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The library building (including the drive-up window and The Cafe) will be closed all day Monday, May 27 to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.

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Thursday, May 23, 2024  |  9 am – 9 pm

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 1 – 5 pm

Get to Know Adult Dept. Assistant Director and Readers’ Advisory Librarian Sarah Kovac

By: GEPL Staff

Why and when did you choose to become a librarian?
After college, I worked for several years as a copy editor at The Daily Herald. Although it was an exciting and interesting experience, it was also a high-stress environment with terrible hours. The shifts were 4 pm to 1 am and included weekends and holidays. I knew long-term I wanted something with a better work-life balance, so I decided to make a career change. A large part of journalism is connecting people to information, and as an English major, I have had a lifelong love of literature. I was drawn to librarianship because of the way it combines these two things. Early on in library school, I knew I wanted a job that focused on readers’ advisory, which is all about bringing readers and books together.

Do you have any fun childhood memories at the library?
I was the kid who always had their nose in a book. Several times a week, I would ride my bike to the library to check out armfuls of The Baby-Sitters Club and R.L. Stine books. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that the library was a place where you could have a career. My kid brain just thought the librarians lived in the library!

What do you wish people knew about GEPL?
I wish more people knew that libraries are not silent spaces full of dusty old books. They are vibrant spaces where there is always something going on. We have a diverse collection full of new and popular books, movies, and video games. If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to a library, I encourage you to come in to see all we have to offer.

What is your favorite genre of book?
The genres I read the most are realistic fiction, graphic novels, speculative fiction, and memoirs. I enjoy almost any book with strong character development and compelling writing.

If a movie/show comes out that was based on a book, do you watch first to see if you’d like the book, or do you read the book first?
I tend to enjoy the movie/show more if I watched it before reading the book. If I’ve read the book first, the movie never quite aligns with the picture I had in my head. Although I try to view them as two separate things because I know the author and director both bring their own visions.

If you could choose a fictional character to be your best friend, who would you choose?
Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. She has a great sense of humor and always sees the best in people. With her adventurous spirit, spending time with her would be full of memorable moments.

If you had to live in a different state, which would it be?
I recently visited San Diego and loved Southern California. I would love to live there if I could afford it!

Do you have a favorite hobby?
Until recently, I was in a roller derby rec league. Sadly, the roller rink we skated at closed. Also, I enjoy camping (yes, in a tent) and traveling to new places. We’re planning on taking a family trip to Portugal soon.

What are your favorite and least favorite sports teams?
My husband and son are very into soccer, so occasionally I enjoy watching the Premier League (English football) with them. Although I don’t have a favorite team. Does AFC Richmond count?

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
In high school, I listened to a lot of alternative music like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, REM, and Counting Crows.

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