The Great Gatsby Gala - Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Open Monday 10 am – 8 pm
  • 630-469-0879

A Message from Kelley Kalinich, Glen Ellyn Library Foundation President

The Glen Ellyn Library Foundation has decided to postpone its Great Gatsby Gala scheduled for Saturday, October 17, 2020 due to the current pandemic and disruptive impact on our Glen Ellyn community businesses. The Gala is a community-wide event, intended to bring members together for the common purpose of enhancing the services provided by the Glen Ellyn Public Library. This year’s event planned to raise funds for the Library’s outreach efforts, particularly an outreach van to increase mobile library service.

We recognize that the community is navigating a “new normal” that has increased anxiety and uncertainty. The Gala is tentatively rescheduled for Fall 2021, with the anticipation of our community being in a better position to celebrate and support the Library.

We hope that during this time of vulnerability you will consider supporting the various restaurants and businesses that make our Village so unique and special. It is these businesses that give generously to so many community fundraisers and events. It is these businesses that are an important feature of our past and future Library Galas.

Once a new date has been identified for the Great Gatsby Gala, we will enthusiastically publicize and promote our event to continue the outreach focus at the Glen Ellyn Public Library.