glen Ellyn copy of the title then what your hold number is in the overall hold list for all nine libraries. Until the software developer can manipulate the software to make it provide the true hold number we have requested the feature be turned off. If you would like to know your true position in the hold queue feel free to ask a staff member to look it up for you.

453. Librarian ________________ was the most helpful librarian I have ever met.

We are happy to help. Your comment will be shared with both the staff member and their supervisor.

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September 2013 Suggestions

445. We love the Monday children’s library crew! They are helpful, friendly and amazing.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. We are happy to serve you.

446. This open door to the kids section is a bad idea. The children can all too quickly get to the front door!! This is a horrible idea and I know I’m not the only one saying this — many parents are complaining.

447. We really miss the doors to the Children’s Dept. I understand that they were broken, but I always appreciated the extra security of the doors. I hope you will consider replacing the doors, especially since the exit is so close to the children’s section.

We appreciate your concern regarding the doors being removed from the Children’s section. Many other library members are happy the doors are no longer there because it makes it much easier to enter and exit the room with a stroller or a group of children. There are no doors for children to catch little hands or fingers and the doors prevented someone from entering the space from being able to see a small child on the other side of the door.

448. Why ya’ll only have one copy machine?

In addition to the standard copy machine located on the first floor we also have a flatbed scanner on the second floor from which you can print a copy, fax a copy or email a copy. Just ask the staff at the 2nd Floor Information Desk for assistance.

449. Please consider Great Decision discussion group!

Thank you for your suggestion. We will take it under consideration.

450. Chairs in the library, especially in the quiet study room should be more comfortable rather than wooden. It can be helpful to study for longer duration of time.

We agree and we have been slowly working to replace some of our older less comfortable furniture with newer more comfortable seating as the budget allows.

451. I would like to request that the library purchase the magazine In These Times .

Thank you for the suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

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August 2013 Suggestions

438. The series Downton Abbey was listed as a Hot Pick for 3 days. Books are 2 weeks, movies are 3 days. Series aren’t movies. 1 week is short enough in my opinion. Please call to discuss. I have always loved my library and still do.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Indeed 3 days is too short a checkout period for a series. We will not make series Hot Picks in the future.

439. Hello to who this may concern, yes I owe for a book that I got for a homeless lady. Yes, I know I have to pay for it but every time I come to this Library I never get to use your Internet. Yes, I feel for homeless people but when do other people get to use your services.

If all of the Internet stations are being used when you visit our library please talk to a staff member they will place a reservation for you so that you may have a turn using the Internet.

440. On the website, on the section about the summer reading program ending — it says the “lofting” goals of the library were met. Didn’t they mean “lofty”? Please re-read what is on the site.

Thank you so much for pointing this out. This has been corrected.

441. WOW! I got such great help about bus schedule in Florence, Italy — super nice — very informed.

We are so happy to have been of help to you.

442. A sign/notice outside the computer room “Please turn cell phones off or down.” “Minimal conversation — it’s a computer room.”

Our current policy regarding cell phones is as follows: Cell phones may be used throughout the building. Please be considerate of others by keeping the volume of conversation at an acceptable level. Cell phone ringers should be turned off or set to silent. This is posted in several locations and is on our website. If someone is not abiding by this policy anywhere in the library please inform a staff member immediately so the issue can be resolved.

443. Wow! Super effort, super help, super informed. ____ went way beyond to help me with getting on SKYPE.

Happy we could help — your comment will be shared with both the staff member and their supervisor.

444. Why doesn’t the Library open on Sundays at 11am instead of 1pm?

Opening two hours earlier on Sunday would require additional funds that we do not have in the budget at this time.

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July 2013 Suggestions

430. I am a senior citizen and have lived in Glen Ellyn since 1975. I have attended several of your classes including computer classes. About 2 years ago I attended an evening Square Dance out together. We all enjoyed it. I would enjoy more of this kind of activity. Get the neighbors together. Take Care.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, the square dance was a wonderful program and we had neighbors of all ages participating. We will plan for another interactive program in the near future.

431. I love all the books here!!

We are happy to hear it!!

