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Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain

Tuesday, November 13 from 7-8:30 pm

Dr. Dana Suskind, Author of Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain speaks at the library Tuesday, November 13.The single most important thing you can do for your child’s future success in life is to talk to them. Dr. Dana Suskind, author and founder of the Thirty Million Words Initiative, explains the power of language and how parents can tune in, talk more, and take turns building a child’s brain. A Q&A and book signing will follow her presentation. Copies of her book, Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain will be available for purchase. Educators who attend can request one free CPDU credit. Reserve your spot.

This event is co-sponsored by Glenbard Early Childhood Collaborative, Westminster Preschool, Glenbard Parent Series, and the Glen Ellyn Public Library.


Check out Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain by Dr. Dana SuskindA study by researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley in 1995 found that some children heard thirty million fewer words by their fourth birthdays than others. The children who heard more words were better prepared when they entered school. These same kids, when followed into third grade, had bigger vocabularies, were stronger readers, and got higher test scores. This disparity in learning is referred to as the achievement gap.

Professor Dana Suskind, MD, learned of this thirty million word gap in the course of her work as a cochlear implant surgeon at University of Chicago Medical School and began a new research program along with her sister-in-law, Beth Suskind, to find the best ways to bridge that gap. 

In her book Thirty Million Words, Dr. Dana Suskind discusses the Thirty Million Words Initiative and its use of the three Ts: tune in to what your child is doing; talk more to your child using lots of descriptive words; and Take turns with your child as you engage in conversation. She explains why the most important — and astoundingly simple — thing you can do for your child’s future success in life is to talk to him or her, reveals the recent science behind this truth, and outlines precisely how parents can best put it into practice.