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Wednesday, February 8, 2023  |  9 am – 9 pm

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm
Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 1 – 5 pm

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Write a Review!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about books, movies, TV Shows, Video Games, and Music! It only takes a few minutes to write a review!… Read More

Rez Dogs by Joseph Bruchac 

Malian was visiting her grandparents on the reservation when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Now she's staying there, away from her parents and her school in Boston. Everyone is worried about the pandemic, but on the reservation, everyone protects each other, from Malian caring for her grandparents to the local dog, Malsum, guarding their house. They always… Read More

Back to School

Another school year, and it’ll be a good one! Here are some helpful tips to start the school year. right and stay strong Create a daily routine. Whether in person or virtual, it’s important to create a daily routine for the school week. An “early to bed, early to rise” routine along with a consistent… Read More

The Middle is Open!

The Middle has re-opened with guidelines to make sure that everyone can have fun and be safe. What can you do in The Middle? Meet up with friends, play board, card, and video games, use art cart supplies, and check out Tom's reading recommendations specifically for middle school students. If you're in 6th, 7th, or… Read More

Red, White, and Whole by Rajani Larocca

Reha feels torn between two worlds: school, where she’s the only Indian American Student, and home, with her family and community. But Reha’s parents don’t understand.  She feels disconnected from her mother, or Amma. Although their names are linked – Reha means “star” and Punam means “moon” they are a universe apart. Then Reha finds out that… Read More


Change is constantly happening, not only in our lives, but around the world. Homework, after school activities, new games to play, people traveling more, and COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.  It can be a struggle keeping up with all of it!One challenge is knowing when and where to wear a mask. Just have one handy at… Read More

Volunteering Update

It is great to see COVID-19 restrictions relaxing. Right now, we still can't have volunteers in the library, but that shouldn’t stop you from volunteering! Our volunteering options are activities that you can do at home at anytime.  Your activities will count if you need volunteer hours.    If you have questions, please let me… Read More

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk to Water is a moving novel about the struggle to have a safe life in South Sudan during the Sudanese war in the 1980s. Salva Dut had a normal life before the rebels invaded his neighborhood. The story follows his struggle as a refugee and his journey to America. The books also… Read More

The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathan King

Miro and Sia live in Aurora, a fishing town nestled in the shadow of an ancient castle. Miro lives in his books; Sia is never without her camera. The day they meet, they uncover a secret. The fishing works, the castle, and the town council are all linked to an ill-fated 1930s Antarctic expedition. But… Read More

Pity Party by Kathleen Lane

Dear weird toes, crooked nose, stressed out, left out, freaked out Dear missing parts, broken hearts, picked-on, passed up, misunderstood, Dear everyone, you are cordially invited, come as you are, this party's for you Welcome to Pity Party, where the social anxieties that plague us all are twisted into funny, deeply resonant, and ultimately reassuring… Read More

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