432. More technology and fewer books for children? Who is making this decision? Is it coming from the community? Why are there any not-educational games? Joust- Really?!! More books — less electronics!!

Yes, we strive to provide materials, programs and services for everyone in the community. Some library members prefer print books some prefer electronic books, some members have access to computers and iPads and games at home and some do not. The mission of the Glen Ellyn Public Library is to serve the entire community as a vibrant center for information, learning, and discovery.

433. I think the library is awesome. You can get all the books you want for free. That is cool.

Thank you for the great compliment.

434. I like the Glen Ellyn Public Library Lego table. It’s so cool. I wish I had it at my house.

We are happy to know you enjoy using the table.

435. A sign outside Computer Room “ Please turn cell phones off.”

Our current policy regarding cell phones is as follows: Cell phones may be used throughout the building. Please be considerate of others by keeping the volume of conversation at an acceptable level. Cell phone ringers should be turned off or set to silent. This is posted in several locations and is on our website. If someone is not abiding by this policy anywhere in the library please inform a staff member immediately so the issue can be resolved.

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June 2013 Suggestions

424. We really like and enjoy the landscaping between the bike path and the parking lot. It’s beautiful.

We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Butterfly Garden as it develops. This is a project funded by both the Friends and the Foundation who raised monies to make these improvements during their annual “Swinging Thru the Stacks,” mini golf event.

425. I was helped so very much by the two wonderful individuals at the 2nd floor information desk: _____________ and ____________ . Thank you so much for this wonderful library and greatly helpful librarians, on both the first floor and the second floor.

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

426. Would like to see more larger print books.

Your suggestion will be shared with the individual who selects those books.

427. I absolutely love this Library!

Thank you, that is great to hear.

428. The second to bottom shelf of the new releases blocks either the title or author of the book. Could you put a board or something to raise the books so we can see more of the cover?

Thank you for your comment. This will be addressed soon.

429. Hi Youth Services — Thanks for all the great things you have done for my family in the past. We truly appreciate all of the wonderful programs you’ve offered! Unfortunately, my kids are disappointed with the summer reading program this year. They are not excited about coming into the library. They miss the trivia and feely box having drawings slips and prizes.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, we have restructured the summer reading program prizes this year. At the end of the program, we will reflect upon both the changes made and the success of the program and determine what worked and what can be improved upon.

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May 2013 Suggestions

415. Very disappointed w/ the simplified summer reading program. The weekly activities were the “hook” to get my kids reading.

416. Our kids enjoyed the summer reading program last year with more incentives. I wish the programs were not scaled back this year as it is a real motivator for my older kids.

Thank you for your comments. The program has been changed this year as we embrace our new philanthropic summer reading theme of “Read to Feed.” We encourage you to visit weekly and see how much progress we are making to fill the jars with grain, check the feely box, spot the hidden kitten, and find some more great materials to read.

417. How about re-instituting a themed collection by the circulation check out area with interesting books selected by the librarians? I loved it when you did that instead of always having the best sellers.

Thank you for your feedback. We will look at switching it up every now and again.

418. ______ is so nice and helpful all of the time — great customer service. Thanks.

Thank you for the compliment. It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

419. ______ was wonderful to help me search for songs for my mom to play in the nursing home.

Thank you for the lovely comment. It will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

420. There is too much talking on the second floor near the reference desk. People come here to study in peace. Your library is embarrassingly loud.

Please let us know if you need a different place to study, we will be happy to help find a quieter spot. It can get a bit noisy when sitting near a public service desk where staff are taking phone calls and assisting others.

421. I was told many libraries these days no longer allow audios and videos to be ordered via inter-library loan. Thanks so much for being one of a precious few which still does. Hopefully, you will not change this policy.

Thank you for your comment. We do not have plans to change this policy.

422. This resident would like to have tutorials in uses of various computer programs.

Thank you for the suggestion. That is something we have been considering. Your comment will be shared with the Training and Instruction Librarian.

