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Loan Periods, Renewals, Fees, and more

Loan Periods

The loan period for most items is three weeks. The loan period for Hot Pick DVDs is seven days.


Eligible materials may be renewed up to five times. An item may not renew if it

  • is on hold for another borrower
  • is part of a non-renewable collection, such as Hot Pick books and HotPick DVDs
  • has already been renewed the maximum number of times
  • is borrowed on an account that has reached its fines threshold
  • was retrieved from a library outside of the SWAN library system, such as through WorldCat
  • was retrieved for a Book Discussion group


The Glen Ellyn Public Library does not charge late fees for overdue items. On January 2, 2020, to give everyone a fresh start, we cleared all

  • late fees for items checked out at GEPL
  • fees prior to 2019
  • suspended borrowing privileges associated with the above

If you check items out at a library that still charges late fees and your item becomes overdue, you will be charged late fees. You are subject to the borrowing rules of the library where you check your items out.

To pay fees online, access your library account and click the Fines tab.

Lost Items

An item is considered lost when a member reports an item lost or when an item reaches 42 days overdue. The cost of the item and a processing fee will be billed to the member’s account and their borrowing privileges will be suspended until the item is returned and/or all associated fees have been paid. The library does not accept replacements for lost items.

Finding a Lost Item

If an item was lost and paid for but is returned within three months of the due date, the cost of the item will be refunded minus a $3 fee. After three months, all charges are non-refundable, and the item is non-returnable.

Damaged Items and Missing Pieces

If an item is returned in poor condition, wet and/or moldy, if the cover or pages are defaced, or if a piece is missing, the most recent borrower will be contacted. The borrower may be charged for the cost of the item and a processing fee or may be charged a fee to replace a missing part. Replacement costs are determined by the average replacement cost and are non-refundable. The library does not accept replacements for damaged items.

Borrowing Restrictions

Cardholders’ borrowing privileges will be suspended when they reach the following thresholds.

Glen Ellyn Public Library Cardholders

  • $10 in unpaid fees
  • $30 or more in outstanding fees. In this case, a bill will be sent to a collection agency and the cardholder will be charged an additional $10.

Cardholders from libraries outside of SWAN Library Services

  • Fifty items checked out
  • Eight holds
  • Five or more items overdue
  • $10 in unpaid fees for reciprocal Chicago Public Library cardholders
  • $5 in unpaid fees for all other non-SWAN reciprocal library cardholders

Cosigners on library cards are financially responsible for any fees accrued on cards for which they have cosigned. Therefore, their borrowing privileges will be suspended until any issues are resolved.