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Home Delivery

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Are you unable to visit the library due to a permanent or temporary disability? Do you love to visit the library, but are not able to because you are taking care of a family member? Are you in a circumstance that makes it difficult for you to get to the library as often as you would like?

Home Delivery Service is for Glen Ellyn Public Library members of any age, who want to use library materials, but due to temporary or permanent circumstances are unable to visit the library on a regular basis.

The library will arrange for delivery of materials to cardholders currently residing in the Village of Glen Ellyn. A doctor’s certificate may be required.

Home Delivery Service FAQs

Who can sign up for Home Delivery Service?

Glen Ellyn Public Library members of any age, who want to use library materials, but due to temporary or permanent circumstances are unable to visit the library on a regular basis, can sign up.

How much does Home Delivery Service cost?

Home Delivery is a service provided for FREE by the library. There are no fees for late items, but you may be charged for lost items.

When will I receive a delivery? How often does the library deliver?

Library volunteers will visit you monthly to deliver and pickup books. You’ll be assigned to a delivery group and receive a schedule with your first delivery.

Who delivers the materials to my house?

Deliveries will be made by Glen Ellyn Public Library Home Delivery Volunteers. Or, if you prefer, you can designate a friend or family member to pick up the materials at the library. We’ll still help you pick out books, but arrange it so that your friend or family member is your monthly delivery person.

What kinds of materials can I receive?

You have options!

  • Choose materials yourself by placing holds in our online catalog
  • Call the Outreach Librarian with a wish list
  • Or have the Outreach Librarian pick out materials for you

Playaways, Books on CD, Large Print and Regular Print are available for delivery.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the Home Delivery Inquiry Form below and Sarah Kleiva, Outreach Librarian, will contact you. Or you can reach Sarah directly by phone at 630-790-6745 or by email at

Member Expectations

Be Present and Reachable

Deliveries typically happen once every four weeks. Library Home Delivery Volunteers will drop off and pick up your books on a day and time that has been determined convenient for both of you. Library Home Delivery Volunteers will call you just before they leave the library for your home on your delivery day. Once you have a set time and delivery day, please plan to be at home and available to answer your phone. Lastly, please have books for return to the library in the book bag ready for pick up when your Library Home Delivery Volunteer arrives.

If you are a resident of Brookdale Senior Living or Atria Park Assisted Living, please pick up and return your book to the Front Desk of your facility on the Wednesday of your delivery week. Books are delivered and picked up on Thursday mornings.

Stay In Touch

Please notify the Glen Ellyn Public Library:

  • If you won’t be at home on your delivery day
  • If there are any changes to your contact information
  • If you are overwhelmed by too many books, or bored by too few
  • If you have a specific book you’d like to request
  • If you loved or hated a book a librarian chose for you
  • If you want to learn how to choose your own book(s) using the library’s website from home
  • If you have found a friend, neighbor, or family member to be your delivery volunteer and pick up/drop off your library books

Home Delivery Inquiry Form