423. I would like to see GEPL take a comprehensive stand in combating pornography on library computers. It is rare for me to come into the library and not see pornography on other users’ computers, especially in the lab. On occasion I’ve asked librarians to look at these users’ computers, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. This material is harmful to children and innocent bystanders, but most especially to those who are viewing it: many of whom have likely developed addictions to this material. As a manager of the information the public views, it is incumbent on the library to protect the public from harmful material. Please consider using filtering software or making a planned monitoring effort from staff.

Thank you for expressing your concerns. Courts have held that the public library is a “limited public forum.” “Limited” means it is a place for access to free and open communication, subject to reasonable restrictions as to the time, place, and manner for doing so. As with any public forum the government has opened for people to use for communication, the First Amendment protects people’s right to use the forum without the government interfering with what is communicated there. This is the very essence of the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech. For this reason the public adult computers are not filtered in any way, mainly because filters can inadvertently prevent access to legitimate research protected by First Amendment rights. We do use filters to block pornography on our WiFi network, teen and youth computers. There is a local ordinance against publishing, exhibiting or otherwise making available anything obscene. Under that ordinance librarians are to inform anyone using the computers to exhibit obscenity that their actions are inappropriate and they must view something else or internet privileges will be revoked. We follow this procedure and revoke privileges when the rules are not followed. If you see obscene pictures or actions displayed bring it to the attention of staff immediately, so that the rules can be enforced.

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April 2013 Suggestions

408. WOW! Love this Library! Visiting from Michigan.

Thank you.

409. Please do something about the brass divider poles — my child inadvertently pulled one down and was almost struck by it. Do we really need these — they are also an eye sore.

We recently adjusted the location of the poles as we work to determine how effective they are or aren’t in the line queue process. We will take your comment into consideration as we review plans for potential change to the desk design and line queue.

410. I am interested in the Microsoft Word and Excel computer classes but the evening is the only available time that works for me. Will you add more flexible times for people who work in the day?

There is a Word class scheduled for May 21, 7-8:30 pm. Please check with a staff member at the desk for additional upcoming dates and times or visit the calendar of events on our webpage at

411. I have several suggestions for the library collection and they are the following: Michael Jackson, Immortal- Deluxe; UHF starring Weird Al; “Weird Al” Yankovic: Even Worse; Now that’s what I call the 1990’s; Weird Al: the book; Christmas Classics by Paul Anka; Chef Aid, South Park; Bigger, Longer, Uncut, South Park; Jingle Bell Fun, Disney; Sesame Street and Christmas Classics; Mr. Hankey Christmas Classics, South Park; DVD: 8 Mile; DVD: Risky Business; DVD: Apocalypse LIVE!, starring Weird Al; South Park seasons 4, 9, 11, 2, 3, 6 and 7; Mannheim Steamroller: Meets the Mouse.

Thank you, your suggestions will be shared with the individuals who purchase materials for the library collection.

412. We’d rather have the door on! I have a toddler and a 6 month old — would rather struggle with the stroller once or twice on a visit than worry I’ve lost my toddler to the circulation or outside!

413. We need the door back!

414. Doors are absolutely necessary for the children’s area! Please!!!

Recently one of these doors was broken off of its hinges by someone going in and out of the area. New design drawings that we are considering for the youth area do not have doors on it, so the decision was made not to spend the money for new doors and to go ahead and get a head start on the new design for the area. We are in the process of adding more hands on activities in the department for the children to play with. Please see the new doll house, heat sensitive board and flash cards now available for children to play with when you visit the department. Soon we will be adding iPads with a variety of learning game applications.

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March 2013 Suggestions

399. Just wanted to make a comment on the “new” cd’s shelving. When I picked one of the discs up recently the one behind it fell to the floor causing the case to break. Can this be improved upon?

Two things are being done to improve this situation. First a metal top has been installed to prevent items from sliding down behind the shelving, in addition to this going forward we will be using a new less brittle plastic case that will not crack as easily when dropped or placed in the bookdrop.

400. Career Counselor on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 was very nice and helpful. I would recommend her again.

Thank you, we are glad you found the session helpful.

