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Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
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Keeping Your Library Card Number Handy

By: GEPL Staff

Some ways you can keep your library card number handy…

Apple WalletAdd your card to your mobile wallet

For users of Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, the library can send a compatible version of your library card to your phones. Fill out this survey to begin the process.

Use the SWAN Libraries + app

The new “SWAN Libraries +” app replaced the old “SWAN Libraries” app and lets you manage your account, place holds, and access your card from your device! SWAN Libraries + is free and available today on iOS/iPadOS and Android/Google Play .

Take a photo of your card

Glen Ellyn Public Library cards display their barcode numbers right on the card. You can use your phone to take a picture of it in case your card ever gets left behind!

Memorize the final six digits

Every Glen Ellyn Public Library card number begins with the same eight digits: 21322001. If you want to memorize your card number, all you’ll need to memorize are the final six digits — easier than a phone number!


When you receive your Glen Ellyn Public Library card, it should also come with a smaller keychain version that can go right with your keys so it never gets left behind.Keychain Library Card

Ask at a service desk

When all else fails, that’s why we’re here! Library staff are happy to help you check out materials or answer account-related questions.

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