Public Service Standards of Excellence - Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Open Monday 9 am – 9 pm
  • 630-469-0879
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Public Service Standards of Excellence

Our Vision

Create and expect an atmosphere of courtesy, respect, and dignity.

Strive to provide a consistent level of excellent service that fosters good communication, is equitable, and is personalized for people of all ages and abilities.

Our Commitment

  • Be attentive and welcoming
  • Listen carefully, using clear and professional language
  • Ask follow-up questions

Be equitable

  • Offer our services, collections, and resources to all, understanding that some may need special assistance
  • Approach questions without judgment
  • Protect the intellectual freedom of all
  • Enforce the code of conduct equally, and are respectful but firm with those violating our policies

Provide personalized service

  • Offer unique and knowledgeable guidance
  • Work cooperatively to find creative solutions and suggest options
  • Connect with people by being open, curious and respectful

Approved: 11/18