401. ______ has been so valuable in helping me by gathering materials for each unit we cover in the Glen Ellyn Park District Kindergarten Enrichment class where I teach. Her knowledge of available materials and choices she makes when gathering these shows an understanding of what works with kids in our classrooms. She makes sure to let me know about renewal dates and saves me time, which I spend creating the curriculum using these books. As a resident myself, I am thankful for our library and as teachers, we’re lucky to have a staff member like ___ to help us. I try to let her know how valuable she is, but an additional “pat on the back” for going above and beyond would be great from others at the library.

Thank you for your lovely compliment. We very much appreciate the work that this individual does for the teachers in our community. She gives 110% to every transaction that she conducts. She will be recognized for her efforts.

402. We love you guys!! Your Children’s Department is the best! Thank you for all your hard work & thoughtfulness in selecting quality books — it shows.

Thank you, we are pleased to know that you are happy with our collection.

403. Give an indication of how many holds there are before your hold. Did not realize that when I placed 2 holds on 2 DVD’s there were 6 ahead of me AND/OR somehow advise people that attendants can look up the number of holds on an item and let you know how many holds are ahead of you.

Thank you for your comment. We will ask LINC our catalog consortium if we can make the number of holds available for the user to view.

404. Glen Ellyn Public Library should give out free hot chocolate during the season of winter.

Thank you for the idea. We will take it into consideration.

405. I love the library but, it is a very outdated practice to charge for DVD checkout. Most libraries abandoned this practice as DVD’s became more popular, cheaper and easier to find and purchase. I think Glen Ellyn should remove this fee.

Thank you for your comment. This idea is under consideration. The current fee does generates over $30,000 that is then used to purchase more new DVD’s.

406. Very nice play area for the young children with lots of different things for them to do — thank you!

We are happy to know that you enjoy the space.

407. Our son has done a lot of classes at the library and elsewhere. Of all of his various music, gymnastics, reading, etc. teachers ________ has been the best! He loved every second of his level 2 storytime. ______ creates a great schedule for the class that keeps the kids interest and has a great way with them as well. Thanks for an excellent program!!

Thank you for the compliment. We are happy to know your son enjoyed the program. This individual will be recognized for her efforts.

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February 2013 Suggestions

396. Of the many libraries I’ve visited, yours is the loudest, most disturbing of them all. I found it almost impossible to find quiet refuge in your reading room. Better enforcement of silence is in order.

Indeed, the activities, programs and assistance that many patrons are turning to the library to provide are nosier then in years past. Please let us know if you need help finding a quiet space to work when you visit our facility.

397. Usually here Sunday afternoon would be great if we could watch Blackhawks games on Channel 5 when they are on.

Thank you for your suggestion.

398. I feel that the $1.00 a day fine for video games is excessive when the charge to loan them out is $1.00 per week.

The video game collection is very small, so the overdue fine was set at $1 to encourage those who borrow video games to return them in a timely manner, so others may use them.

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January 2013 Suggestions

390. I would like to request if possible that you have Yoga Magazine available in the Library. Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will add it to the list of titles we are considering for the new budget year.

391. Would you consider subscribing to Zineo online magazine for cardholders?

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it.

392. EBAY class was excellent!!

Thank you for the compliment — we are happy to hear you enjoyed the class.

393. Wow! New Sections! Cool! Fiction over there, Non-Fiction over there — Clear as Mud. The 800’s and 900’s are literature mostly plays and poetry and they are on a shelf labeled Non-Fiction! Why? Is Macbeth non-fiction? Is the Road Less Traveled non-fiction?

Thank you for your comments. We too struggle at times with the way in which some items are classified by the Dewey Decimal system — plays and short stories are a good example.

394. _______ was so very helpful while I was applying for a job online. She was so helpful and very patient. Give that kind woman a raise!!

We are pleased to learn you had a great customer experience. Both the individual and her supervisor will be informed of her quality performance.

395. Please carry paper versions of following magazines: Diabetes Forecast, Autism Advocate, other diabetes magazines, other autism magazines.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will add these to the list of titles we are considering for the new budget year.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are also posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule. You may also contact the library by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086