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All the Queen’s Horses: Small Town, Large Fraud, Global Problem

Thursday, April 5 from 7-8:30 pm
Glen Ellyn Police Department Community Room (65 S. Park Blvd.)

Picture of Rita Crundwell from All the Queen's Horses trailer.

How did one woman steal $53 million in public funds without anyone noticing? Kelly Richmond Pope, associate professor at DePaul University, discusses the riveting story of how Rita Crundwell fleeced the Dixon, Illinois community and how the FBI caught and arrested her. Pope also directed and produced All the Queen’s Horses, an award-winning documentary detailing the Crundwell case and its aftermath. Reserve your spot.

About All the Queen’s Horses

All the Queen’s Horses tells the riveting story of how Rita Crundwell, a pillar of the Dixon, Illinois community, callously executed the largest municipal fraud in American history. Crundwell stole over $37,000 of public funds a day across two decades as the City Comptroller and Treasurer for Dixon, Illinois – a town with a population of just 16,000.

Neighboring communities thrived while Dixon, under Crundwell, saw staff cuts, police budget slashing, and neglect of public infrastructure. Crundwell used the funds to build one of the nation’s leading quarter horse breeding empires and throw lavish parties.

In 2012, the FBI arrested Rita Crundwell after a close colleague-turned-whistleblower finally uncovered her scheme and alerted the Mayor.Director and producer Kelly Richmond Pope reveals how Crundwell fleeced the community (and got away with it for so long), how she was caught, and how the city is attempting to rebuild and recover.

All the Queen’s Horses was a 2014 finalist for a Tribeca Film institute grant and the 2017 recipient of the Spotlight Award – Best Documentary at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival.

About Kelly Richmond Pope

Kelly Richmond PopeKelly Richmond Pope, PhD, CPA, is an associate professor in the School of Accountancy and MIS at DePaul University and the director of All the Queen’s Horses. She received her doctorate in accounting from Virginia Tech and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She has worked in forensic accounting on anti-money laundering engagements, insurance fraud investigations, and fraud risk management projects. She co-authored The ABCs of Behavioral Forensics: Using Psychology to Prevent, Detect, and Deter Fraud. Additionally, she is a freelance writer for, The Daily Beast, and The Washington Post.

Kelly participated in the inaugural Kartemquin’s Diverse Voices in Docs fellowship program and participated in the Tribeca Film Institute’s Tribeca Hacks in Chicago, IL. Her first educational documentary, Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes, won numerous national education innovation awards and is used in colleges, universities, and corporations throughout the country. All the Queen’s Horses is her first feature-length film.