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Primary Sources

Primary source research is often an important element of class work and research papers. A primary source is a historical document created at or near the time of the events studied, by a known person, for a known purpose.

To locate primary source digital resources, search the library website for “primary source”.

Outside the Library

National Archives
Primary sources, as well as guides and information for how to use them and find the documents you need.

Library of Congress Primary Source Document Collection
Organized by collection, topic, and more, with a link to ask a LOC librarian if you are having trouble finding what you need. You can do so via chat or online form.

Fordham University: Full Text Sources
Primary source documents grouped by time period. You can use CTRL+F to search for a specific author or document.

The Avalon Project from Yale Law School
Document collections organized by topic, as well as legal cases and a Nuremburg Trials Collection.

LIFE Historical Photo Archive from Google
Includes historical photos from earlier centuries through the present.