Strategic Plan - Glen Ellyn Public Library
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Strategic Plan

Goal I

Ensure dynamic, modern spaces for community-wide use.

  • In partnership with the GEPL Foundation, improve mobile service to underserved areas.
  • Investigate the construction of a new joint use facility for Early Education and the Library south of Roosevelt Road.
  • Renovate second floor public restrooms and staff restrooms.
  • Investigate installing solar panels to provide alternative energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the library.

Goal II

Offer a broad range of resources and timely events.

  • Continue to use technology to enable data driven decisions about library business, including purchasing and withdrawing both electronic and physical materials.
  • Provide current, innovative programming to educate and entertain our members on a broad variety of subjects
  • Investigate the use and placement of mobile elibraries.
  • Evaluate and update special collections (GEPL Gizmos, American Girl Dolls, ENL).
  • Evaluate and enhance passport services, including photo taking.

Goal III

Develop trusted and welcoming ways to enhance our digital presence, print communications, and customer service.

  • Evaluate, refine and personalize our print and digital communications.
      1. Install an outside digital sign.
      2. Continue to refine the Check the Library Campaign.
      3. Purchase and install more robust self-check machines allowing marketing of programs and materials.
      4. Add content to BlueCloudMobile app.
      5. Create a statistical dashboard for
      6. Revamp
  • Enable staff to thrive while maximizing effectiveness and customer service.
    1. Provide training to promote the safety, security and wellbeing of our members and staff.
    2. Improve compensation 2020 and 2021 while adjusting to new minimum wage.
    3. Conduct Compensation study again in 2022.
    4. Add 15 minute additional paid break for wellness – walk, yoga, meditation.
    5. Review all job descriptions to ensure accuracy.
    6. Develop methods to promote Kudos/Rockstar acknowledgement.
  • Further our commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our community.
    1. Through services
      • Provide appropriate social services to help connect people with behavior health, community health, and other resources.
      • Eliminate overdue fines.
      • Plan for enhanced mobile service to the community.
      • Explore establishing offsite book drops.
      • Explore limited library cards for those without permanent addresses.
      • Investigate delivery services like UberReads or LibraryDoorDash.
      • Assume Cafe operations.
    2. Through partnerships
      • Pursue, maintain and enhance connections with educational institutions, service clubs, religious institutions and advocacy groups such as Metropolitan Family Services, Teen Parent connection, and Walk in Ministries.
      • Continue investigating appropriate services for and partnerships with the business community.